Hilary Duff Eats Sandwich

January 10th, 2005 // 7 Comments

“No wonder she looks like a rectangle.


  1. tellitlikeitis

    now for you cats who think kanye is stupid are stupid because he was scared he risked his public career saying what he said. besides the fact that bush doesnt like black people he’s stupid you guys are defending the pres who says we have a feb 31 or the one that cant spell or who says that his reason for war is cause he has americas best intrest weather black white bush dont like you cause you broke

  2. ibadbrain

    Some Bush quotes:

    “Its time for the human race to enter the solar system.”

    “I stand firmly by all the missstatements I’ve made.”

    “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.”

    Bush is basically retarded.. Now as for Kanye bein the best rapper. I’d say Nas is better than him. But his opinion was definately valid. I HEARD emphasize HEARD that LOOTERS were shot not SHOOTERS. It was all about survival down there gotta do what you gotta do. I’d loot and Im white. Bush doesn’t care about black people. He doesn’t care about anybody but his self. Thats for certain unless hes a complete retard and doesn’t realize what hes doin to the troops. He cares about his image is all can’t back down from his stupid plan because that show weakness and it worked.. Got a lota dumb people to still believe in him. Hurricane Katrina… The whole thing was a complete failure. I ain’t gonna through it… Look it up. So many FAILURES. Now back to Kanye. So he talks nervously.. So what. Hes talkin to the country and was doin somethin controversial. So he doesn’t speak all formal and doesn’t say somethin like “President George Walker Bush is neglecting African-American homo-sapiens in the United States of America” or somethin. Intellectuals… Condescending intellectuals. For one alota intellectuals aren’t intelligent. Just normal people with different focuses. And a lota intellectuals are just plain stupid. They just hear Kanye for a second and say hes stupid. They’re rascist too just don’t admit it. What he is communicating is what matters not the manner.

    PS: Oh yeah… Do you know how many Iraqi people are bein killed? We are NOT helpin the country out. We ARE hurting it. Its a FACT. We are killing there people. Thats hurt. Wait this is 2007? And you guys posted that stuff in 05.. Guess you political opinions have changed by now. So you’d agree with me now. Whatever

  3. Bush Bush Bush i knew he was trouble from not only does he not care about the black people he dont care for non of the people he cares for him self yes it was odd the the whites that sufferd from the disaster good better treatment than the black and i see why that would stirr Kanye to saying what he said but thats the way he feel so dont judge him!!!!! but not only is bush hurting us we are hurting our selves. Look at how much haterd and crime we do on to each other look at how we raise our kids look at how the teacher teach and how the students learn look how we pollute our land we are killing selves yes we all know that their sre still some racis people in the world black cant get over the pain their ancestors went through and whites cant belive we are freebut what is the color of your skin but the oil of your flesh we are all the same black hispanics chinese and all are capable of being as wealthy as the whites. no one is no one property so whats about and i belive that if the white racist was treated like the black race they will probably have the same hostilaity so what us african americans need is understanding that was so long ago since racisim and we are not yet compelety over it maybe Kanye did make it harder for the black race but who can get mad besides bush he was insaulted not no one else thats just how he feel imagine if that weas your family now what would u say what if he was a black president and the blacks was saved and the whites had to waith lets just flip the story just to give you somthing to think about to all of you black white purple green blue all people just think befor you speak. listen slowly and speak silently

  4. freddy adu

    fuck bush, he doesnt give shit about blacks or any other race besides white, he hates the latinos, europeans, blacks, middleeasterns, and he is fghting a war for nothing, he’s a murder, he is making an exuse such as, theres weapons of mass destruction to go to the middle eastern countries and get oil , why oil, becuase thats how they make there bug bucks, but bush isnt in iraq to help iraq , or anything else besies trying to get oil and get richer, and he is willing to have his people killed just for his selfish needs

  5. that looks like an olsen to me

  6. ghj

    That’s olsen freak

  7. I can not believe I havent seen so far, Ive been a big fan of hilary like what? 10 years, she is so cute I love her Im a January fanive been to her concert and all

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