Helen Mirren in a bikini, by insanely large request

I gotta hand it to you guys: You don’t hesitate for a second when I violate the Sacred Bikini Code of posting regardless of age, weight or breastlessness. I received no less than 78 gajillion emails asking why I haven’t posted these shots of 63-year-old actress Helen Mirren (The Queen) in a bikini. You’re a surprisingly more mature bunch than I thought. Time to start skewing my jokes towards an older crowd. Here’s a good one:

What did the Kaiser say to Howard Hughes?
War bonds?! I thought she was a Studebaker!

Ha! Tomfoolery at its best! Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine, folks, and remember; nothing soothes what ails you like a refreshing Lucky Strike. Signing off.

Photos: Daily Mail