Here’s The Kind Of Shit Charlie Sheen Texts To His Kids

Charlie Sheen is watching his money disappear faster than his T cells on account of paying hush money to women (and dudes, allegedly) who he already paid once to possibly fuck HIV into, so naturally he’s now trying to cut off Denise Richards and the kids they have together. Because why be just plain reprehensible, when you have the potential to be the shittiest human on the planet? Dream big, Carlito! Via TMZ:

Denise Richards claims Charlie Sheen … has betrayed his own children by turning his back on a trust he created for them .. a trust that promised them a home that he has now taken away … and Denise also chronicles some shocking text messages she says he sent to their daughters. Before giving details, we should say Charlie believes this is “a desperate attempt to get more money” … his lawyer adding Charlie has already paid her almost $20 million, including $660k tax free money every year for the last 9 years.

And those details happen to include texts and phone conversations that Denise and Charlie are apparently having through the use of their 10-year-old daughter’s cell phone, because we’re dealing with awesome decisions here. Just the best.

But what’s really shocking about the legal docs are the texts she says Charlie sent in late 2013, including one to Lola, in which he allegedly writes, “Have a merry Xmas with your loser f***s**t mom … your dad is a rock star genius … your mom is a puss wart.”

Charlie’s defense is that Denise was using the kid’s phone and he thought he was talking to her, which makes perfect sense except when referencing Denise he writes “your mom” twice and refers to himself as the recipient’s father. But I’m no lawyer. What I am is a guy who knows that introducing the term “puss wart” into a 10-year-old’s life for whatever reason deserves the electric chair. So instead of arguing over who’s going to Hollywood’s Prom, let’s all come together and #BoycottCharliesHIVMeds. And before the inevitable “Well, I wouldn’t wish that kind of thing on anyone…” bullshit rolls in, think about what it would take for you to say “puss wart” in front of a little kid. I’ll wait. We good? Good, rot slowly, dick first, you pile of donkey shit.

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