Hello Salma Hayek’s Boobs, Here Are Today’s Links

This interview with Jessica Simpson is kind of like every interaction I’ve ever had while on mushrooms trying to act casual in a Walgreen’s checkout line. [JustJared]

Nicki Minaj insists that she’s celibate, but I’m pretty sure that two adults who have had sex with 149457924 people don’t have sleepovers just to play video games. [PageSix]

So that’s why Jim Carrey has been sporting the “dumpster-Nick-Nolte” look for the past few months. [US Weekly]

Oh neat! Mariah Carey got her manslave back! He must have renegotiated his contract. [LaineyGossip]

Oh shhhittttt, Joss Whedon is taking Zach Snyder’s place in finishing the Justice League movie… [Dlisted]

People in D.C. want these bartenders’ heads on a pike for making a drink called the “Pill Cosby”. It’s not only insensitive for a bro-bar to have a date rape drink, but it costs $14… LOCK THEM UP! [TooFab]