Hilary Duff in a Bikini

July 11th, 2011 // 97 Comments

It’s been two years since Hilary Duff has appeared on the site in a bikini, so here she is in Italy this morning where I can safely report she’s still built like a rectangular brickhouse with boobs. Although, in all honesty, I didn’t recognize her at first without Mike Comrie’s penis in her mouth. I don’t want to say it’s her calling card, but it’s not like I have a recent body of acting work to choose from. So, in a way, it’s almost like Hilary Duff wants me to remember her that way. *strokes chin* Yes, yes, of course…

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  1. kilroy

    So what ok she is a little chunky but still I would love to drop my stuff in Duff. Screw butt sex i want her pussy

  2. Sweetgrl

    I think it’s disgusting how these girls are judged for their bodies. She looks great, she’s beautiful.. This is why eating disorders are so popular now a days. How bout compliments every once in a while …

  3. LiL shady

    I actually she think she looks hot it’s nice to see a hot actress who’s not so skinny u could snap her in half if she takes just a little weight of her legs she would be alot hotter …….WIN4 NON ANIREXIC GURLS

  4. Stephen Farrier

    hilary duff is my hony too

  5. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Great angle. Smokin’ body. Would smash. Hard.

  6. Hilary Duff Bikini
    603-Mike Canada
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    Usually, nice boobs, plus awesome ass too.

  7. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Finally a picture that’s not photo shoped, ever girl has atleast some cottage cheese on her legs. I think she looks, heathly plus its just a bad angle If we didn’t have photoshop & touch ups out there we’d see more of this.. NORMAL AVERAGE GIRLS .. not like the fake photoshop one you see in mags.

  8. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    hillary stay in clothes body is to streched out to flaunt and show your flaws. bad!!!!

  9. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Looks like she needs to work out.

  10. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Looks like she needs to work out.

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