Hilary Duff embarrasses herself

July 13th, 2007 // 202 Comments

Hilary Duff lip-synched her way through So You Think You Can Dance yesterday, which was a terrible idea because she can’t actually dance. She basically shuffles around on stage for three minutes while waving her arms a bit. You’d get better dancing from a toaster oven. She’s more qualified to be on Jeopardy than to be on So You Think You Can Dance.


  1. djthecat

    I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why even lip sync if you aren’t dancing? Was the panting at the end for added effect? Oh, but her side boob looked pretty good.

  2. spenceispoop

    another no talent chick who lips everything. milli vannili should make a comeback. all of these no talent stars are getting more lame by the day. this duff chick is trash and way overrated. spence smells like poop

  3. Nigga Leroy

    Sorry, I couldn’t pay attention to whatever garbage you were writing over my violent orgasm.

  4. Pikachelsea

    Gee, trying too hard to be Shakira much?

  5. Judge

    In fairness, she did finish first in the equestrian division.

  6. miss oblivious

    Hey, I’m surprised. That song is actually kinda fun and catchy. Her dancing, however,is another story. I find it ironic that she’s on a show called you think you can dance and, well, she can’t dance worth a shit. And the outfits are gay. But I like her, she seems nice & down to earth. And at least she’s trying to evolve or grow up or something. Most of the poptarts eventually do that. But not Britney; she just keeps trying to pull off the same skanky ho moves everytime…even at 25 and 2 kids and 2 failed marriages. Brits still trying to be the sexy little lolita. Haha, lol.

  7. wayouttatune

    You can all thank Britney for this poop. Ever since brit anybody cute doesn’t actually have to have talent. Just be cute. You don’t have to sing. Just be Cute. At least the superfial got it right and didn’t call her a singer. Speaking of Milli Vanilli, after crap like this, why did they have to give up their grammy. They were just another band so ahead of their time they were misunderstood. Just ask Hillary or Britney.

  8. polypam

    I saw it last night and was so embarrassed for her (translation: gleefully laughing my ass off). Hil, you aren’t Shakira so take that effing genie costume off and call it a day.

  9. Melanie

    I’ve seen better performances at a middle school talent show. That’s really sad.

  10. polypam

    #35… You said Pillow People!!! I just fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks for the memories!

  11. polypam

    #41 says: “I think it’s stupid when someone is dancing all the way through the song, you cant do that and sing normal at the same time”

    People on Broadway do just that and get paid a helluva lot less than Duff. Shut the fuck up & stop defending her.

  12. lindsay

    I dont c how she i lip synching

  13. lindsay

    I dont c how she i lip synching

  14. Trixie

    Well I knew it was just a matter of time before Hillary Puff starting taking off her clothes too. Nelly Furtado did it, Britney has always done it and the rest of the lot. If youre a lame enough singer, just remove your clothes..It’s a huge distraction to cover the fact that they cant sing.

  15. Lindsay

    I don’t know that she lip-synced, i mean if she were dancing at all then yeah but she stood around. so she probably really sang. just, can’t dance.

  16. Erinjb

    Is no one else troubled by her complete lack of a belly button?
    Also, I think if you’re going to lip sync you should do a little more than wiggle your ass and flail your arms. Or, she could continue to wiggle and actually sing…god forbid…on live tv.

  17. Danklin24

    Superfish you lying bastard! She is not lipsyncing. Hilary Duff is the greatest singer in the world. Better than Christina and Whitney combined. Saying she’s lipsyncing, thats just crazy talk.

    I’d also fuck the shit out of her.

    Now i must go throw up from all the sarcasm and lies.

  18. Simon

    Not her best performance. I’m giving it only 1 1/2 carrots.

  19. Morticia

    What the fuck is this bitch famous for? She BORING as hell and I’ve only seen her this one time!

  20. wow

    NO #65, she did NOT sing that. have you ever heard a live concert?? there is a huge difference between someone breathing into a microphone and singing, and the audio people just playing her track through the loudspeakers. there is no way in hell she did not lipsync that. and with pounds of makeup on, she still isn’t cute. that is all.

  21. Scott

    The only thing she has going for her is that she’s not fat, like Mandy Moore.

  22. la petite mort

    if she’s had sex, it hasn’t been good sex.

  23. H.A.L.9000

    hm. quaaludes must be making a comeback.

  24. missj

    how odd..usually when ppl lip sync it’s because they are dancing really hard. When they are singing really hard they don’t move around too much. She’s not doing either, how pathetic!

  25. king me

    i sat through that entiore two minutes of hell video, muttering to myself what a bad job lip synching she was doing, and the same about her ‘dancing’… even so, it definatly was a waste of that 2 minutes…

  26. BarbaroGlue


  27. 28inch

    Um, it wasn’t awful like the article made it out to be. Not exactly good either though. Just another mediocre performance by a pop singer, so I wouldn’t exactly say she embarrassed herself with it. Yawn…

  28. BaldAsBritney

    If you think she is actually singing do us all a favour and put your head in the oven STAT.

  29. Christ on a crotch

    Are you effing kidding me? The girl cannot sing! Not that that has anything to do with being a pop star anyway. Who is she trying to emulate, Shakira? Honey you have to be born at least part Lebanese to do that.

    Oh my father, where is Jusgement Day? Hurry up Dad, what’s the fucking hold-up?

    Let me think, she reminds me of someone….hmmm…who could it be….oh is it Britney wearing an albino python???

  30. Christ on a Crotch

    X-ray mama,

    Not yet, but give her time…..

  31. Italian Stallion

    @48 you should be ashamed, dumbass. Go grab an English book and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, fucktard……..

  32. drewski

    Make fun of Madonna all you want, but at least she goes out on stage, dances her ass off and actually SINGS every note. The way you can tell is that these days she’s usually out of breath half the time, but at least she’s giving 100%.

  33. Monica

    Haha, I didn’t see it at first how she was lip syncing, but then at the end she’s TOTALLY out of breath which clearly shows that she was lip syncing. her singing showed no indication that she was out of breath like that…how pathetic.

  34. whoneedsenemies

    Hillary Duff embarrasses herself
    as much as the people
    defending her on this site.

  35. Christ on a Crotch

    Ahhh, side note, it’s good to see the Stallion.

    I bow to your wisdom, oh great equine….

    Missed you!!!

  36. melissa

    Why doesn’t she have a belly button?

  37. Rosie's Mustach

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I thought I was the only one who noticed this, it was effin unbearable watcing that little tart on stage. Jesus it was like something out of a goddamned highschool drama class for fucks sake. I mean crapping christ the child is so fucking UNTALENTED it hurts. But, since Disney is like the mafia and owns the fucking planet they can make someone into a “singing, dancing, and acting sensation” and a teen mogul when they aren’t even talented enough to work as a
    strip-o-gram whore.

    Another thing I can guarantee Hil isn’t good at, besides her entire career choice, is SEX. Maybe that’s because she’s most likely a virgin (which would explain why Joel Madden knocked up the hideous Nicole Richie so quickly… when a man is in a sexless relationship for that long as soon as he gets out he will bang the first hole he sees). Anyshnatch even when the Duff is deflowered her little performance says loud and clear “I will never be good in bed … EVER”

  38. America iz getting
    riped off..pretend
    singerz..wtf..iz next?
    flyin carz!

  39. jesus


    It’s hard to be washed up if you aren’t worthwhile in the first place. Furthermore, I’d much ruch hang out with a coked up slut than spend any of my precious time feeding hay to this equine dancer.

  40. NACHO


  41. i’ll like that!!!!

  42. trolaay

    i think there’s nothing wrong w/ the vid

  43. Bigberd

    If being totally hot is embarasing then she made a fool of herself. But all pop music sucks anyway so who cares if she actually sang it or not. She was hot and that is what really counts.


  44. Kiki

    #35 – I cried I laughed so hard.

  45. supposably

    I really don’t get the whole Hilary Duff vs Lindsay Lohan thing that their fans bitch about and I might piss them off when I say this but my only thought was that I can honestly say she sounded exactly like Lindsay Lohan.

    She probably thought no one was looking at her face since she was showing off so much of her body.

  46. abertawe

    Has she EVER actually sung live?? Can she even carry a tune? We have no proof.

  47. Don'tPanic

    #76 LMFAO!!!

  48. Shnookybush


    Also, she has no belly button because there’s something white in there, look closely right at the first closeup. It might be a belly-button ring, or you know, a congealed pool of cum. NEIGH!

  49. Uh Yeah

    Wow, that was just pure laziness. Considering the fact she was lip-synching, you’d think you could put a little more umph to it. We don’t expect her to move her body like Shakira, but she’s a performer so it’d be nice if she actually performed.

  50. You all Suck

    You guys suck I love Hilary Duff, and don’t try the ‘hey number 100 ur sooo funny’ cause that’s lame.

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