Hilary Duff has a pretty smile

February 10th, 2006 // 109 Comments

Hilary Duff, by Hollywood standards, seems fairly normal. She looks like the sort of girl who’d marry the star pitcher in high school, have three kids, and settle down into obscurity. But her teeth. You could screen a movie on those things. An IMAX movie. A word of advice for future boyfriends – they don’t call her “the scraper” because she cleans ice off your car in the morning.

UPDATE: This may be Haylie Duff. But my big teeth argument holds.


  1. sexydarin

    She looks uglier everyday now. Her teeth are the only thing that look nice on her face. Her face looks deformed. Is she going down the road of britney spears?

  2. hemroidhussy

    This looks like the she-male Jamie Fox used to play on In Living Color – what was her name? Wanda?

  3. MonkeyBoy

    Hilary Duff had veneers installed a while back. There was a before & after photo up on awfulplasticsurgery but I can’t find it now – it’s probably buried in their archives.

    Anyway, Haylie Duff hasn’t yet succumbed to that particular form of insanity, so it can’t be her.

    IMHO Hilary needs to stop with the cosmetic surgery before she turns into Joan Rivers.

  4. TheLusciousDeluxe

    84 – “Christ, she looks like Mr. Ed! Her dentist should be drawn and quartered.”


  5. Ronnie

    I wonder what she could say about all of you? By the way, when your mouth is actually worth millions of dollars- chances are, your teeth are the right size.


  6. nerine

    Whoa. Seriously. Anyone who thinks Hilary’s pretty now is seriously warped in the mind and hasn’t seen how Hilary looked in the past. That makes people think that anorexic-skinny is the way to be pretty. I am 100% sure that it’s Hilary’s photo we’re looking at. Don’t get me wrong, Haylie’s pretty but she DOES have a slightly crooked nose. And to #69 & 70, Hilary has Hazel eyes. And this is her original teeth: http://fia181-83.dsl.hccnet.nl/images/Babes/Hilary_Duff/Hilary_Duff_016.jpg ;
    Being a big fan of Hilary, I’ve to say that I definately preferred her past look compared to the present, before she turned anorexic, that is: http://www.poster.net/duff-hilary/duff-hilary-photo-hilary-duff-6226124.jpg

  7. hilary duff is a fake…and so are her teeth!

  8. english_bird

    Have you ever heard of the word Jealousy?

  9. she does not!
    it’s fake by the way.

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