Helena Bonham Carter has a baby girl


Helena Bonham Carter gave birth to a baby girl late Saturday evening in London. This is the second child for Helena and her husband director Tim Burton. They chose not to learn the sex of the baby prior to delivery because regardless it was getting an Edward Scissorhands-themed nursery anyway. The two also received Golden Globe nominations for their work in Sweeney Todd which they learned about while at the doctor’s office, according to People:

“We were talking about inducing, and Tim got a call from his assistant,” Bonham Carter told PEOPLE before the birth. “I do look like a globe, so it’s kind of funny. I am very round.”

Helena’s unborn child had the privilege of hearing her mother learn how to sing for the film:

“Maybe the baby’s going to come out with his hands on his ears. ‘Shut up!’ ” she laughed.

Or, I dunno, maybe the baby’s going to come out, see her parents, and say, “Yeesh! Check out you two. I’m addicted to opium already, aren’t I? Damn it all…”