The ‘Hilary Duff’ Fappening Pics Are A Sick, Twisted Mind Game. I Have Feelings, Dammit!

UPDATE: Here’s the official denial and legal threats, in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious the pics are fake.

So several of you have written in to alert me about new The Fappening (NSFW) pics that are supposedly of Hilary Duff which is weird because it’s not like I’m obsessed with her or anything. Obsessed with her so hard. Anyway, these quote-unquote “leaked pics” are sketchy as fuck because they’re entirely vagina shots and could literally be anyone. Except for Jessie Nizewitz. Jessie Nizewitz’s I could pick out of a lineup. So the next time you want to toy with my emotions, maybe do something a little less cruel like pointing out how I’ll ultimately die alone because I’m a nerdy, judgmental little prick who hates anything and everyone. Stop hitting below the belt is all I’m asking.

Photos: Pacific Coast News