Hermione still loves her booze

March 2nd, 2006 // 120 Comments

  1. Geno

    Man she is a cutie. What? 15? I hold my head down in shame. Drinking pictures? Mommy must be so proud. Daddy must be knocking on a few doors.

  2. Binky

    I think they’re still doctored pix. In the bottom photo the people on the left have been given claws for hands. And in the top shot she has too many str8 teeth for a Brit.

  3. L.ronhubbard

    Partay! Now, she’s drinking Corona AND Bud? And she’s a Brit? Get that gal a Samuel Smith Pale Ale.

  4. She’s almost the new Lidsay Lohan. First comes the booze, then the coke, then the affair with Bryan Adams.

  5. azcoyote

    Ah… Europeans will be Europeans.

    I am more concerned with why she is drinking crap beer in BOTH photos. Corona and Budweiser? England is the land of great beers and she has American light beer? That is true corruption of the soul…

    Besides, she couldn’t be any worse off than our local 15 year olds…

  6. asha

    why is this girl getting so much publicity? She’s only trying to show us that she’s a ” grown up ” now… Give her a few shots of tequila, tell her she’s pretty and escort her to the nearest bathroom, then ask her how grown up she’s feeling now!

  7. billabong021

    well im british an i personally dont think were THAT european, we’v got as much in commin with the US as we do with europe.

    An besides, british have a way more open booze culture than europeans, especially those drty frenchies. Wat shes doin isn’t unusual in britan, Emmas wat we call a pikie, the most common breed ot british.

  8. gilmore_gargoyles

    Asha (#6): Come, have a seat on my couch. Tell me about your mother…

  9. derekd

    It’s a beer big deal. Now if you get her with a needle sticking out of her arm, now you got some pictures!!!

  10. ProbablyTooOld

    This girl has money and “handlers” if not outright minions. In such a case, she could get better beer than a Bud or a Corona. Are we to believe this girl could not get her hands on a Guinness or Stella Artois? Please…

    And what 15-year old girl likes the taste of beer unless she’s stuck at some fizzy kegger with stupid drunk teens whose behavior is so annoying the girl needs to be drunk herself just to endure the situation. These pics don’t look like that situation.

    Regardless, let the girl drink. There are counters out there so that fat, drunk, and probably very flatulent men in their 40s know the exact moment “Hermione” becomes legal to molest. There is slash out there where Emma-Hermione bangs Hagrid and Ron, the Patil twins and of course, Draco and Harry in dreadful, unimaginative three-ways.

    Hell, forget booze. With mental images like the above hounding her, I’m surprised there isn’t a needle hanging out of her arm.

  11. Jum

    #2 -> the hand look like claws because the picture is slightly blurred

    and she has too many straight teeth for a brit?
    wtf!? I really hope that was meant to be some sort of joke.

  12. #7, loved how you called them dirty Frenchies. I wasn’t aware Brits weren’t fans of the French?

  13. scarlett*

    am i the only one who notices on the bottom picture..the guy with his arm over her..has a hand the size of a football?

  14. Binky

    # 11. Sorry – no joking on this site. ;-0

  15. ribbonstring

    Nah, the drinking age in England is 18. But nearly everyone gets drunk under that age here.

  16. ESQ

    Emma is either a) watching her calorie intake thus, the reason why she is drinking light beer, b) she has cheap friends with no taste in quality beer.

    I say someone get her a martini, STAT.

  17. Something about this just seems so wrong. I mean, really.

    At first I thought she’s just posing for a picture, but now you see she’s a little Alki!

    I don’t care what country you’re in, she’s 15!

  18. PostAcidYouth

    I give her three months ’til her first snort of coke, and six months ’til her first boob job

  19. Otto

    If anyone is putting a pool together on how long it will take fer her to end up in porn, put me down for five bucks on two years. She will go by the stage name Hermoanee and her DVDs will include:

    Hairy Pooter and The Goblet of Goo
    Really Hairy Cooter and The Sorcerer’s Bone
    Hairy Cooter and The Chamber of Midgets

    And my favorite

    Really, Really Hairy Pooper and The Order of the Phallus

  20. Oh, and in this second picture, she looks totally smashed!

    I figure she weighs like 82 pounds tops. She’d get drunk with 2 beers!

  21. not-one-of-you

    I’m just glad she is free of that hermione-hair. that was not cute. my growing up years, you sneak some beers. i too wish she had better taste than corona and bud. total crap. she can get a bass ale in the UK, if nothing else.

  22. HollyJ

    Is that dude on the far right the love-child of Hugh Grant?

  23. Sarah

    Now come on, you guys can’t say you have never had a drink at her age, shes probably just having a bit of fun, when i was her age i used to drink, everyone does it, so who cares, shes 15, shes with friends, so who cares

  24. bemoedee

    #17 – “I don’t care what country you’re in, she’s 15!”

    If you have kids that are 15 and think they don’t ever drink, you’re probably headed for an aneurysm.

  25. Ndestruct

    I would like to mention to the above poster, that Lindsay Lohan didnt hook up/date Bryan Adams. It was actually Ryan Adams–completely different and way more talented artist.

  26. deluxxe

    why is the dude on the left’s hand the same size as his head?

  27. good for her! Kick back with a brew and relax… setting the legal drinking age to 21 is ridiculous, in my opinion…

  28. Syndicate

    Hmm, a 15yr old drinking *yawn*

    I this what the middle aged folks concern themselves with today?

  29. _Suedehead_

    You should have really credited the source


    They credit “The Superficial” when it’s the other way around.

  30. She’s having a beer? I was injecting smack into my eyeballs at the age of three.

  31. HollyJ

    After that snapshot, the boy with the pituitary-giant hands offered her his wand.

  32. gogoboots

    I don’t care, she’s old enough to choose what she wants to do with her social life. Besides, at 15 I was also sampling the beer, it’s not like she’s addicted to heroin.

  33. And what so wrong with heroin?

  34. And what’s so wrong with heroin?

  35. Otto

    Heroin Makes you feel like the king of the world. And by that I mean that it makes you feel like Leonardo DiCaprio and that’s pretty cool cause you get to defile super models and get great tables at nice resturaunts of course you have to look like a big fucking wuss, but overall it’s a nice trade off. Wait…I’m nodding offfarrvcebrt4trkjdlvvvvcx……

  36. Grphdesi23

    “Hermione uses all these big long tongue twister words. I don’t know what she’s going on about half the time!”

    I think she said this when was drunk.

  37. Grphdesi23

    Gasp! Look, our little girl’s becoming a woman!

  38. BoardBetty

    #19 – you made my day! Still laughing while I type. Porn spoof names are the bomb!

    #30 – Injecting smack in your eyes by 3?!?! Have you learned nothing young grasshoper. You gotta do that while bathing in a pool of LSD!

  39. superficialgirl

    i don’t know how to put this across to that dude who said she was european, but

    british people are NOT europeans.

  40. Lankey Limey

    The first new shot is her in the same restaurant, which has been discussed enough.

    The second shot is in a private home, where (in england) it’s legal to drink from age 5.

    Yes, age 5.

  41. ButtSnack

    Harry is under the table eating a fish taco.

  42. misssives

    You Americans are funny… oooooooer she’s drinking a beer UNDERAGED! OUTRAGEOUS!

  43. Otto

    Alright misssives…where are you from? Did you see the post from the girl…the American girl…that was shooting heroin into her eyeball at the tender age of three? Americans can out drug and alcohol anyone…a-n-y-o-n-e. Amsterdam?…we laugh at fucking Amsterdam…have you seen our stars? Whitney Houston could buy and sell you and then crush you into a fine powder and smoke you, then Bobby would search for hours in the plush American shag looking for pieces of you to smoke. Fuck with us and our president will snort you and then bomb you. Peace.

  44. Binky

    Hey – where would my life be without a few Young’s and London Pride ?
    ( you can tell the youngsters by their booze)

  45. Brian

    *shrugs* It’s legal there. So nothing to really complain about. It’s certainly not healthy for her, especially as her body and mind aren’t finished growing.

    I don’t agree with the age there, I wonder how many under-18 kids get hooked on booze over there?

    She’s rather talented, it would suck if she ended up being just another child-actor-spun-outta-control statistic.

    Again, she could’ve have a good time w/o being drunk. I wonder though if she knows these got posted, and if she does or when she finds out, as I’m sure a tabloid will pick up on this, what will she do to the person who betrayed her trust by posting these? Should be quite a story.

  46. Binky

    ( and stick a lime in it EMM…
    Tastes great – More taste… type thing )

  47. disco_stu

    I’m suprised they allow drinking in Hogwarts. Where is Harry? What about Ron? Who are these new characters, and what scene is this?

  48. gogoboots

    ewww that girl puked outta her ears, that’s nasty. why would anybody inject heroin into their eyeball!??! it sounds so distasteful, however, i think injecting it between your toes is a vast improvement (according to this American chick I met in London)!

  49. gogoboots

    wait neat malibu is a sweet rum flavored drink, YUCK! What the hell was this girl thinking, whatta an awful way to go…!

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