Here’s That Racist Commercial Ashton Kutcher Did in Brownface

May 3rd, 2012 // 60 Comments
Ashton Kutcher Knows Racism Makes You Hungry. Wait, What?
Banging Mila > Brownface
Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Dating
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“This killed for Mike Myers, right? Wait, what do you mean he didn’t paint his face?”

Posted by Photo Boy

In case you haven’t heard, Ashton Kutcher is an awful douche. Unfortunately over 10.5 million people follow him on Twitter and young women willingly have sex with his unprotected penis, so large companies still employ him to promote their goods and services. I’d love to say that the withdrawl of this Popchips ad — actually they only pulled down the individual ‘Raj’ character ad, though he’s still featured in the main ad above — from the web will change all of that, but the internet has an attention span of Tits or GTFO, so we’ll probably see Ashton jumping around in cut-off overalls and spitting watermelon seeds for Jolly Rancher by next week. Even reps at Popchips don’t seem overly concerned about the online backlash. HuffPost Celebrity reports:

“The new popchips worldwide dating video and ad campaign featuring four characters was created to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone. At popchips we embrace all types of shapes, flavors and colors, and appreciate all snackers, no matter their race or ethnicity. We hope people can enjoy this in the spirit it was intended.

Honestly, there couldn’t possibly have been racist intentions here. I think the problem lies with the fact that they cast Ashton Kutcher and seemingly relied on his improv skills for the bulk to this garbage.

POPCHIPS EXEC: Ok, Ashton we have a loose outline, but feel fee to riff.
ASHTON: I should do it in brownface.
POPCHIPS EXEC: Ha, there’s no way that’s going to happ–
ASHTON: *holds up yearbook of POPCHIPS EXEC’S daughter* Brownface or a copy of this gets mailed to Wilmer Valderrama’s house.

Photo: Splash News, WENN


  1. Cock Dr

    At least I had the satisfaction of watching Asshton eat a “Popchip” that had been licked by a dog.
    Sorry Popchips, my lifelong allegiance is with Doritos.

  2. Yuuuuup

    It’s not automatically fucking racist to impersonate another race. Jesus tapdancing christ.

  3. This falls solidly in the “don’t give a fuck” category for me.

  4. Urall Fhags

    No shit, photoboy needs to dab up his bleeding vag and get over it.

    • Photoboy wasn’t bitching. Read what he wrote:

      “Honestly, there couldn’t possibly have been racist intentions here. I think the problem lies with the fact that they cast Ashton Kutcher and seemingly relied on his improv skills for the bulk to this garbage.”

      Garbage? Yes. Racist garbage? No.

  5. Jonas Grumby

    Hey, Mila Kunis! You let that Ashton guy touch you.

  6. Dude of Dudes

    So let me get this right.Anyone who isnt white can impersonate/make fun of everyone. White people can only impersonate/make fun of themselves?

    Robert Downey Jr should be lynched for Tropic Thunder then right ?

    Im with Beiber Jr. If I gave less of a fuck I might create a non fuck giving singularity.

  7. mbcl

    He can imitate a douche from every country.

  8. Dramatic Puddle

    I’m getting really fucking tired of all the pansies crying about impersonation and turning it into racism. The only awful douche here is Photo Boy, who is mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon and pissing about how mean the commercial was. Photo Boy, you are an ass clown. We have enough with the flock of sheep mentality who parrot what others say so they won’t be tarred. Get a fucking clue and stop with your liberal agenda. There are different races. We all make fun of each other. Get the fuck over it already. This site is getting as stupid as Perez fucking Hilton’s site, where he parrots the crybabies and pretends to take moral stands that don’t reflect how most of us view things. So STFU Photo Boy.

  9. Honestly, if I hadn’t read anything below the video, I wouldn’t have known that that thing was an ad for Popchips.

  10. Smapdi

    The headline here is a joke, just like most all the headlines here are a joke at some level – so why are people taking shots at Photo Boy about this one? Probably PB doesn’t think the video is racist, but he made an exaggeration just for laughs.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      pot stirring = comment wars = $$$$

      photoboy has a sense of humor and he wants his own Man Servant.

      • Frank Burns

        “Smooth, nubile barely-legal young male needed to take subordinate position as ‘Pixel Lad’ to photo manager at occasionally humorous celebrity news blog. Did I mention nubile?”

  11. Jack Ketch

    Holy, is this a slow newsday or what ?? Mr. Ed in a bikini and Ashton Kutcher, wow.

  12. The Royal Penis

    My understanding is the “brown face” makeup was harvested from Mila’s unwiped ass.

  13. USDA Prime McBeef

    21st century racism is just rednecks dropping N-bombs and complaining about wet backs taking the jobs they don’t want, deacon jones’ posts on the superficial, and ashton kutcher in brownface.

    Legitimate racism has largely been dead for decades but somebody has to have something to get butthurt about, Al Sharpton needs a paycheck, and the white liberal PC crowd still has some sort of phantasmal guilt they are dealing with.

    The point is i’m hitting the snooze button again, Ashton Kutcher sucks ass, and lighten the fuck up, pussies.

    • meat is redrum

      Let’s run away together!

    • dooood

      idk doc, i think racism decreased significantly btwn the
      1970′s – 1990′s
      i think it has somehow increased significantly in the last 12 years or at least become far more visible.
      also there’s a fine line between tasteless jokes
      which most of us laugh at and enjoy
      (asians can’t drive, white people can’t dance, etc.)
      and dangerous, hateful prejudice.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        naw it’s that the pussification of america has increased dramatically since the 90s.

        hmmm, even the carrot stick veggies can’t resist the BEEF.

      • kimmykimkim

        But it’s true! White people can’t dance. Black people love chicken. Mexicans really, really love Jesus and have waaay too many cousins and extremely long weddings and Asians can’t drive! Ok, except I knew this one guy who was like a quarter Asian and he could drive but he couldn’t do math. It’s kind of like if you lose one sense, your others are heightened. What I don’t get is, I’m white and love chicken! So why the fuck can’t I dance?

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        wait, not korean and chicken over beef? breaking my heart, kimmy, breaking it.

      • Ahahaha, because she calls herself kim, you thought she was Korean!

      • Dooood is so correct. As soon as the Clinton’s came into office PC became vogue. In fact, it became so vogue that racism has increased exponentially with PC.

        I can only do the white man’s overbite. Can’t jump either.

    • Dacon Jones

      Thumbs up for you sir for the shout out

    • Some1

      @USDA Prime McBeef : I totally 100% agree with you. I am latina and there is nothing you can say to piss me off racist-like. I think many minorities take advantage of it and cry about everything and its annoying as fuck. I remember a few years back miley did a pic where she is slanting her eyes and the chinese association ordered her to make an apology lol what a fucking joke.
      I get racism back in the day when they would hang people because of their race or not let them in certain places. To me that is racism. If it involves killing, harassing, bullying because of your race than yes that is racism but just joking around.Get the fuck over it.
      Racism now gets abused and you can’t live like that, being careful not to say something that might offend someone because of their race and now a days everyone gets called a racist. Its just really annoying

  14. Kelleigh

    It’s not as racist as this –>

  15. uli

    calling everything racism is so overrated

  16. El Jefe

    I don’t think it was racist at all, just extremely lame and boring. Multiple characters and he sucked ass at all of them. They should run these ads to show the world just how shitty an actor he is.

    And the douchiness just oozes out of his pores, he just can’t control it. Lorre and Sheen need to just make up already and pretend Charlie was locked up in a dungeon somewhere and bring him back and fire this jackass already.

  17. UhZoomZip

    Why the fuck does one of the most vapid, overpaid assholes in the country need to whore out a snack product? It’s also bullshit that people on YouTube have willingly clicked a button expressing their approval for a fucking ADVERTISEMENT.

  18. Not nearly as racist as I thought it would be given the hype. White people can dress up as black people as long as it’s being done realistically, which I think was the case with the “brown face.”

    When other cultures dress up as a white guy and make fun in the most insulting way possible, it doesn’t bother me out of “white man’s guilt”, but because it’s 99% done for effing comedy. Like here.

  19. Sir Mix Alot

    This is not racist! …. neither funny, nor interesting, nor well done. It’s nothing. Empty calories like the chips he hawking.

  20. LJ

    Come on, the commercial is a piece of crap. Once it hit the air and Popchips got audience feedback about how bad it was, they had to come up with an excuse to cover the money they spent on Kutcher, and the decision they made to put this piece of crap on the air in the first place. So some one complained about the “brown face” and gave them the excuse.

  21. Buck

    If obama had a son he would probably look like this guy.

  22. Hugh Jazz

    Someday, I fear, a sense of humor will be a controlled substance.

  23. Buck

    That’s what passes for Racist these days? Seriously? Does anyone else appreciate how tame that is compared to say… ACTUAL RACISM? He wasn’t in blackface singing “Mammie” or anything.

    Peter Sellers played an Indian character in THE PARTY. Sir Alec Guiness has played scores of ethnic characters. For the Duke’s sake, even John Wayne was Genghis Khan. Bad casting in that last case, but not racism.

    This is how good we have things today. Institutional racism is such a distant memory we have no sense of what is or isn’t actually racist. Which means people get their panties in a bunch of Ashton playing a character who happens to be Indian. Nobody seems to mind him stereotyping gay fashionistas or bikers.

    Grow the fuck up, people. Seriously.

  24. Dacon Jones

    Hey, at least he doesn’t have a towel on his head, jump up and start yelling “Allah la la lalalalalalala!” and pull a cord on an explosives vest

  25. Archie Leach

    Fuck That 70s Show. They’re responsible for why we suffer with asston doucher.

  26. anonym

    i didn’t know chihuahua tongues were so long

  27. LMAO

    “………..spitting watermelon seeds for Jolly Rancher”

    I actually like that idea. Could be because I can’t stand black people.

  28. Stupid

    That was the worst commercial ever. 0/10 for comedic value

  29. [img][/img]

  30. Sergeant Poop

    Wait, that was offensive? Does anybody else think people are too easily offended these days?

    • misconceptions

      I don’t think people are too sensitive but I do think that everyone is always calling each other racist when most really aren’t. The only true form of racism that I seen is on a show called “16 and pregnant” the black mom wouldn’t let her daughter’s white boyfriend come to the house because he was white. She didn’t like him because he was white. I know this because she said it herself on camera.
      Yet that didn’t make the news or anything and no one discussed it. To me that was a true form of racism. Other than that I rarely see true racism, just a bunch of whiny people taking advance of the fact that anything can be racism now a days.
      I find racism quite racist. For example the whole N word and how some races can say it and some don’t in itself is very racist.

  31. Dan

    Ashton did brownface the same way that Robert Downey Jr. did blackface in Tropic Thunder, i.e. he DIDN’T.

    In this commercial he does full makeup for a LOT of different people. Without equating the level of quality between the two, this is no different than Eddie Murphy playing the old Jewish guy in Coming to America.

  32. kirby

    So if Sascha Cohen does it it’s alright, but if Ashton does it a new low has been reached???

  33. Let us never forget this quote from the movie Bulworth:

    “…white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people.”

  34. Pikachu

    Punjab Punjab Gari gari gari.. Punjab punjab, any IT job? please please PR PR

  35. dickfreeman

    IT JUST WASN’T FUNNY, In FACT every impersonation was pretty rubbish, apart from the one with dog.

  36. lori

    I actually found him to be quite funny and entertaining. Who’s the idiot who said this was racist????

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