Who Likes Their Superman Extra Bulgy?

God, I hope this is in 3D… I mean, who said that?

Following this summer’s trend of filming blockbusters in clear view of the paparazzi, here are shots of Henry Cavill on the set of Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel which we can now say with throbbing accuracy is red underwear-free. (Which, yes, I know is a marketing ploy to sell the rebooted Superman comics. We are one and the same, nerds.) Fortunately, it looks like they’re going to compensate for Supe’s lack of undies by emphasizing another side effect of Earth’s yellow sun that’s convinced me I need to spend more time spread eagle in my front yard. If you’ll excuse me…

WB EXEC: Alright, Zack, hit us.
ZACK: What my vision presupposes is maybe Superman doesn’t wear underwear.
WB EXEC: Then what does he wear?
ZACK: *frames shot with his hands* Cock bulge.
WB EXEC: Cock bulge?
ZACK: Cock bulge.
WB EXEC: Your bag of money, sir.

Photos: SuperheroHype.com, WENN