Henry Cavill is Superman

January 31st, 2011 // 55 Comments

Back when Bryan Singer was getting ready to bore the world to tears by paying homage to Christopher Reeve via a flying, gay Jesus in tights, British actor Henry Cavill (The Tudors) made it to the final round of casting only to be passed over for Brandon Routh which worked out for the best considering five people even know who that is now. Fast forward to yesterday where Warner Bros. announced Henry will finally get his chance to play a presumably spray-painted abs and underwear-only Supes in Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen,” Snyder said. “I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and ‘S’ shield.”

With both Batman and Spider-Man currently being played by British actors, there’s already been some scuttlebutt – Or balderdash? Eh, poppycock. – over another limey playing one of America’s most iconic characters to which I say, who’s giving all this fuck? It’s pretend. It’s not like Superman’s going to save a school bus then go, “Oy, kids, that was close, innit? Now rememba: Never brush your teeth and always silently capitulate to the Germans at first. Cheerio!” Now, Aquaman? He’d pull that shit. Bloody pacifist.

Adding… McNulty and Stringer Bell? Both British. I rest me case, guv’na.

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  1. Sam

    He was good in the tudors, couldn’t care less about superman tho but I guess europeans do add an interesting perspective to things and some franchise could really use that.

  2. equinox

    Omar Little? Fucking American. It was like the Revolutionary War times shotgun under the duster,

  3. its james franco’s heterosexual doppleganger

  4. sage

    kinda scrawny aint e?

  5. Winston

    I’m calling Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on the “capitulate to the Germans”.

    We certainly needed a helping hand from you chaps by the end but *we* declared war on the sausage-munchers! Twice!

    Capitulation my arse. You’re thinking of the French.

    • True dat, it should be remembered that we never needed to liberate London.

      The reason the French put all their money into dental care and you lot don’t is because when they run out of flags, they need to flash SOMETHING white.

    • Chamberland

      I only did what I did to buy our nation time so we could expand the military and prepare for war with more time instead of getting overrun and end up like the French.

  6. typo

    Well let’s face it, who the hell wants to see americans in lycra. It’s like someone stuffed a balloon full of whatever they found in the bin behind the liposuction clinic.

  7. a bleedin limey is fighting for truth, justice, and the american way? how about we cast jack black as james bond, you wankers!

      • hahahahaha love it!!!

      • E71

        Getting sick and tired of these limeys taking over Hollywood…

        It’s not like we’re short of struggling actors, why the fuck are we helping brits and the british economy… So that they can have shit fits, snap and be extremely discourteous towards the hard-working film crew…?

        Limeys, you have your own movie industry, stick to it.. if we have an English character in our next movie, we’ll call you, otherwise stay the fuck out.

  8. Ruth

    Superman is Canadian (or made by one) anyways so it’s fine being played by a Brit. Both ruled by Her Majesty.

    • funny though your queen is a kraut

    • thought they were made by two dudes from themidwest USA.

    • The Listener

      Jerry Siegel was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe Shuster was born in Toronto, Canada. When Shuster moved to the USA, he and Siegel co-created the Superman comic book. The character of Superman was raised in Smallville, Kansas. The actual filming of the show Smallville is in Canada.

    • Fuck you and your Majesty. She isn’t MY Majesty. I’m Canadian, born and raised and there is NO WAY IN HELL I would recognize that cunt and her family as my Queen. 1982 Canada signed the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Governer General, who represents the Queen in Canada, is a FIGUREHEAD. He or She has no power. They go around opening schools and giving speeches but they serve no real purpose in government.

      If you cannot handle the NEW and TRUE reality of Canada, an independent democratic nation with NO MONARCHY, then get your limey ass back to England and kiss the Queens butt from over there. Ruled by her Majesty. I should come over and go all Imperial on your ass. If one plug cent from my taxes goes to that Cunt, Britain, or the ‘Monarchy’ I’m going to go to England myself and fuck the shait out of Kate Middleton to get my monies worth!!!

  9. Cock Dr

    His voice coaches will probably tone down any UK accent this nice looking young man may have for his comic book hero role.
    Which would be a shame, because I love that shit.

  10. He’ll really have to work on hiding his accent like Gerard Butler does..

  11. Henry Cavill Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    …looks like General Zod.

  12. Jay

    YGTBSM!! He doesn’t have the build and he doesn’t have the face. What? Is Hollywierd going to give us an EMO Superman. Is he working for scale? Krap, I’d rather see Captain Jack playing the Supes. Reminds me of when the powers chose Daniel Craig as James Bond. What a load!!

    • Mia

      Completely agree. He looks nothing even close to what Superman should.

    • The Listener

      Well, Henry Cavill is listed according to one website as 6 feet 1 inch tall. He looks to be a medium build and if you shave the beard and dye the hair black, I think he would make an acceptable Superman.

  13. Jimmy Fury

    Normally I might nerdrage over any comic book casting news but I’m fine with this. As iconic as he may be the only qualification to play superman is to be pretty. Spiderman and Batman you have to be able to convince people that you’re a hot yet emotionally tormented genius. Superman has no such burden. He just has to stand there being a shining beacon of handsomness.

  14. Rancid

    He has the right look but needs to massively bulk up. This isn’t some skinny twerp like Cyclops, this is freak’n Superman. Next thing you know, they will have a skinny Hulk.

    • The Listener

      In all fairness, Christopher Reeve did a great job as Superman in the movies, but he was NOT a muscular man. He was 6′ 4″ and slim.

      The thing I didn’t like about Superman Returns was the story plot. For example, in every Superman story I’ve ever seen, a piece of kryptonite the size of your fist will bring Superman to his knees, yet in the movie he flies an ISLAND of kryptonite into space. Really? The writer’s didn’t even try to explain how that was possible.

  15. Winston

    Two words: King Ralph

  16. jumpin_j

    Let me try to picture this. A sidewalk of people in Metropolis. “I say, what what. Up there in the bloomin sky. Would that be a bird, ol chap? Maybe a swallow of some sort”? “Perhaps a plane”? “Oh blimey, it’s that Superman fellow! Well, keep up the good work, stiff upper lip and all that”… Nope, that’s a movie FAIL.

  17. Aliana

    I dig it. I already posted my praise for Mr. Cavill over at your sister site (or brother site? Second cousin twice removed site?) iwatchstuff.com.
    He’s a well trained actor with some interesting roles already under his belt. He’s an underrated actor but not an altogether unknown.
    He can do an American accent just fine, actually.

    Cavill’s definitely a chameleon in looks as well. These are all scruffy photos of the guy, I suggest you Google more pics of him to see the clean shaven version. Without a beard, he looks enough like Clark Kent for me.

    The earlier James Franco comment made me laugh, I don’t see the resemblance but coincidentally Franco and Cavill were both in the movie “Tristan + Isolde”.

    Actually, when clean shaven Cavill reminds me a bit of Tom Welling.

    I think people are just hesitant of a new Superman film in general since so many of them have been junk post-Reeves. I’m actually expecting this reboot to be refreshing with Cavill cast and Nolan on board. I have a feeling it’ll be really, really good.

    The British can act better than Americans anyway, oh snap! You’ve just been dissed by a Canadian homies and you all know how awesome Canadian cinema is… wait a second… fuck. Nevermind.

  18. Deacon Jones

    This guy was great in The Tudors.

    He’s bigger than that now, that’s an old photo shoot of him.

  19. Clearly a handsome man, but physically, I preferred Brandon Routh. He looked more like Christopher Reeve. Sentimental, I know, but I preferred him nonetheless.

  20. Johnny Cage

    They have to remake the Superman franchise anyway. Or maybe do something better than fighting lex luther over again. A superhero fighting some bald guy who thinks and plans…blah.

  21. Dear Warner Bros.

    Prepare to lose a butt-load of money on a tired reboot that no one really cares about.

    The Disenchanted Public

  22. jojo

    I think it would be great to have a slacker Superman. Stoned, disheveled, not really caring what the people think. Come to think of it, we have that already.
    His name is Charlie Sheen.

  23. Superman? AGAIN???? How many fucking times are they going to re-hash the same crap over and over again? Are they going to start from scratch again? Didn’t they just do a re-make of the Reeves Superman? Some guy in tights became the man himself? Now they want another guy to play Superman? WTF is WRONG with HOLLYWEIRD???? Nah, not worth it not enough time to explain it.

  24. The Listener

    They’re hoping that everyone will forget the dud “Superman Returns.”

  25. The Pope of Cleveland

    To be fair, America has stolen Sherlock Holmes, so it’s only fair that we give up Superman.

  26. Rich

    I knew there was a reason I ready your site. I am, of course, referring to the McNulty and Stringer Bell shoutouts. All in the game, baby!

  27. Doug Johnson

    Christian Bale is Australian @$$hole

  28. Ward

    I think having a Britain as Superman is clearly the best choice, and has Christopher Nolan ever been wrong on casting, I think not. Also British Actors are usually better than the American actors with all the Theatre and stage work which is found on the west end making the British actors better characters on screen.
    I ask you who would want an American to play Superman? Think about it he would be a Fat, Crass Idiot, Red Neck, degenerate who was so inbred he could barely put his words together.
    How is that a son of Krypton?
    Go Fuck Yourself you Piece of Shit, no wonder this is your job.

  29. Amy Sandwich

    Good Lord he’s hot.

  30. Henry Cavill Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    hot enough

  31. Super Fan

    SAVE SUPERMAN FOR ONCE!!! theres no question on the matter. for a long time we had reeves to look up to as superman… they stuck with him.. and now we got a new superman who i might say bares very little likeness to reeves. but to change it up so soon will inherently destroy the whole idea of this new movie. yes we need a new and better movie. no we dont need a new actor. change anyone else it wont matter to the viewer. it would be like changing Christian Bale in batman. not happening the public has excepted the he is batman. same concept weve excepted that routh is superman. change any other actor we wont mind. the did it in the dark knight with rachels character we didnt care all to much so change lois jimmy anybody but Brandon Routh…

  32. SandrA

    Superman is not even real or human… So who cares. Canadians are the ones who should complain as he was created by a Canadian.

  33. superFan

    Fuck that cavill sucks he’s all wrong for the role.

  34. TW4Superman

    Cavill couldn’t be more wrong if he tried… besides him being a brit he’s also way to skinny and short for the part. And he’s of the gay. I’m boycotting this movie Fuck that they are raping our American superheros with all this bullshit casting.

  35. taral

    Henry is a very talented actor. He can easily pull off the superhero bit. People shouldn’t be concerned with where people are from in 2011, but with what they do. He was fantastic in the Tudors. Give the guy a chance. I know I was excited when I heard because I couldn’t believe Holly wood wasn’t going crazy for him when I first began watching the Tudors. He is probably one of the best looking actors around with talent to boot. He wins my vote

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