Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch Showering In ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ To Nullify Alice Eve’s Boobs

May 23rd, 2013 // 23 Comments
Benedict Cumberbatch Shower Scene Star Trek Into Darkness
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Alice Eve Bra Underwear Star Trek Into Darkness
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Sorry to hit you with two Conan clips today, but remember when I said in the Alice Eve post about Alice Eve‘s breasts that J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof couldn’t trip over themselves fast enough to apologize for showing them in Star Trek Into Darkness? You don’t and did nothing but look at her breasts? Good answer. Well, apparently J.J. went on Conan last night and brought a deleted scene featuring Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Totally Not The Character You Think He Is (I got $5 inside a puzzle box for writing that.) taking a shower. A scene that got completely cut from the movie, so I’m not sure what point J.J. Abrams was trying to make here except that he’s a sexual deviant who clearly wants to see everybody he works with naked, and goddammit, now I respect him. ABRAAAAAAAMMMMMSSSS!!


  1. Cock Dr

    Hey there’s a Kardashian commercial blocking my way to gratuitous partial male nudity……you bastard!

  2. Colin

    It doesn’t look like Bandersnatch Crumplescrote has too bad a body, so why they’d focus on that face in his “gratuitous scene” is beyond me.

  3. Nice to know that genetically engineered super villains still take the time to shave their chests.

  4. He had to delete that scene because the feminists need something to complain about. Benedict is not a piece of meat for people to ogle at, Alice Eve is.

    Fuck you, feminists.

  5. uncomfortable in social settings

    was this a throw – away for the gay guys ?

  6. MeanMrsMustard

    Everything about this guy freaks me out and when he smiles he looks like an evil pumpkin.

  7. All that amazing DNA and he couldn’t get a chin?

  8. Jay

    I’d rather see Alice Eve in her shorts, especially since there was a reason for it, than Benedict Cumberbatch taking a shower. Remember, Eve plays Carol Marcus the future mother of Kirk’s son in Wrath of Kahn. Cumberbatch just played Kahn, one of Kirk’s playmates.

  9. Frank Burns

    Any footage of McFeely in a bathtub with a rubber ducky?

  10. This would be better if he were hotter.

  11. Jenn

    WTF, the green ho and Uhura were in their underwear in the last movie, big freaking deal. But if it gets me nekkid dudes, I want Karl Urban!

  12. Pippi Longcocking

    He’s an fugly fuck.

  13. I know you knuckle-draggers only took that ubiquitous Gender Studies class to fill a Junior College requirement, but maybe you should fish out those old GS readers still in your closet and learn something about female representations in the media. So you can pass on a worthwhile point of view to your spawn, like:
    - empowerment is not equal opportunity ogling
    - Showing a sliver of Chris Pine’s six pack is not the same as JJ and the camera treating Alice Eve like a fucking prop, complete with nil character development and without any actual importance to the narrative other than, as you trekkies say, being the future womb for Kirk’s spawn.
    - Carol Marcus isn’t the only offensive character, Uhura’s only purpose, according J.J., is so that Spock can show his tender Vulcan feels.
    - Straight, White Male is not apolitical, it is not neutral territory, it does not remove J.J’s. land of make believe from this world, he is just as culpable for towing the status quo.

    Please J.J. and the males in this comment-section, take your heads out of your asses for a second and realize how fucking tone-deaf you are. I weep for this world.

    • Kirk(Pine) was in his underwear in the first movie, for an extended period of time. Yes, I zoomed.

      In the first movie, Uhura translated the Klingon’s transmission of distress, therefore helping save the Enterprise from heading into a battle unprepared. In the second, she walks out into a crowd of Klingons alone. ..because she’s a linguist, and they kick ass. Sheah.

      Carol Marcus sneaks off, under an assumed name, to uncover her father’s questionable military actions. She stands up to ÜberCumberbitch despite knowing what he’s capable of, and when injured, doesn’t really whine all that much. But does when her daddy is. That’s love, not weakness.

      Whatever JJ the Lens Flaring Bad Robot may have intended, their actions looked like badassery to me.

    • Do you have your period?

  14. Before I take my head out of my ass, you have to kiss it. You just proved how biased you are by saying that showing a man in the same situation as a woman doesn’t have the equal effect. Because a woman’s body is special, right? Fuck that bullshit. Equal is equal.

    You referred to a man’s feelings as “feels”. Typical vagina-for-brains feminist response.

  15. I saw this is the theatre two days ago. No shower scene. I *somewhat* get the appeal of Cumberbatch now (eyes/accent … the rest of him looks funny), but it would have been totally pointless to include it.

    That being said, the Marcus scene seemed totally tacked-on and stupid as well. i get that her and Kirk (at least in the original history) have a thing, but they could have set it up better.

    Overall, the movie was fantastic though, so I can’t complain.

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