Hilary Duff is Subtle

May 25th, 2011 // 42 Comments

So, wait, are the melons supposed to represent that time she blew her fiance right after he proposed, or is there some sort of deeper meaning I’m not getting here? Because I want to say they stand for apartheid, but then she starts doing that over-exaggerated winking thing and bowling with them. Sarah Palin? No…

Nobody tell me. I’m gonna figure this one out.

Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. Marley

    She’s hot now.

  2. old man

    I didn’t even recognize her at first. Without the bangs, big nose and horse teeth she looks completely different.

  3. dinky

    Alright, but can she do it with 3 melons?

  4. She has her mouth wide open and a pair in her hands. My type of girl right there.

  5. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    “And you say these will cure me of my Miley Cyrus face?”

  6. ad nauseum

    Some women get better with age and surgery.

  7. Jess


  8. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    This picture is fucking hilarious.

  9. Drundel

    Her arms are looking soft.

  10. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Frist time doing anal, honey? I’ll be gentle.

  11. “So this is what it’s like to have them,” she thinks to herself.

  12. Cock Dr

    She most definitely has meat on her bones.
    Don’t think this one is bikini ready, but she’ll always be loved on this site. Ms Duff demonstrated how every women should react when presented with the desired engagement ring.

  13. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    Nope…not even this will take that taste out of my mouth.

  14. Racer X

    Nice melons.

  15. Deacon Jones

    (Saturday night party at executive marketer’s house, discussing latest promotion, plate of coke going around)

    “Nah, nah, fuck that! I say….Hillary Duff! Yeah. And we’ll fucking paint “Sobe” on, on on, cantaloupes. At a bowling alley, and we’ll make her FUCKING BOWL WITH THE CANTALOUPES!”

  16. rien

    my god she looks like heidi montag here.

    • was thinking the same exact thing with that retarded expression she has. love hilary’s ass but those choppers were a huge mistake. they remind me of nick cage or broderick’s ‘evil’ inspector gadget

  17. Mr Obvious

    I like her better before all the surgery. She had a cute unique look. Not gorgeous before but very approachable. Now she looks like every other woman in LA.

  18. Jebadiah

    Running low on the Disney dollars?

  19. Sam

    blow me duff

  20. You want melons? Sobe it.

  21. Ed

    HaHa Fish, can’t resist an opportunity to show the BJ photo again! WTG, I never saw it before.

  22. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like a porn star

  23. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, this must be for the debut of their new flavor: SoBe Desperation. Warm and salty with a hint of melon. Yum.

  24. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Big Ass Bunny Feet
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she’s had yet another nose job. Looks great though.

  25. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Hey now
    Commented on this photo:

    Sobe or GTFO just doesn’t have the same ring.

  26. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    love the duff
    Commented on this photo:

    first? I’d blow her if she proposed to me, too. Also Fish, “Hilary Duff is Subtle” is a dumb title. It should have been “Hilary Duff is Feeling Melon-choly”. No wait, that also sucks.

  27. the captain

    yep, the ‘Duffer’ is aware amricans will even get HORNY of balls.

  28. lizzie

    wow wait to go duff. I guess it shows how celebrities have to have some connotation to everything.

  29. Jam

    That’s the Duffster? What the hell happened? When did she turn into a 35-year-old retired pornstar lookalike?

  30. Artofwar

    ….Yep, as subtle as a double barrow 12 gauge.

    On another note– The girl certainly more than lives up to her last name. Her and her sister both– enough booty between these two to satisfy the entire NBA….Artofwar

  31. Johnny Cage

    Married chick = Do Not Want

  32. Hilary Duff Breasts Melons Sobe Life Water
    Commented on this photo:

    When she was in Lizzie she was pretty cute, then she grew up and got ugly, but now she’s becoming more hot each time you post pictures. Hilary Duff is confusing to me.

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