Helena Bonham Carter understands cinema

Helena Bonham Carter is extremely concerned with continuity while filming and such was the case with her latest film Sweeney Todd. It appears something was causing headaches on set; her crazy large boobs. Page Six reports:

“Anyone who . . . pays attention to my breast size will see there’s no continuity,” she tells January’s Playboy. “The first half of filming I wasn’t pregnant, and the second half I was, and because we didn’t shoot it in order, I start off with huge breasts and then I walk upstairs and suddenly I’ve got tangerines again. It’s melons to tangerines.”

What I love about this article is that Helena Bonham Carter is cutting straight through the bullshit as only a pregnant woman can. While everyone talks about the music and Johnny Depp, Helena gets down to brass tacks and says, “Look, if you watch this movie all you’ll notice is my monster rack. As an artist, I’d like to apologize for some inconsistencies in my chest size and hope that you don’t let it distract from my milk-gorged breasts, which again, is all you’ll notice.” Sold. I just bought a week’s worth of tickets. Wait, it’s not in 3-D?! Tim Burton, I’ll kill you!

Photos: Getty Images