Who Likes Their Superman Extra Bulgy?

August 31st, 2011 // 39 Comments

God, I hope this is in 3D… I mean, who said that?

Following this summer’s trend of filming blockbusters in clear view of the paparazzi, here are shots of Henry Cavill on the set of Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel which we can now say with throbbing accuracy is red underwear-free. (Which, yes, I know is a marketing ploy to sell the rebooted Superman comics. We are one and the same, nerds.) Fortunately, it looks like they’re going to compensate for Supe’s lack of undies by emphasizing another side effect of Earth’s yellow sun that’s convinced me I need to spend more time spread eagle in my front yard. If you’ll excuse me…

WB EXEC: Alright, Zack, hit us.
ZACK: What my vision presupposes is maybe Superman doesn’t wear underwear.
WB EXEC: Then what does he wear?
ZACK: *frames shot with his hands* Cock bulge.
WB EXEC: Cock bulge?
ZACK: Cock bulge.
WB EXEC: Your bag of money, sir.

Photos: SuperheroHype.com, WENN


  1. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
    Commented on this photo:

    The climax of the movie is an epic game of rock-paper-scissors. Superman wins because he has a backup rock in his pants.

  2. Jill

    My answer to the headline: ME!

  3. God is Black

    “this is so damn childish.” Maybe but I bet you a case of beer a lot of females, gays and bi-sexual men/women will now see Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel when Lois rides Superman in bed or when he’s flying!

  4. ksmack

    Nice Royal Tenenbaums reference….

    He’s hot, totally going to see it.

  5. Pippy Longcockings

    Makes sense. I mean, “The Man of Steel” is a not-so-subtle innuendo, don’t you think? He should be hung like a fucking mule!

  6. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    While we’re talking nerdy, let me squeeze this in: That Superman “S” is waay too high on his chest.

  7. TheListener

    I’m sure this is just a temporary costume in the movie. There is NO way that’s going to be the one he’s wearing throughout the entire movie. In all fairness to Fish, the costume designer clearly wanted to draw attention to and emphasize Superman’s upper body muscles and penis with a very obvious codpiece. What other explanation could there be to design a suit like that?

  8. me

    aw, come on. If he didn’t have a bulge, you’d be bitching about that, too.

    I’d run my fingers through that head of hair, and then do other things…. he’s not so Fonzy looking in these pics.

  9. Meh, it’s not that impressive :)

  10. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Drunk Superman called he wants his colors back.

  11. Venom

    Cool costume.

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I want to wash him in the bubble bath like little baby then use my tongue as towel

  13. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Good God, what’s he been exposed to THIS time, Dicktonite?

  14. mpath1

    Not meaning to over-think this b.s. comic, but Superman should be scrawny…or, at best, have a lean or medium, non-muscled build.

    Bulk comes from resistance training. Lifting heavy. So what in the world would superman have to lift everyday to get this much muscle mass? a mountain range?

    • Johnny Cage

      Big muscles gives the idea of power or authority. We don’t want Superman to look like Howard Stern wearing spandex. Besides he’s supposed to be superpowered or some stuff like that. The same idea goes to Batman because getting punched by large arm is threatening. These guys are supposed to look mean against the criminal element.

  15. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
    Stewie Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    There is attainable muscle mass and then there is retainable, and within a couple of months after this film wraps up people will understand exactly what I mean.

  16. Zack Snyder’s imdb ouvre:
    Gay Greek Tales
    Giant Naked Blue Guy
    Owls (for the kids)
    Pedophiles in Mental Facilities
    Gay Superman

  17. Johnny Cage

    This new depiction may be to Superman what Tim Burton’s all black costume was to Batman. I don’t know why everyone hated against the costume when it was first introduced. The costume is as “movie grit” as it can get. It’s not too colorful where it looks cartoonish and it’s not the typical all black so it looks regurgitated from previous superhero flicks.

    • Ed

      It doesn’t look sewn out of his blanket from Krypton by Ma Kent that’s for sure. When I see it I can’t help think “Where did he get it” “Who made that for him” “Do they know his secret” etc.

  18. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Wow! How do I get a hold of some of that “dicktonite”? My boyfriend could use some.

  19. ash

    I miss The Tudors. He was so f’ing good in that.

  20. Miss Holloway

    HOTNESS. That is all.

  21. Jack Napier

    He and the suit look like shite.

  22. Elf

    So _that_ is his Fortress of Solitude!

  23. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Mmmhmm. Thanks misters :)

  24. Nicole H

    Mmm… YUMMY!!

  25. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Settle down Superman! Everybody knows the super bulge is a Marvel trademark

  26. g_girl


  27. B

    I pray I am wrong that the bulge is enhanced [the reverse of Brandon Routh who was digitally minimized...God dam whoever did that cheating moviegoers of our eye candy because of fear of frightening children].

  28. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Mr. Cavill must have assistants that accompany him to the bathroom as his doctor advised him not to lift any HEAVY OBJECTS.

  29. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    How would Superman even gain muscle mass on Earth? It would be like a normal person living in a world where everything had almost no weight at all. You could be the strongest person in that world and your muscles will still almost atrophy away. Never mind…

  30. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    Superman is now a british midget. how odd

  31. Henry Cavill Superman Costume No Red Underwear Bulge
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    yeah, let me rush my kids to the movies to see Supermans bulge, hmmm NOT. GLWT (good luck with that)! I hope the New Superman is Rated R! It’s just ewww. It reminds me of a swim teacher I had when I was in High School that we all got stuck having to look away from his little tight girly skivies.

  32. Amy

    I wanna lick that bulge!

  33. web

    Looking at the other photos….he’s all man!!!!

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