Helen Hunt is raw sexuality

December 2nd, 2009 // 181 Comments

Thought I’d take a short break from The Adventures of Tiger Woods’ Penis to update anyone wondering whatever happened to Helen Hunt: She got old but apparently hasn’t let that stop her from wearing bikinis. In fact, I’m pretty sure this the first time I’ve posted pics of someone in a bikini as they literally die before my eyes. Or fell out of their coffin, I honestly can’t tell.

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  1. yourstruly

    Poor thing

  2. The Frash

    Weird. She’s only in her mid-40s to, but this looks more like mid-80s.

  3. mariah


    What is she? hittin 85 or something?

    the body looks ok but that face… gosh… that face will haunt me for ever

    HENEN HAUNT what happened to u?

  4. Darcy

    Yeah, asshole, women age. Good for her for not deforming her face with risky surgeries. She’s a brilliant actress, you’re a snarky blogger. I wonder who won this one!

    • bella

      Helen Hunt has never been a brilliant actress. She cannot show any emotions in her acting, she’s always “flat”!!! No matter what she plays she has a flat affect, so, no talent, no beauty!!!

    • Shelly

      I totally agree with you! Besides, anyone, no matter who they are or how old can have a bad picture. Yes, she’s aged, but that’s a fact of life, it’s not like she’s 20 and looks perfect in every picture. People are so hard on women as they age, as if they have no right to get older. I have some earth shattering news, but to those who made the bad remarks, you too will age and one day someone will comment on your bad looks.

  5. dude

    It can’t be! You lie!
    If it is true, Hank Azzaria jumped ship in time.

  6. GoneFishin

    Yeah blogger, people age. Id still hit that. Most women that age without makeup look aged, but her body is still nice. Im sure you will post pics of yourself when you get older so we can all have a field day with it.

  7. cc

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! She’s 84?

  8. Tiga

    see what happens once you’ve lock lips with Jack Nicholson.

  9. Dont be cruel you guys. Her body looks great its obvious she works out. Wow!! it just shows you that the USA is unforgiving of anyone that looks older and that is cold.

  10. McBiff

    Yeah people age but there’s no excuse to look this bad at 46

  11. kenortega

    This cunt looks like a 25 cent haggard streetwalker. She is pure putridness.

  12. paco

    it’s the facial expression a bit too — uncharitable snapshot.

    but yes. if only she botoxed the shit out of her face. i mean omg. wtf. she looks so old. someone arrest her or kill her or whatever. fucking old wrinkly woman. ew. barf. fuck.

  13. ufromthefuture

    “As Good As It Gets” is making more and more sense to me

  14. titsonsnack

    WTF. Was she shipwrecked?

  15. Tim

    That’s what Tiger’s wife will look like in 15 years. Remember that Tiger – now is the time to get out of your marriage and get something younger. You deserve it. You are the world’s greatest golfer – EVER.

    Don’t let a wife who doesn’t work and feeds off your fame and wealth

  16. kljklj

    whoa, whoa. this isnt just aging, old women apologists, she is aging way faster than she should. shes only in her forties. she looks like shes in her early 60s in the face. thats really, really bad. and not normal. marisa tomei is only like one year older than her… did you see her in the wrestler? she was hot as hell! nah, nah, helen hunt has got problems. she should not look that old in her 40s.

  17. Donnie Brassballs

    I guess Mad About You Reunion is out of the question.

  18. AteIsEnough

    That was a little surprising. Wow, sorry Helen but WTF?

  19. jkhjkh

    mad about my old ass face

  20. pimp

    where do I send the bill for a new monitor? sick motherfucker…

  21. Hugh Jorgan

    @#5 You sure as hell didn’t win. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back again for reassurance. lol

    Whew! How depressing!

  22. in the sack

    bad day for a paparazzi chance.

  23. Lonipoko Leucadian

    Helen is a good lil’ surfer and a good lil’ mama. I’ve seen her in action.

  24. Josh

    Wow, Peter Fonda really let himself go.

  25. DT

    WTF happened?!

  26. Hefe


    Nice photoshopping.

    It’s not even humanly possible for her to look like that at her age unless she was sick/dying, which I don’t think she is.

  27. jumpin_j

    For the record, according to IMDB.COM, she’s only 46 which again begs the question, WTF??? She was actually bangable not to long ago, but unless she’s auditioning for Gollum or that’s fake, well, wow that’s sad.

  28. Yoikes!

    Oh my god. She’s the fucking Crypt Keeper… with tits!

  29. Dave Mustaine

    Maybe its time to pay the piper for her previous success?

    This is how she looks. Google some images of her. There are other pics of her real looks.

    LMFHO @ Post # 9 by Tiga. Brilliant!

  30. Organized Mess

    Ha! Eat your heart out Katie Couric!

  31. Brian

    Better to have wrinkles and age naturally than have a bunch of shit injected into your face. And fuck collagen lip injections too – worst idea ever.

  32. It places the bag over its head.

  33. James

    now this is what a real woman should look like. Thanks for actually posting a real woman for once.

  34. Crazytown21

    If that face doesn’t scare the Twisters away that big ass will at least keep her on the ground.

  35. havoc

    I guess that Category 5 Twister finally caught up to her…..


  36. Rough'in ain't easy

    awwh! poor Helen! Well maybe being in a KINI means she wont be pulling a Meridith Baxter Birney on us…

  37. I'd Hit it!

    If a guy is not willing to hit this then he is gay.

  38. stupidass

    this is way too easy. she’s a mom. she has a kid. kids are awful. they age otherwise pleasant looking women into haggard, tired looking, pathetic beasts within months. it’s news worthy when a chick DOESN’T look like abe vigoda after pooping out a couple youth destroyers. picking on moms is like being aghast at a dwarf’s fat ugly thighs. whaddya want??

    that said….i’d still throw a party in her pants, and my beef torpedo would be the guest of honor. i don’t know what you guys are all icky about. *shrug*

  39. Elaine

    here we go again, men posing as men, posting as women. The men posting comments on this site were down right kitty litter bad.
    Those are her real looks, because she’s not Botoxed, IPLd or Microbrased…

    It’s a shame that all the bitches here are men, well in the anatomical sense, I suppose. Men who comment on the minute details of women’s looks usually prefer to get lap dances from Karl Lagerfeld.

    Men who truly love women appreciate beauty in it’s true form and not in the photoshopped, airbrushed way Hollywood shoves down your throats. Men who google women to explore their wrinkles up close use their penises for decorative purposes only.

  40. Mel

    What in the fuck happened to her? She’s only 46, so sad.

  41. stupidass

    oooh. hi elaine.

  42. Elaine

    number 39 I’m sure you don’t know this but you are GAY, of VILLAGE PEOPLE proportions . Guys, don’t say ‘icky’.
    It’s hard to cover up the gay.

  43. Mel

    What in the fuck happened to her? She’s only 46, so sad.

  44. camist

    oh man, these websites are so messed up, i don’t know why i ever even look at them (guess that makes me just as bad). people age. i think it is great, just look your age. the reason you people can’t believe she could look that old, is because normally, she would be getting all sorts of gross stuff injected in her face to stave off the aging – postponing the inevitable, which in my opinion, looks just as bad, but in a different way.

    when are we all going to come to terms with our aging process, and our own mortality? we are such a messed up culture, worshipping the young and beautiful. we should really be more focused on intelligence and integrity and compassion. we are going to hell in a hand basket, people. wake up.

  45. imamom

    i could not stand her back when she was in twister and it seemed like she was in all the movies for awhile. she is not a good actress, glad she has stayed out of the spotlight. As for her physical appearance goes, she was NEVER a looker.

  46. imamom

    i could not stand her back when she was in twister and it seemed like she was in all the movies for awhile. she is not a good actress, glad she has stayed out of the spotlight. As for her physical appearance goes, she was NEVER a looker.

  47. stupidass

    elaine, are you saying that all these years of posting perverted comments about women on the fish, i should have been tugging on miles of hard cock? this is enlightening. thank you.

  48. j

    Looks good for an 84 year old woman.

  49. GeneralEmergency


    The marvelous, transformative effects of Raw Food Veganism!

    Apparently, celery hates you from the inside out.

    You don’t see PETA knocking down her door to do nekked promo pics, now do you?

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