Hilary Duff embarrasses herself

July 13th, 2007 // 202 Comments

Hilary Duff lip-synched her way through So You Think You Can Dance yesterday, which was a terrible idea because she can’t actually dance. She basically shuffles around on stage for three minutes while waving her arms a bit. You’d get better dancing from a toaster oven. She’s more qualified to be on Jeopardy than to be on So You Think You Can Dance.


  1. john's girl

    To Catch a Predator? Keep in mind that Joel Madden left her for Nicole Ritchie, so she’d probably be happy to get whatever she could.

  2. chris


  3. J-Man


  4. jen

    i hate hilary duff.

  5. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    Hillary Duff gives me head… mmmm horse sex!

  6. whoneedsenemies

    I really REALLY hope no one is watching that all the way through.
    What a torture session that would be.

  7. amber

    it’s like she’s not even trying…

  8. so she is not dancing or singing? what a pro

  9. cowgirl

    What’s so bad about that???

  10. it looks like she forgot her dance moves, maybe she wasn´t feeling well… or maybe she just really can´t dance at all…

  11. Saera

    erm, how can you tell she’s lip synching? :o

  12. whoneedsenemies

    Ha that’s funny!!

  13. maeby

    Im trying to get past the title “Hillary Duff embarrasses herself”. Isnt this the same girl who went head to head with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter?

    I think lipsyncing is the LEAST of her problems.

  14. daguz

    @11 A: her lips are moving….

  15. daguz

    How can you tell she is dancing? :0

  16. baldy

    I love how tired she looks afterwards. Man, I never knew how difficult walking around a stage and pretending to sing is! I should give people like Hilary Duff more credit.

  17. Quinn

    I didn’t need to watch that shit… even just the first few seconds. It was nothing out of the ordinary. What a waste of my precious time.

  18. Josh

    …Jeapordy? Spell check? No?

    Now who’s embarrassed?

    I got cho’ back, babygurl.

  19. daguz

    Quinn, you are here and complaining of wasting time. wow. You might get your own article.

  20. veggi

    7th grade talent show.

  21. Crap Tonight

    I think she may have been “sleep-dancing” after all she is in her jammies

  22. Josie

    That was really bad! Sorry but anybody normal can do what she did yesterday! and the worst she got paid to sing there! sorry i really don’t like her as a singer…and with her huge teeth! No more commentary!

  23. OkieHeather

    At least she’s not a coked out whore or a washed up has-been.

  24. chi-li

    I am more stunned that she didn’t have a belly button? Nada Naval…

  25. combustion8

    they do that shit every week on this show, even the rappers lip sync, rappers!!!!

  26. Tessa

    @16 LMFAO

  27. john's girl

    Superfish changed the comparison from “To Catch a Predator” to “Jeopardy.” I’m disappointed. I have a much harder time believing that she could be on “Jeopardy.” She’d have to answer the questions Mr. Ed-style, and I don’t think Alex Trebek speaks horse.

  28. smitty

    I’d still pound that ass all night and so would every other guy on this post…

  29. herekittykitty

    Hate to break it too you but that’s pretty much exactly what Fergie did last week too. The people that come on as entertainment generally aren’t there to really dance.

  30. Josh

    Correction, Agent # 28, I however would NOT pound that ass all night….instead I’d get it naked, force it into a hotel hallway and lock door.

    And then just watch it beg for it’s clothes via the peep hole.

    I’m what you might call “a bastard”.


  32. xxraymama

    You guys are going to kill me, but I didn’t think it was that bad. At least she’s not flashing her bare crotch at every club in town.
    I think they all either lip synch on that show, or there’s a voice delay. Hard to tell.

  33. mals

    It looks like she doesn’t have a belly button in this clip…haha

  34. j s

    Um, actually that was a decent performance … far better then many people. Yes she was synced, but whatever, so are most “performers” today anyway

  35. Hey leave her alone! If your body was just a giant rectanble with arms and legs you couldn’t dance either. She’s like one of those pillow people from the 80′s.

    click my link for evidence

  36. Jewel


    Come on people. It’s the mp3 off her album. There is not even a slight difference.

    I love how everyone screams at the end. Sure, if Jesus had to come down from the Heavens, I doubt he would get such an applaud.

    But this is HILARY DUFF we are talking about here. She’s like, more amazing than Jesus. I was waiting for Moses to come out on stage with this setup. If he did, his dance moves would totally pwn her’s.

  37. katie

    this bitch is so boring. what’s the appeal?

  38. i watched it last night and i love that song and i love when she does that with her stomach. thats hard as hell to do. but you can tell she isnt singing if you pay attention before she starts talking she shakes her head yes to turn the mic on. i saw it last night.

  39. Wow. That is the last item I would ever watch on purpose.

  40. Lisa

    Um, does she not see where performing like this has got Brittney Spears?

  41. yaya

    Well maybe she wants to focus more on her singing then her dancing. I think it’s stupid when someone is dancing all the way through the song, you cant do that and sing normal at the same time, that is why there are alot of lip synching. my opinion.

  42. Ooba Gooba

    Barbara Eden has escaped the bottle.

  43. Jo Frank

    I think she did well. I like Hilary. She is alot better than Nicole Richie!

  44. BaldAsBritney

    What a great “song”.

    Kinda sickening to think people with actaual talent can’t get a record deal beacuase of little girls playing make believe with a microphone. So instead of the next Janis we get an “actress” who can’t sign, has no charisma, no song writting ablity and nothing to say.

    Ask her and I’m sure she will tell you Madonna was her “biggest influence”

  45. Just because she doesn’t dance well, you know dam well you’d hop on that band wagon if she was putting it out to you.
    I’ve read most of your comments, your a DAWG just like me! Check out my link above I can’t sing but I’ve got the dance moves.

  46. BlohansDeviatedSpetum

    I wonder if people who listen to this so called music have any idea how fucking pathetic they are?

    I wonder…

  47. Rachel

    @33 i thought the same thing!

  48. Cracka

    #36… you should be ashamed…. lol..

    you have her CD……..

    Your a dork

  49. We-Le-Surrender....

    Did J-Lo do her eye make-up? What is with the look? What a little freak poser…

  50. annie rexia

    No wonder Joel Madden left her for Nicole. Did that bitch ever get fat! Horsey, horsey, hippo!

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