Hilary Duff in a Bikini

July 11th, 2011 // 97 Comments

It’s been two years since Hilary Duff has appeared on the site in a bikini, so here she is in Italy this morning where I can safely report she’s still built like a rectangular brickhouse with boobs. Although, in all honesty, I didn’t recognize her at first without Mike Comrie’s penis in her mouth. I don’t want to say it’s her calling card, but it’s not like I have a recent body of acting work to choose from. So, in a way, it’s almost like Hilary Duff wants me to remember her that way. *strokes chin* Yes, yes, of course…

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  1. OnTheRealThough

    Damn, she’ll never get rid of that baby fat.

  2. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Love the post-Disney boobs.

  3. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Curious Troll
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    @the superficial, I thought people could only choose to be fat or slim; I had no idea one could choose their body type! Good to know. I will now go back in time before I was born and select the appropriate genes to fulfill social conventions.

  4. Hilary Duff Bikini
    My Left Nut
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    Tryin’ to get some sun on the ol’ vajajay?

  5. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    No, seriously. Take a closer look.

    That’s not a butt.
    That’s a problem.

  6. Michael

    I think this girl’s very pretty. I don’t mind a little chubbiness. Just as long as it isn’t Christina Hendricks (no way I’ll get that gunt shot out of my head).

  7. eww hilary

    hideous waste down. midget. stocky.

  8. She still looks hot but i wish she would stop absorbing all the fat from Gwyneth Paltrow’s body.

  9. so after 2 years she has stopped sucking dick and started to suck Haagen Daz

  10. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    She looks good!

  11. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Like Justin Timberlake said to Mila Kunis….They’re still breast.

  12. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    She definitely got breast implants!

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      Yeah years ago. She had absolutely no chest and wide shoulders so I don’t blame her. It’s not like she went crazy with it though. They look proportionate and natural.

  13. UnholyKrep

    So now they sell those little trolls wearing bikinis. Who knew?

  14. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Candy Barr
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    She needs to work out with her husband. Has gone from fab to flab quickly . . .

  15. KOOL GUY


  16. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Looks better from the front.

  17. Gern

    Based on these photos, I am now satisfied that Hilary Duff does not have a penis.

  18. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    I likes ‘em thick!

  19. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    OK, everything checks out! I’ll get a cab.

  20. just say'n

    Maybe my monitor need adjusting or it’s the lense/camera angle; but she looks kinda thick in these pictures. Clearly there is some cottage cheese [pic. 4]. Have to agree that she looks like she’s bulking up for a WWE match.

  21. Keith

    ..bottom half is sub-par
    I’d take everything from the vaj up

  22. Mama Pinkus

    major cankles, and her thighs are approaching the diameter of her waist – not good for a gal still in her twenties

  23. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    If she got breast implants, they look great. Very tasteful. Also, I think she is very fit and looks great for her body type. Some girls can never be super skinny, no matter how they work out. She looks hot!

  24. Burt

    The Disney curse.

  25. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    Hilary Duff is like Ikea furniture. All of the parts are there. They can both technically perform the function for which they are designed, but they both just make you want to take them apart, so you can put them together the right way.

  26. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    she’s hot. she’s beautiful and she’s funny. i like her. my humild girl opinion.

  27. Hilary Duff Bikini
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  28. Diana

    I don’t get why these filfthy rich hollywood girls don’t have amazing sexy bodies anymore. I mean, they have the money to pay for a cook to cook them healthy meals AND personal trainers, so why do they look like this? She has cellulite everywhere and her body is definitely not a bikini body at all…same with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. They just look…thick. It’s really weird. Then you go to Europe and all the girls have nice tight bodies…it HAS to be the American food.

  29. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    She is still a 10 in the dark.

  30. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks great. shame on you for trashing a perfectly healthy body. i suppose all of us should strive to look like emaciated Skeletors with concrete tits and fake orange tans, to look more like the grotesque standard that’s now considered ‘normal.’

    • toopier

      ummmm…that’s what she looks like AFTER the plastic surgery, horse teeth veneers, personal trainer and tanning booth!

      • Noel

        bullSHIT. when you get paid millions of dollars to look good, you damn well better do your job and do it right. she’s let herself go. she’s far too young and privileged to be this chunky.

      • Troll

        To be fair she’s not even working anymore, what’s the problem?

  31. Pippy Longcockings

    You guys are such fucking hypocrites! There’s not one of you losers who wouldn’t trade in your heifer wives for a ride on Hillary Duff’s magic carpet!

  32. Father Feely


  33. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    I’m not even trying to be funny when I say that is by far the sexiest rectangle I’ve ever seen.

  34. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    you can tell she is bald and has a fat ole mound down there – fresh pussy

  35. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    she is pushing them up…they are real – she gets that perfect size – not to skinny not to heavy and her tits go perfect. i’d fuck her

  36. pop on hil

    obese pig!

  37. the captain

    a starting belly?
    she has cellulites?
    her VAGINA is tattood?

  38. alisa

    no one chooses their body type. im soo tired of everyone praising fat girls with huge asses, legs and boobs.. just cause their waist goes in. yah she’s a little thicker than she used to be but she still looks good

  39. mememe

    never mind her thighs, why does her belly look like she has had kids….

  40. leo cocksuckerian

    How can she move around with no muscles?

  41. Mark

    She put on weight that’s disappointing. Still I would wreck that chick. She looks hot. But if she gains any more she’s coming off my top 1000 chicks I can’t have list. :-)

  42. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    is that a hint of a tat above her snatch? I wonder what it says.

  43. Hilary Duff Bikini
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    this broad is gonna be so fat in about 10 years. She has all the tell-tale signs of a chick just ready to let it go.

  44. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    No waist?

  45. Patrice

    I think her body is awesome. It’s the picture of health and fitness which is what everyone should aspire to have!

  46. edson francisco bonfim

    muito bom gostei,bom

  47. mimi

    dude WTF happened to her? she used to be so pretty and skinny. i mean just so skinny. shit she needs to relapse and get that eating disorder back QUICK! chic with her linebacker body type only look good stick-skinny. otherwise, they all look like well…linebackers.

  48. anonym

    she’s a rectangle with no ass

  49. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks good for her shape. she’s just unfortunate in the fact she has no waist.
    and let’s face it, she looks 10000000000000000x better than ke$ha.

  50. Hilary Duff Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She has the weirdest body type. She confuses me, because she looks so different in every picture and I can never decide wether I find her hot or blah. In this very same set of photos, for example, I see her looking chubby, athletic, flabby, shapeless, hot and then slim. WTF?

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