Hilary Duff Might Be A Scientologist

Above is Hilary Duff letting Danny Masterson’s sister Alanna grab her boob (“Ew, no! That’s where the alien ghosts live!” – John Travolta, somewhere.) while sporting a temporary moon tattoo on her arm that, according to Radar, apparently means something in Scientology, but somehow not my guess of Tom Cruise’s penis loves the moon’s man-butt. Or TCLTMMB which doesn’t really roll off the tongue like TCLTC, so forget I said that. Anyway, Hilary Duff has commented on the tattoo, but I don’t know if I’d call this a denial:

My favorite moon is out tonight which is what arm tattoo actually stands for in case anyone was confused …

In fairness, here’s a recent photo of Hilary Duff having a vagina, yet not being locked in the engine room of a slave ship which goes against almost everything Scientology stands for. Then again, we are talking about a powerful religion with the psychic ability to control the minds of others, so who’s to say anything we’re seeing at any moment is real? *jabs Photo Boy with a stick* Ha! You call that blood, space wizards? Nice try.

Photos: Instagram