Here’s The New ‘Rogue One’ Trailer From The Olympics Last Night

So far, every piece of Rogue One promotional material has been fantastic, and the new trailer is no exception. For me, the best part is that they premiered it during the Olympics, which means both the soft, nerd core of the internet and millions of cornfed, flag-humping Americans all saw it at the same time. One of those groups had to endure sports for hours before filling their shorts over a half second shot of Vader’s helmet while the other group had their laziest form of patriotism interrupted by another Hollywood “agenda” film about the fate of the universe being in the hands of an unqualified female criminal, her illegal alien friend, and their gay robot. Well played, secret Communist faction who controls the media. *slices palm, drips blood on framed Goof Troop photo*

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Photo: Lucasfilm