Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are precious

November 29th, 2007 // 101 Comments

A very pregnant Helena Bonham Carter was spotted last night leaving Cipriani in London with her husband director Tim Burton. They look like street urchins that made a heroin-fueled escape from a production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Helena Bonham Carter seems to be amazed there’s a ground beneath her feet. While Tim Burton’s deep inside his brain trying to decide which is more awesome: stop-motion animation or Johnny Depp. Whichever one wins will be the kid’s name. Unless they go with “Gothy McGothicstein.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Donkey Ass

    That is not right…

  2. Ted from LA

    There should be a law against people looking like this reproducing.

  3. petey mcpetepete

    She was looking to score and found Amy Winehouse instead, so she ate her with fava beans and a nice chianti.

  4. kix

    Merciful heavens– the thought of those two getting themselves into this state. Shutter.

  5. p0nk

    i’m pretty sure i saw her sitting on the street corner outside of McDonald’s holding a sign saying “lost career” sign.

  6. Ted from LA

    Not really. They look fine. I just had to think of something witty to say quickly and I failed miserably on both counts. I got beat by a donkey’s ass. In the future I’ll think brevity like a donkey.

  7. roastbeef

    These two and Amy Crack-house and her jail bird husband should all get together for dinner…so creepy…

  8. woodhorse

    4: “shutter”?? Did you just come from I Watch Stuff? Or are you a 6 year old with a lisp?

  9. el oh el

    At least they’re talented! Their kid may be weird and gothic, but he’s in a much better state than… I don’t know… Sean Preston & Jayden….

  10. Holy crap, my eye just exploded… there goes the second one… whats happenimg?&*()

    asdf as dfjsdfpasd fljsaldf!!!!

  11. Mike

    She used to be hot. Now she’s just cute in a trashy way. I pretended I didn’t see Burton.

  12. Ally

    I just had a visual of them having sex. *shudder!*

  13. Lisa

    I think she is really pretty

  14. Grace

    I think it would be so rad to have them as parents. I wish it was me chillin’ out in that womb.

  15. my goodness. I would suggest some different maternity clothing.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    I knew someone who had hair like theirs…. Buckwheat.

    Where are they? A fuckin’ WIND TUNNEL???

  17. MMB

    I like them. Go for it. Two wierdos finding each other and making it work. they could be a long running Hollywood coupling. All these other assholes are getting together…they are a match made in heaven…or maybe hell…but either way, a good match!

  18. EveryonePoops

    What’s so shocking about this? She looks like a FGG (Fat Goth Girl…a subcultural icon by default). Is there a deficit of FGG’s these days? I think not. There were at least 20 of them in my graduating class. All she’s missing are the cuts up and down her arms.

  19. hausfrau

    Helena looks like she has Amy Winehouse tucked in her beehive.
    She’s gonna have some hellacious stretchmarks.

  20. steve

    tim burton sucks

  21. 23apples

    Holy shit. I feel like they just stepped out of a time machine. Why the hell are they so disheveled and confused?

  22. Clem

    My eyes feel like they just licked an ashtray.

  23. joh

    I don’t recall any work Carter has done that I didn’t like, she’s a good actress.

    Aging is a bitch, If she were 20(!) years younger there would be no Keyra Knightly today soiling up Hollywood movies with sub-par empty performances.

  24. el oh el

    FGG? I don’t get it… the only reason she’s fat is because she’s, I don’t know, pregnant?

  25. Grace

    No no, 24, she’s fat. It’s a woman’s fault if she doesn’t stay a size 4 while having having a baby. Remember, in order to keep that small size, she has to throw up for 2!!! I’m sick of all these fat girls with midgets living inside them. >:(

  26. Ript1&0

    And here’s all the proof we’ll ever need.

    Two eccentric people (possibly dead or undead) finding happiness because the other understands how truly off they are.

  27. havoc

    Fuck, she looked better with the Planet of the Apes mask on…..

    And this guy…..this guy. Gah……………


  28. EveryonePoops

    Take it easy, 24. I was only joking. I don’t really think she’s fat, but she is pregnant, which is much worse. In a few months, she’s going to spread her legs and out of her cooter will pop this little splotchy thing that nobody will really like. Of course, she’ll think the world of it, and I’m sure Tim Burton will also. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire him to, I don’t know, make a movie that’s actually worth watching. It’s been awhile since he’s made one of those.

  29. Marshall Banana

    That was the most disturbing thing, EVER!

  30. zz

    who the fuck is this girl??

  31. zz

    She looks like Johnny Depp, so maybe that’s why Tim Burton married her??

  32. Oh, Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” As opposed to Tom Clancy’s “A Christmas Carol.”

  33. Juls

    jesus christ :|

  34. Michael

    That’s creepy. She does look like Johnny Depp. Ugh.

  35. caljenna66

    Why does she always look to me like her lips are painfully chapped?

  36. EAC

    I don’t care what anyone says. I think she’s fab – I love her style/anti-style whatever you care to call it. She’s gorgeous and they look perfect together, wind-tunnel hair and all. May they have a lovely bird-nest haired baby together. I wish them every happiness.

  37. Me

    there must be something in britain’s water system that somehow manipulates the female human species into believing that a rat’s nest is ideal hair fashion. I mean, we have helena, amy, jordan (aka katie) et al. or is it that europeans hate americans so much that they reject the idea that a clean, well kept body is tres tres gauche?

  38. RFAPC


  39. Darky McBrooding

    “Gothy McGothicstein.” Heh.

  40. jojo

    i looked like that when i was in going into labor…kinda wild eyed and wild haired. perhaps.

  41. junyper

    She carries the Dark Lord’s Child…

  42. Binky

    I guess they’ve both got talent so they don’t give a shit about what they look like.
    (Although H BC used to smoke 24/7… ummmm…is she pregnant?)
    It’s like Einstein hair. A religion prof once explained to me the pix of Einstein’s wild hair were to indicate he was in touch with a higher power. He didn’t give a shit about the superficial.
    Public at LARGE : Nothing to do with poor public hygiene Binky ?
    Binky : How would I know ? What am I – Einstein ?

  43. Janine

    Whatever she has done to her breasts looks very painful!

  44. mamadough

    that pink jacket looks like ape tits.

  45. ksted

    HAHHAHAA!!!!! That’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a LONG time! I honestly love Burton and Carter to death, but I was having a serious case of the ‘lol’z just moments ago.

  46. Ian Brooks

    it’s so nice that the local soup kitchen gave them some clothes so they wouldnt be cold during the harsh nights in someone’s old fridge.

  47. Lenna

    “p0nk – November 29, 2007 4:31 PM

    i’m pretty sure i saw her sitting on the street corner outside of McDonald’s holding a sign saying “lost career” sign.”

    That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever read… What do you watch? Spongebob Squarepants? She’s incredibly successful, you idiot.

    Johnny Depp or Gothy McGothicstein hahahaha I’m pretty sure he will chose one of those names, no doubt.

  48. Jules

    How about Gothy McWristycut, or Gothy McAngstydie?

  49. jacknasty

    She hasnt been knocked up like that since grade school.

    they both rock in my book, and are both very talented

  50. jacknasty

    ps why are people acting like this is new? they have been together for like 6 years and this isnt their first kid. every wonder why she has been all his movies since Planet of the Apes?

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