Hilary Duff embarrasses herself

July 13th, 2007 // 202 Comments

Hilary Duff lip-synched her way through So You Think You Can Dance yesterday, which was a terrible idea because she can’t actually dance. She basically shuffles around on stage for three minutes while waving her arms a bit. You’d get better dancing from a toaster oven. She’s more qualified to be on Jeopardy than to be on So You Think You Can Dance.


  1. Popoff

    Ooooo poor babies don’t know how to stop sucking there thumbs and calling Hilary Duff a lip syncer – its all that DAMN ASHLEE SIMPSONS fault if she had just sang or quite her show stupid babies who still suck there mothers granny tits would not be trying to call everyone including the ones they hate lip syncers. I say to all the winny babies sorry that your still three years old in a 20-30 year olds body living like you aint got no one who loves you while the REST OF THE WORLD has MOVED ON! POP OFF!

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