Heidi & Spencer’s tabloid deal reveals I want them to get hit by a bus full of ninja monkeys

May 2nd, 2008 // 55 Comments

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are world-renown for being the fakest conglomeration of asshats in the history of chicanery. To further prove that point, Star has broken the news that Heidi and Spencer orchestrated their break-up, reunion and even marriage with a tabloid. I even hear that Life & Style has dibs on Spencer’s first vasectomy. True story. And now the details from Star:

“Which weekly glossy just signed a megamillion-dollar contract with a certain annoying celebrity couple?” The New York Daily News asked in its April 20 gossip column. “The deal is, the magazine will get exclusive interviews with the couple, but in turn, they need to break up (again), get back together (again) and actually get married.”
ndeed, reports surfaced last September that Spencer and Heidi — who got engaged in May 2007 — were about to announce they’d ended their relationship and would then sell their separate stories to the media, before getting paid for exclusive photos of a staged “reunion” getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And although a rep for The Hills — which has a reputation for being completely scripted — denied it at the time, incredibly, it played out exactly that way for the couple!

Even Heidi and Spencer’s friends – wait, friends, huh, what how? – laugh at the planted tabloid reports:

“As friends, we laugh to ourselves whenever we see ‘serious’ coverage of the ups and downs of Heidi and Spencer’s relationship,” says their pal. “It’s astounding anyone could still believe any of it is spontaneous.”
As for which magazine is conspiring with Speidi? Beats Us!

I, too, wonder which magazine it could be. Maybe if all of US put our heads together, the combined efforts of US could get to the bottom of this. I mean, even if a small group of US, weekly, got together and sort of hashed this baby out an answer would come to US – Hold on. Duh. I’m retarded. It’s “Jugs.” Ha! The answer was staring me right in the face. Seriously, if it were a snake, it would’ve bitten me – with its fake boobs.

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  1. Hater McGee

    Hi Superfish,

    Please stop posting Heidi Montag and Douche McDouche articles, as I already get my daily dose of stupid and ugly from my wife.

    Your friend,

    Hater McGee

  2. lisabeller

    Awesome couple! Where did they meet? It’s said they date via a rich club “m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e r . c o m” where the rich & celebrity have romance! It’s also a place to make miracle-charlie sheen met his love there!

  3. JAM

    I think skank hilton has the same kind of deal with X17. If you read back into the archives, they despised her, even calling her a c*nt in one post. Then a year or so ago they flipped, now they only post positive stories about her. I think SHE is paying them though….

  4. mcgregger

    wow “spencer head” looks real manly there with that 13 yr old peach fuzz,,man this dudes a real douche bag, someone tell him the boyband era is out and guys like him are back to just GAY on the cool meter.. and whats up with mantog, she looks like a product of celtic inbreeding and trailer eviction,, is this what passes for entertainment now and day,, some one tell the saved by the bell group they have been called for a 2nd tour of duty…

  5. PostmortemG

    Damn, i think this lady is hot. It’s a shame her tits are fake.

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