Here Are Kim Kardashian’s Stupid, Racist Emoji That Everyone Wants

Consider this analogy: If human communication is the world of television, then texting is a reality show. Which makes emoji the Honey Boo Boo of texting, since they’re a horrible offshoot of an already horrible thing. Now comes Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji app, which allows you to send fun little icons like a jizz covered butt, Kim’s huge disgusting fat ass, a pot leaf, panties around Kim’s ankles, a sizzurp cup, and chicken and waffles. It’s a great addition for any cracked-screen smartphone user who wants to mix some light racism into a moronic text about nail polish or whatever these fucking assholes talk about. Seriously, if you’re out there considering texting someone a tiny picture of Kanye’s $200 sneakers, please follow these instructions. Turn off your phone. Locate your reproductive parts. Disable them in any way possible. Turn your phone back on. Call 911.

Ok! We’re back! Everything is fixed! I’m so sorry guys! Thank you for being patient. Get KIMOJI now in the App Store!

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