Holy Crap, It’s Superman! In The Same Exact Costume As The Other Movie

July 3rd, 2014 // 34 Comments

Following Batfleck and the constant barrage of casting news because they’re shoving 800 superheroes in this thing (Blue Beetle, anyone?), it’s been way too easy to forget about Henry Cavill despite his character’s name being one of the 20 words in the title. So to fix all that, Warner Bros. released the first official image of Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and surprise, he looks exactly like he did in the first movie right down to the Krypton cock bulge. (How do you not look at it?) As for what he’s doing in 19th century Britain is anybody’s guess. Were rain storms grittier to brood in back then? I’m not a meteorologist.

Photo: Warner Bros.


  1. My hopes have gone up for this movie.

  2. Needs more red underoos over the blue suit.

  3. Who is the villain for this movie? The villain makes the superhero movie.

  4. Short Round

    Superman vs Batman… or anyone. Stupidest idea unless it’s a philosophical debate and who’d watch that. But even then you better have some kryptonite in case he loses and wants to go Chewbacca on your ass.

  5. Balls Mcgee

    His acting looks so much better in this picture.

  6. Not So Sure I agree dare, Fish

    That movie is going to be so awful I bet you it makes at least a billion dollars at the box office!

  7. Henry Cavill Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
    Suck It Trebek
    Commented on this photo:

    Does rain make it somehow hardcore?

    • A Realist

      It’s clearly Gotham.

    • anonymous

      I was going to say the same thing. What the hell is up with Zack Synder addomg rain every movie he makes?

      • A Realist


        Again, this is clearly Gotham. Not known for being a sunny, cheery place.

      • You’re going to be a real blast at parties this weekend.

      • A Realist

        Hey. I have respect for the source material. And I educate. Don’t like it? Don’t have to. Has no reflection on my personality, as if you look around on your own page, you can see I joke plenty.

      • Jayfournines

        Haha educate? Neil DeGrasse Tyson educates, you’re just some dude who reads comics.

      • A Realist

        You are aware that if you are more knowledgeable on a subject than anyone else, and you’re explaining things to them, you’re educating them, correct? Do you understand the definition of the word “educate”?

      • A Realist

        Wow, do I make myself look like I have Aspberger’s. Nevermind. Not worth getting into. Yeah, rain..hardcore, fuck Snyder, and all that.

      • Coming from the dude that’s upset that they are recycling superman suits from two movies.

      • A Realist

        Boom! Roasted.

      • Gotham…Metropolis…aren’t they both basically New York? I imagine they start out at Lex Luthor’s lair under Grand Central Terminal in “Metropolis” and go about 10 blocks—boom!, we’re in “Gotham” now.

      • A Realist

        Well, there’s always been a bit of a debate as to what city is where, but I think it’s been fairly established the Gotham is NYC, and Metropolis is more Chicago. Hence the relative closeness to Smallville, KS. I’ve also heard it reversed. So, who knows?

        Interestingly, however…is that Superman was originally written as being based in Cleveland, OH and Batman in Manhattan until switched to their respective fictional cities.

      • Supriya

        Good lord, man! Have you nothing better to do than roam this thread? Most of the comments here are yours, LOL

      • A Realist

        See, when you grow up and get a good job, you get FOUR day weekends during the holidays, sunshine. And I’m going to relax and veg out for four days, something I rarely get the pleasure of doing. Sooo… valiant effort in trying to be an asshole….. but fail.

  8. A Realist

    There’re slight modifications.

    The belt buckle is different, now a square with an S in it, as opposed to round. Also different are the shapes of some of the designs along the hip area. A little more boxy. And the blue is a more true blue.

    So…not *quite* the same. Subtle changes.

    • Sam

      Is the suit indestructible in this incarnation? And is this a new suit entirely, or subtle mods if you will to the original? At any rate, how the hell would he make it? By the end of Man of Steel, there isn’t anything left in terms of Krypton and it’s technology, right? Zod’s ship-sucked into a vortex. The ship he found? Space dad was deleted by Zod, and Cal destroys that ship…gone, turned to ash. His key, and the ship he arrived in were sucked up with Zod’s ship. I think that covers it. The point is, if the original suit is indestructible, and considering his battle with the Kryptonians, I think it’s safe to say that it is..then how would he make another equal to the first, and why would he need to? I guess where I’m going with this is I don’t want to see flashy upgrades because it’s a new movie and the audience needs something new to see, at the expense of logic and reason within the story. But then I guess we have to toss that out when we’re talking about Batman V Superman, cause come on. Take the Nolan trilogy. Great Batman stuff, excepting the last one. But what happens if you put Superman in there. Your stories done, that’s what. Cause there’s be no challlenge in any of it for Superman. Bain? Supes pummels Bain, and his lackeys, faster than they can see..tosses nuclear bomb into orbit. Joker-is a joke, League of shadows, chasing down subways trains with vaporizers on board. Superman’s bored. You need a whole other level of obstacles to challenge the Man of Steel than what Batman deals with in his world, so how is Batman supposed to be a challenge to him either, in a world that has no Kryptonite, I might add. Not that this versus thing will happen anyway. They lie and twist to throw us off the real stories scent. I suspect that’s all this his here…

  9. buzz

    I wonder if Batman fights Superman because Supes goes to Gotham and points out that if Batman was such a badass why is Gotham STILL full of criminals?

    Hell they rebuilt Metropolis after Superman and Zod leveled the city. Gotham…still a shithole.

  10. I like him as Superman. He did a great job in the first movie. And I’m glad they got rid of the red briefs. That look doesn’t fly anymore.

  11. Henry Cavill Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
    Commented on this photo:

    So if I have a rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop and matte skills, I can work in a major film studio’s promotional department too?

  12. so, after spending an entire movie watching Superman dick-punch unearthly strong Kryptonians and Terra-forming beasts the size of skyscrapers, the audience is supposed to believe that Batman vs. Superman can be any kind of a battle worth watching for more than 10 seconds? Bats’ entire body better be laced with Kryptonite.

    • Anon

      Even then it isn’t going to matter when all Superman has to do is fly far enough away so the Kryptonite doesn’t affect him and throw something simple like small rocks at Batman at supersonic speeds. Game over.

      The whole “versus” schtick is the dumbest premise ever.

      • Basic problem with Superman: he’s too powerful.

        This reboot was the perfect opportunity to dial back his powers so that Superman has some credible vulnerabilities. The original Superman could conceivably be beaten by Batman, but now? Bats would be a greasy stain.

        Superman’s speed and strength need to be limited so that the outcome of a fight against someone who isn’t from the planet Krypton is credible.

        I now proceed to what I call the Iron Man Principle:

        Let’s put it this way: I’d like to see Superman about as strong and protected from harm as Iron Man when he puts his suit on, which means if the two of them fight, it’s not sure who is going to win. Any superhero more powerful than Iron Man is not credible (see Thor, Hulk, et al).

        Ever notice that the films that did the best at the box office (Batman, X-Men and Iron Man films) had heroes who could be hurt?

    • Johnny Barbells

      @JLSM… i mean, yeah, when you put it that way, you’re right… but it can be done… see: frank miller, paul dini, mark waid… all of these guys were able to take superman, in all of his omnipotence, and make battles with batman seem credible (in much the same way that luthor has physically battled superman many times) …and any of those stories can be easily translated into live action movies …all it takes is a talented writer, who actually likes the superhero genre, and knows the source material, and a studio who’s willing to let them do their thing …de-powering superman to make him more relatable is a tired cliche, in my opinion …supes operates at a higher level, deal with it (and i’m talking post-crisis-john-byrne superman) …just give him adversaries who are either on his level physically (dommsday, bizarro), or, evil geniuses with resources (luthor, brainiac), or both (darkseid, mongul), and write a compelling story for those characters …because it’s all about A) who’s writing it, and B) will the studio let them make it without tampering. (iron man and capt. america are perfect examples: marvel studios took their own creations, stuck to canon, and made the best superhero movies in the history of the genre …and yeah, ok; thor and hulk? not so much… but, not because the characters are too powerful and therefore unrelateable, but because the standard hollywood writers simply have’nt written either one of them a proper story yet …because they don’t know how)

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