Helena Christensen in a bikini

August 13th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen did a little swimming today while vacationing in France with Bono and his wife. Damn, I hope someday I marry a woman who lets me bring a supermodel to the beach with us. Otherwise, I’ll have to ask the neighbors to stop by our house and feed her everyday. That shit’s annoying.

Thanks to Tony Hooper who loves his supermodel – by always feeding her Iams.


  1. Kari


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  6. A reader

    En serio, necesitan madurar

  7. Bob

    Can you please stop your site resizing my browser window? I won’t be back until it’s fixed. Not that you or anybody else should care about that, I’m just saying.

  8. noppo


  9. noppo


  10. 7 = illogical lackwit

    #7 – Bob

    “Can you please stop your site resizing my browser window? I won’t be back until it’s fixed. Not that you or anybody else should care about that, I’m just saying.”

    How will you know whether it’s been “fixed” or not until you come back? What if the solution lies within the display settings on your PC?

    Ever heard of logic?

  11. age police

    her face looks much older than 39.

  12. samson

    She’s not very pretty, is she?

  13. Jenny

    She is at the beach. She is not a liitle girl. She is a grown up woman. I think she looks nice. Plllease stop hatin.

  14. Vince Lombardi

    She was a supermodel back in Super Bowl 1, maybe….

  15. here we go again

    “She looks great for 39!”

    “NO – she looks great FOR ANY AGE!!!”

    nope. she looks: 39 and not fat. that’s it.

  16. She has a face??? I hadn’t noticed…

    Oh, #1-5: can you be any more lame?

  17. Rick

    A thin old chick is an old chick.

  18. Angry Beaver

    Ooh, that reminds me, I’m out of cottage cheese and beef jerkey.

  19. Deacon Jones

    Fuck this girl FISH.

    Let’s get some pics of Alicia Sacramone from the US Gymnastics team going, she’s hot as balls and she’s #4 on Google’s image search.
    You can bounce a quarter off her ass, and her tits are huge

  20. jonny

    she looks like Eric Roberts in a bikini

  21. Lulu

    She has not aged well..

  22. mrs.t

    #20-dead on.

    And 39, my eye. She’s gotta be at least mid forties.

    It must be incredibly difficult to walk on those stones-it’s taking every last ounce of her concentration.

  23. P-Mat

    How is this woman a super model?

  24. cranky

    I’d gobble a bucket of shit to lick that bunghole.

  25. #19 – fuck that, let’s get nude pics of the Chinese gymnasts!

  26. 0bservant

    She looks like my neighbors bull-dyke girl/boy friend
    Nice ass – Male face

  27. cavy

    She’s as beautiful as ever and a BIG F*CK YOU to all the haters – she is aging a whole Hell of a lot better than YOU!

  28. Sassy girl

    I love her purple bikini.

  29. Jack

    I love my purple hammerhead.

  30. Who's Horny?

    Wow, the ultimate “lesser of two evils” challenge: ugly bitch with a smokin’ body, or beautiful bitch with the body type of not your personal preference….

    Hint: in the dark, they can still FEEL sexy….

  31. gibsongirl

    hahaha, you don’t feed your supermodel every day silly! they’re like cats, you can leave for a long weekend and they’ll be fine.

  32. drew

    It is said she is at a beautiful models site Richromances.com where more bikini photos of her can be found.

  33. Women are over the hill at 30

    Particularly after they have children it is always a pity how a hot chick without fails falls momentously in stature after that first child. It ages them 5 years and ruins their bodies. Fucking worthless whores, no wonder men cheat as well we should.

  34. britney's weave

    @19, she is gorgeous. i felt so bad for her last night.

    this one used to have a beautiful face. too much sun? she looks like a granny here.

  35. Anexio

    Leni Riefenstahl might be a few days from turning 106 but in my humble yet perverted opinion is still very hot.

    I would defiantly tap dat.

  36. 1 MILF Hunter

    What does she model for? Kal-Kan or Alpo?

  37. Arroyo

    Good looking, but she needs to eat a cheeseburger or two, and put on about 15 pounds or so. She’s anorexic.

  38. pollo loco

    That’s Helena Christanson’s Grandma wit her saggy ass titties. Don’t be fooled y’all.

  39. Rated_850R

    That sand looks incredibly painful.

  40. Men are over the hill at age 30

    In many Latin countries, rich, old American men can snag a young Latina wife just by having a bunch of money. It’s great, I love when this happens because nine times out of ten the young lady has a hot lover her OWN age that her husband knows nothing about, and the laws are such that she can claim abuse by her dumb, insecure, bald, impotent without Viagra gringo hubby and the courts will nearly always side with her and entitle her to more than half of the dumbfuck’s assets. Happens all the time. Love to see it too. Afterall, she;s young and hot and doesn’t want a smelly, wrinkly, balding, loser that probably THINKS he is pleasing in her in bed but she’s got to be drunk to enjoy it because there is nothing sexy about a man over 30 unless you’re Brad Pitt or someone along those lines, but most men, after 30 it’s bald-city, balls start-a-draggin, that hard-on just isn’t quite so hard and good anymore (younger guys are soooo much better in that department), they become either dull as crap or think they are still 18 and act like shitheads with their fancy cars and fine wines and what THEY think is sex appeal. Ha! Believe me, most women would rather fuck a 20 year old over a 30 or 40 year old anyday. 30 isn’t so bad, but you know it’s all downhill from there. Suck it up, loser. You can buy a young lady but you will always be an unattractive, wrinkly balled, hemorrhoidal, stinky, balding prick.

  41. Miss Swan

    She look like a man.

  42. Sheva

    Think she had done that music video with Chris Issak years back that was really smoking.

    In that video she was radiant. But time marches on. Give her credit for taking care of herself though. She’s more fit than about 90% of American women her age AND younger.

    But that’s a European thing. And I like that.

  43. Sheva

    Okay, found the video on youtube:

    She was really pretty. And the song is awesome.


  44. After 30 the Vag Odor starts - medical fact

    ;A woman’s vagina begins to chemically erode by the time she is in her late 20′s so it is completely logical for all men to avoid these pigs at all costs. ALSO, south american women have the naturally hairiest bushes on this planet plus they have a tendency to have fat around their midsections after their first of many many many little brown skinned animal babies (they will be the dominant racial type here very soon because they are mindless whores – good way to lose a once prosperous country).
    The attractive ones like pretty much all women in the world, are the ones that have european blood. The pure indian ones are grotesque.

  45. She always looked like shit when she’s not made up, give the woman a break, she’s almost 40 and at the beach ffs, personally I think she is wearing ok.

  46. I :heart: GILFS

    She’s one hot GILF IMO.. good job

    oh, and stop being such a pedobear #25.

  47. Lipper

    #44, where DO you get your pearls of wisdom. You do realize you WILL be 30 and older some day. When you grow up, let us know what you think of your 2 inch dick then. Obviously your bitter about it, sorry for your luck.

    Beauty is NOT defined by your blood, its your genes you dipshit.

  48. lol

    Her face looks old and her butt is flat as a pancake.

  49. I’d nail Helen Mirren over this hag any day.

  50. joho777

    Without her makeup and professional lighting, she’s just a scrawning old lady.

    “Supermodel” is a joke, anyway. Vapid, lame, and uninteresting women, shilling for cigarettes and interchangable designer clothing.

    They don’t even remotely look like real humans.

    Why don’t you show some pictures of the Olympic Beach Vollyball women instead? Then my interest would be aroused!

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