‘One due east, and one due south,’ he said. ‘That be her calling card.’

November 5th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Here’s a braless Britney Spears in Australia this morning and I just realized something: If her breasts were guns on a battleship, she’d be perfect for covert missions. One would destroy the enemy, while the other would take out her own ship leaving zero evidence behind. Seriously, has the Pentagon seen these? Because I’m pretty sure my obsession with tits just won the War on Terror. Like I told them I would. Who’s the pervert trying to get out of paying taxes now, Washington?


  1. Rasputins Liver



    ….man, that Skanky Twatney’s got some seriously saggy ol’ milk bags fer sure!


    But then, she totally oozes country-ghetto, neanderbilly hot trailer trash mess from every unwashed, encrusted, bacterial and STD ladened pore she couldn’t care less she looks like utter Suthuhn Hillbilly garbage.


    Ya wouldn’t catch me stickin’ my shlong into that Suthuhn HASMAT cuntainer!


  2. Rasputins Liver


    As well….

    …….aside from her ugly udders…….

    ……it’s really hard to believe this is the same chick who just a few years ago looked so cute and hot.

    She really grew up to be one ass-ugly bitch!

    Now, if she really wanted to entertain us again she could get back to doing what she really does best, going bat-shit crazy for all the world to watch and laugh at.

    Goddamn she’s ugly hagged excuse for a young female!!


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  4. Hugh Gentry

    that’s what happens when you have low nipples and get implants. The doc should have cut her nips off and replaced them so they’re all perky. Ugly fucking tits.

  5. She also likes the wheel barrow position

    I had heard during sex, she loves her nipples pinched, twisted and pulled, then let them go so the snap around. Guess it was true. This bitch is a MESS. Still I would love to donkey punch her.

  6. PsyKo

    so, they’re real… sounds good to me.

  7. ppl

    Is she in her 20s… good lord she used to be so pretty…. man aging sucks…

  8. applecrate

    When was she pretty? From day one, she was an erection killer, imo.

  9. stu

    god damn it girl
    get your tits fixed. it’s not like you can’t afford to have a breast job.

  10. I just want to pull the left one into place

    she’s not a Jew is she?

  11. that’s what happens when you have low nipples and get implants. The doc should have cut her nips off and replaced them so they’re all perky. Ugly fucking tits.

  12. I don’t know what is happening with britney . She is looking so pimpy in above pics . Her nipples are capable enough to arouse anybody . Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  13. Lorenzo

    You guys are crazy. I still love her tits. Britney if youre out there and reading this. I’m up for a go on them.

  14. 1moreidiotintheworld

    that’s what happens to an inbred redneck who goes around all day with her younguns latched permanently to her teats like baby ‘possums…………..

  15. turd the third

    I can fix her nipple problem. .. Take a tube of crazy glue, rub it on each nipple and then stick them together. You will never have to worry about the little crosseyed boys again. On top of that she will finally be useful for something as whe will now have a great neck pillow or even a hemorhoid ring if you wanted to sit on those stuck puppies. I am sure trailer trash bitch would go for either…

  16. IKE

    Thank God for nipple and boob variations! If there weren’t, then all of the MANY girlfriends and wives that have said “why are you looking??? They’re all the same!!” would be right. Variation provides a built-in excuse (and drive) to LOOK.

  17. Isabel

    Her hairline is receding so quickly :O.Five more years, and she’ll have to start wearing wigs. Stop with the hair extensions already!

  18. MattZilla

    i would happily adjust those for her, i dunno why but i kinda like white trash

  19. leid-girl

    neanderbilly…….udders………….lol. You guys are funny.

    What isn’t funny is blaming your looks going downhill because of having kids WTF……..i have one and I dont have udders. Anyways…….people need to stop using that excuse.

    She’s a white chick…….that’s all. They age the fastest, gain weight the fastest, and lose their all american pretty cute girl looks by age 21. Look at Hillary Duff…..Christina Aguilera, etc. Not everyone. But in Brit’s case………she’s had immense stress, smoking, unhealthy yo yo diet……..she did’n't take care of herself becuz she was used to everyone doing everything for her. She was a fucking robot for her recording manager.

  20. yowillie

    Love them dragged across my face.

  21. Jan

    Seriously, who the fuck wears a white t shirt without a bra except a whore! These celebs are just desperate for attention.

  22. are you all crazy

    59 – you are insane. she is cute now – but she was perfection in 2002

  23. They look great to me. Maybe I’m just hungry.

  24. Cynthia.

    Britt is gorgeous. Life has just been corrupted by malice, and bad decisions. I dont think this is the important stuff that should be posted up on websites like this. There are far more important things in the world. Sometimes I wish the camra would focus on the poverty, and depression that is being brought onto the world. Instead its on people with money, and personal issues. Oh well… This generation confuses me. Brittany your a sweety, I just wish you wouldnt of let the world take you down with it. Ah well. Keep rockin.

  25. These nips are going down like a sinking ship.

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  27. Itsbritneybitch
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