Here’s Michelle Lewin’s Crazy Butt While I Talk About Moon Knight

If I’m going to burn another post talking about nerd shit, the least I can do is give you a butt to look at, so enjoy Michelle Lewin’s while my eyes turn black like a shark’s from dork-blood in the Internet-water.

According to some heavy speculation on Cinema Blend’s part, there’s a chance Moon Knight might be popping up in Ant-Man and could be part of the reason why Edgar Wright quit. Which makes sense considering Marvel wants every film to be a springboard for future films and Edgar Wright’s more of a standalone filmmaker who’s very protective of his creative vision. It also sounds more realistic (except not at all because everything’s coming out of everyone’s butts) than “Stupid fucking Disney made him put stupid fucking ads in it,” considering Edgar Wright’s next project is giving Disney a new Johnny Depp movie. That’s like three blowjobs and a rosebud to them. They’re practically married. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, MOON KNIGHT.

Moon Knight

Punching the moon ’cause he’s a knight, or something… ♫ (I am so goddamn alone.)

Photos: Marvel / Splash News