Helen Hunt is raw sexuality

December 2nd, 2009 // 181 Comments

Thought I’d take a short break from The Adventures of Tiger Woods’ Penis to update anyone wondering whatever happened to Helen Hunt: She got old but apparently hasn’t let that stop her from wearing bikinis. In fact, I’m pretty sure this the first time I’ve posted pics of someone in a bikini as they literally die before my eyes. Or fell out of their coffin, I honestly can’t tell.

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  1. Duke Nukem

    No way this is real. That is an 80 yr old

  2. chloe

    I live in East Texas & we have better looking meth heads crawling out of skank motels.

  3. Elaine

    STUPIDASS I’m not saying that you SHOULD have been..I’m saying that you are.

    You don’t have miles of hard a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, unless it’s in your mouth.

  4. Jones


  5. Yourmotheratemyfox

    The sad part is that look wise, her body still looks better than mine. :) Someday, I will be a patchwork doll. Sexy. :)

  6. Jones

    @CHLOE #52

    Where in East TX? I’m here in Kilgore.

  7. Randal(l)

    She reminds me of my grandma…..which makes this boner that much more awkward…..for you!

    Thats right granny, kick off those orthopedic shoes, pull off the adult diapers and lets make some dirty!

    *dencherless mumbles about kids on her lawn or how a nickle used to buy a movie ticket, a train ride home and a moon pie*

    that’s right Helen, you dirty little whore, talk dirty to me!


  8. zalamander

    omg its clint eastwood

  9. stupidass

    #53, i’m not sure why you singled me out to begin with, but it doesn’t matter. i keep going back to these words of yours:

    “Men who truly love women appreciate beauty in it’s true form and not in the photoshopped, airbrushed way Hollywood shoves down your throats.”

    do you know what website you’re currently on? it’s called The Superficial. i have not read a more direct antithesis on the spirit of this website than your words. now, kindly get lost.

  10. alisa

    she’s in her mid 40′s with NO MAKEUP ON … are you guys kidding me? have you seen the average woman in her 40′s? you’ve seen way too many women who have had plastic surgery and 5 layers of makeup on…. are all so unrealistic

  11. Anna

    Three words, Helen: Oily of Olay.

    Sorry, but she looks torn up.

  12. Rasputins LiverR


    Okie doke, Fishy. You done had yer guffaw on the rest of us for having posted these pictorial atrocities.

    Now you owe your readers some more Nicole Bahls bikini/thong pics, dammit!


  13. Rasputins LiverR


    Okie doke, Fishy. You done had yer guffaw on the rest of us for having posted these pictorial atrocities.

    Now you owe your readers some more Nicole Bahls bikini/thong pics, dammit!


  14. cc

    Alisa @60 step away from the crack pipe. My sister’s the same age, is very outdoorsy (i.e., lots of damaging sun rays), and if they went out together people would think she visiting her mom.

    She looks like she covered her face in ice cream sugar and then smiled.


  15. The O

    So many people defending this today. I don’t see how. If this is her, she looks horrendous, even if it is without makeup. She never looked good, but she never looked like death incarnate either.

    For everyone saying this is what real 40 year old woman look like, remind me never to go visit your area of the country. I live in the midwest where botox and plastic surgery are about as rare as palm trees, but our women don’t look like this. Granted, a lot of them are sweatpant wearing tubs of residual McDonald’s lard, but the ones that aren’t look just fine. I can’t imagine this is normal anywhere at 46.

    And all of you that said you would hit it, have fun breaking grandma’s hips.

  16. The Edit

    20!!!!! Dude, I’m going to be laughing about that comment for days. That’s good. Still LOL!!!!!

  17. jojo

    That is not Helen Hunt dude… gtfo

  18. cc

    Imagine if Nick Marshall’s character in ‘What Women Want’ was real? He’d stand beside Helen Hunter and hear her thinking ‘Holy fuck, I look like Cloris Leachman. If I’d known Paul Reiser was a warlock, I would never have told him his book was shit.’

  19. Ramrod


  20. Kangaroo

    her face could chop firewood.

  21. sarah

    @33 its helen hunt not jodie foster douchebag!

  22. derek


  23. Rasputins Liver



    Maybe Helen’s merely gettin’ set to start filming a remake show for TV of The Beverly Hillbillies and she’s just gettin’ into character as Granny Clampett.

    Looks like the production’s got the right makeup crew to get her ready for the part.


  24. Tanzarian

    When most women say they need to put their face on, they mean some makeup. But for Helen Hunt it means her actual face.

  25. netstarman

    Well at least she looks alot better than most europeans, at least she brushes her teeth more than most british people. but a good jowl tuck couldn’t hurt either. It keeps looking like she grinds her teeth alot or has that I hate life look on her face .

  26. Beans o war

    Relax, this is just an unflattering, shadow ridden picture. Sometimes I feel sorry for celebs. They can’t leave the house without makeup.

  27. Pepe

    I love her
    But I also love Jennifer Love Hewitt when she’s fat, and Kelly Clarkson.

  28. Bubba Gump

    In real Life Tom Hanks would of stayed on that Island if he knew she would turn out like this so soon LOL :)

  29. Elaine

    @59 I didn’t single you out STUPIDASS you are footnoting my comment and using ‘antithesis’ in a sentence about celebrity gossip?

    O.K O.K Napoleon, put the beeker down and turn off the burner you’re going to make your willy explode.

  30. Lilly

    The average woman in her mid 40s without makeup and plastic surgery, especially if she’s white, will look like this. Welcome to reality, folks.

  31. Cinnie

    It’s not just bad lighting or lack of makeup. She was in “Then She Found Me” with Bette Midler and Colin Firth in 2007 and looked haggard and ill back then; she’s apparently gotten even worse since then. I wonder if she’s got some sort of lingering disease, like hepatitis or cancer. She honestly looks like she’s dying.

  32. OMG, it’s awful

  33. ramon

    It’s called life, assholes. Give her a break. Don’t be so cold. If you creeps were there when Christ was hanging on the cross, you’d be saying, “Wow, He looks like shit. I know he’s the son of God and all but I can’t believe he looks so much worse than before the scourging and the thorned crown thingy.”

    And you know what? You are alllll going to look worse than that.

  34. Everd

    You are a joke pal !!! really pathetic ! GET A LIFE !!!!

  35. scoob

    holy fuckshit.

    she kinda looks like an old michael j. fox.

    what pisses me off is that hollywood is going to have her starring in some role where she’s all cute and cuddly.

  36. Put those dentures back in to fill her jaw out some and I would totally hit that. Then spit the dentures out for the throat probing money shot!!

  37. WFDT

    I’d still hit it.

  38. The Realisticer

    See this you shallow fucks? This is what happens when a woman DOESN’T get plastic surgery.

  39. Bonerman

    8=========D \|/

  40. Rupert

    I’m all over older women on these dating sites I go to and they all look way better than her.

    P.S. They LOVE the COCK.

  41. ada

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  42. FIRST


  43. Id

    Every day I wake up, thankful not to be famous.

  44. farty mcshitface

    well, i see that there are those who are pretty pissy about the fact that she looks old(bitter old broads) . getting all enlightend with shit like ‘yeh, women age and’ all that shit.
    well of course they do but her face really does look terrible. honestly that face looks almost twice her age (46, but looks about 92)
    sure people age. some just dont age well and she is definitely one of them that does NOT.
    oh well, i never thought she was particularly good looking anyway so it is not like some big deal or anything.

  45. LEB

    She has a great body for her age! Just really, really unfortunate lighting on the face picture.

  46. mafme

    What happened? I don’t mean that she shouldn’t age…but is she sick? What happened to the skin on her face? That’s crazy.

  47. JB

    wtf???? did she have all her teeth pulled or what??? my God!!! i guess who ever hits it will not have to worry about TEETH!! damnit… nice body, but damnit…

  48. hamburglar007

    Someone forgot their seabond.

  49. zardoz

    wow. no kidding- when i first saw the pic my first thought was “holy shit- Charlotte Rampling is looking DAMN good for her age”….

    poor Helen. maybe it’s just the lighting…

    and for you nimrods who don’t know what Charlotte Rampling looks like:


  50. Tire Swing

    She has had a tough life. First her son got killed at school. Then she was bashed around by a tornado. Then the love of her life got shipwrecked for like 5 years. I’m surprised she even leaves the house, let alone take a tropical vacation.

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