Hilary Duff has a pretty smile

February 10th, 2006 // 109 Comments

Hilary Duff, by Hollywood standards, seems fairly normal. She looks like the sort of girl who’d marry the star pitcher in high school, have three kids, and settle down into obscurity. But her teeth. You could screen a movie on those things. An IMAX movie. A word of advice for future boyfriends – they don’t call her “the scraper” because she cleans ice off your car in the morning.

UPDATE: This may be Haylie Duff. But my big teeth argument holds.


  1. Sheva

    Congrats to her dentist cuz those things took more work than the Taj Mahal.

  2. Robin27

    These girls have to stop! She was such a pretty girl and about every guy wanted her and now she looks like Bababooey! If your pretty, okay, you’re pretty, STOP, don’t think you have to keep making yourself prettier and prettier! Cause then, you’ll end up like this!

  3. tofts

    Talk about horse teeth! My god! She could make a beaver jealous!

  4. escapevelocity

    way to make me hurl in the morning. thanks, Superficial. now i can look just like my adored idols.

  5. LaydeeBug

    Yo, what up doc?

    It’s Kylie Minogues even younger sister. Hyuk, Hyuk, Hyuk!

  6. crazydelicious

    i don’t get it. if they’re veneers, and she paid for them, then WHY THE FIZUC would you ask for them to look like this. if you look closely, camera right, you can see where her real tooth ends and that’s the perfect size.

  7. crazydelicious

    so goofy

  8. Ever since julia Roberts became big everybody seems to be going to the same dentist and saying “Hey, give me the Mr. Ed Look”

  9. Binky

    Hey she’s only 18 or something. Everyone chews.
    Soon they’ll make her Self Conscious and pose with her mouth closed – like Adriana Lima and Leticia Casta.
    Still works, I guess

  10. epnine

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course…

  11. A2Bcom

    Losers. I can’t believe everyone is making fun of her teeth. LOL. Their a hell of a lot better then mine. LOL. The Duff girls are beautiful.

  12. thatthingisgood

    I read in Jane Magazine a while ago, that she fell on stage and busted her mouth. And yes, indeed paid to have those babies put in. I guess its better than no teeth at all.

  13. hermanita


    funny joke man…but I think you forgot the last LOL

  14. siren823

    A friend who works in a dentist’s office said women ask to have the larger sized teeth that make them look horsey. Why? Because their mouth won’t wrinkle as much. It seems like a pretty dumb trade off to me.
    And Hilary is only 18. She has plenty of time to worry about wrinkles. When she gets truly old, we will have even more methods of combatting aging – like eating babies.

  15. SazzyJane

    I am pretty positive that is not Hilary Duff, it’s her sister Hayley!


    hey Mr. Ed i see you have comout of retirement, where have you been all these years?

  17. Salacious

    OMG bad veneers are so nasty. Subtlety people, subtlety works wonders in dental cosmetics. Her real teeth have been filed down to useless nubs underneath that crappy veneer job. I am sorry but veneers and acrylic nails just deteriorate what’s underneath irreparably. I’d get braces for sure, or even dental re-alignment (like Cher & David Bowie have had done) but NOT veneers. They look like cheap SHIT.

  18. Hahahahah The Superficial made me laugh so hard after reading that. “The Scraper”. LOL.

    LMFAO @ “every one chews” poster # 9.

    What a great morning. Thanks for the laughs.

  19. ZoomBoy

    I just burst out laughing…

  20. Christine Vincent

    From the looks of it, they yanked Freddie Mercury’s chicklet teeth out of his corpse back in ’91 and shoved them into Hilary’s horse mouth. She doesn’t seem to realize that looking like the love child of Freddie Mercury and Mr. Ed isn’t a good thing….

    Then again, maybe she is the love child of Freddie Mercury and Mr. Ed…???

  21. LaydeeBug

    I remember from Lizzie McGuire that she was such a cute, regular chick.

    I’m superficial so I notice front teeth immediately, esp. since I chipped mine when I was 10 and had to fix them. I don’t remember those big-assed incisors. Is it my computer or does it look like they’ve been elongated?

  22. richelle

    She looks like she should have a sign under her face that says “What, me Worry?”

    Her giant teeth are taking over her head, and her giant head is taking over her body.

  23. richelle

    She looks like she should have a sign under her face that says “What, me Worry?”

    Her giant teeth are taking over her head, and her giant head is taking over her body.

  24. Tracy

    Brusha brusha brusha
    Use the new Ipana
    Brusha brusha brusha
    It’s dandy for your teeth!

  25. Nikky Raney

    maybe she did it so she doesnt have to give benji head anymore.

  26. sqongo

    Is it true underneath the veneers her teeth are like Golom’s??Is that how veneer’s are put on by filing original’s to nub’s!!Hot diggidy!!

  27. Haroof

    Wow….Hilary Dell’abate

  28. brideoffrank

    Wow she looks like she just aged herself 15 years.

  29. faygored

    That doesn’t even look like Hilary…someone said sister?

  30. She should come posted with a warning: “Any man who wants a BJ from me will lose a layer of epidermis from their cock.”

  31. evelyn

    last week, i was watching E!s the “fabulous life of…hollywood IT girls”. it said that duff spent over $1000 per TOOTH last year – in order to fix her old smile.
    looks like that money was well spent!

  32. wendy718

    Yikes! You could rake leaves with those things!

  33. PapaHotNuts

    This news report just in:

    Thousands of ears of corn have suddenly jumped off their stalks and headed underground. Witnesses say that a new, ferocious animal nick-named “Mega-Tooth” is cause of the corn hysteria.

    Go look at the pic real quick and it makes this post almost funny.

  34. LaydeeBug

    Bucky Beaver. That can be two jokes right there.

  35. DURound

    The teeth are too big. But you know what? She’s not out and about like a skank showing off her nipples and labia like Paris, or getting drunk and getting botched boob jobs in some backroom Mexican tatto joint like Tara Reid, or bulemic and smoking your asthmatic lungs into an early grave like Lindsay Lohan.

    As a trade-off, big teeth are not that bad. But it is a choice she made and you gotta wonder why she thought that was a good look for her.

  36. I’ve always wanted to be able to check my hair in a girl’s teeth while talking to her.

    Thanks Hilary for making my dream come true!

  37. She did an interview saying she had to get her teeth fixed. Ok – but I know she had a good dentist. Did he recommend getting the veneers so big? But I agree with DURound’s comment. She’s still a good girl. But now she’s a good girl with some big a*s teeth!

  38. Ok I’m gonna go against the grain on this one…I think she looks really pretty. I’ve seen her smile with the veneers in and her teeth don’t really look this big. Maybe it’s cuz the camera’s shoved up right in her face in this picture that’s making her look like Mr Ed?

  39. ShanDourdan

    LOL Tracy, that girl from Grease didn’t look half as bad as this.

    Still, with all things said Hilary is still the prettiest horse I’ve evern seen..

  40. SMF121490

    It looks like someone caught her off guard and they got a cheesy smile. This isn’t a very flattering picture for either Hilary or Hayley, whichever one it is.

  41. LaydeeBug

    DURround, give her time, she’s young yet. BUT, y’all are right, she IS making one of those “Elaine” faces. I’m making that face right now, you know, teeth together, lips curled up and spread apart……saaaay, why am I all of a sudden aroused by those words?

    Damn, it’s been a long time……(dreamy expression of desire)

  42. Lil Timmy

    It’s Hilary.

  43. mia

    It is SO Hilary. My nine year old daughter has her face plastered over her room, and I have watched this face morph from Lizzie Maguire into what we see before us now.

  44. bjpack

    Her teeth also seem to emit a strange magnetic force which is attracting her left earrings and repelling the right.

  45. Primal grimace. Female baboon pulls it’s lips back from it’s fangs, in preparation for turning around and exposing it’s BIG BLUE BUTT!

  46. Smash

    Definitely Hilary
    Come on, she just got unlucky. I mean I know she’s a celeb and stuff, but it’s not like she practices how to smile (or is it…?). Point is, still very cute.

  47. andreaturtle

    She looks like Wanda, played by Jamie Foxx on In Living Color.


  48. norobot

    oh, it’s definitely hilary, and those teeth of hers are new.

    she got veneers because supposedly her natural teeth were “bad” and she kept chipping them on the “microphone.” her words.

  49. innit

    This is definitely Hilary. I first noticed in that music video of hers “Wake Up” that her choppers seemed really pronouced all of a sudden. Then I saw her in an interview done in natural light, and there was no denying that she had these new massive fake teeth. I actually felt embarrassed for her. Maybe she’ll grow into them or something lol

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