Heidi & Spencer ruin baseball for all future generations

May 21st, 2008 // 137 Comments

Jesus! I thought these two only came out on holidays. Great, now it looks like Heidi and Spencer will mug like retarded sea-monkeys at any event. Even more disturbing is that it appears to be Bat Day and yet somehow they walked out with all their hair, teeth and limbs attached. I gotta ask: Dodger fans, why do you hate America so much?

Thanks to Tina who saw these two and swung for the fences. And by fences I mean Heidi’s chin.


  1. Dilawar from Bangalore

    41- I am very much happy at that proposl. She is not have fan club in America, no? I see many anger words. In my country she would be much happier, yes? I would like to speak with her father with price of her dowry. She must be at a high price? Maybe man can be with my sister, she very lonely, no man in my country will keep her.

  2. hot mess

    that is some serioiusly comphrehensive game gear.

  3. those two are such douchebags. I wish they would fall off a cliff

  4. yawn

    mm popsicle..

  5. cacaface


  6. ph7

    I’d like to insert the pink bat she’s hiding into another special pink palace she keeping just for me….

  7. ph7

    I’d like to insert the pink bat she’s holding into another special pink palace she keeping just for me….

  8. Frito

    Another reason to hate the Dodgers.

  9. Frito

    Another reason to hate the Dodgers.

  10. Frito

    Another reason to hate the Dodgers.

  11. douche' robinson

    Please tell your company to STOP posting lame pictures of these two! Why are you doing this to the fans of your website? Please, I’m just sick of looking at them and emaciated Amy Winehouse and “Big Mama” Britney.

  12. Val

    Someone kills these cunts. please.

    And Superfish, stop posting about them, please, they’re nothing.

  13. F Everyone

    Id like to take that foam finger and stick it up her c*nt and shove that little bat up her tight little a**hole

  14. specnerhater

    Why does spencer always have those disgusting pubic hairs all over his face. Heidi rocks, but he is a complete “i live off daddy’s money tool bag”.

  15. sharpeidude

    I swear these two fucksticks need to get their heads caught in a pool drain and drown. That, or roast alive in a fiery crash with a gas tanker.

  16. EveryonePoops

    59, I’m with you. It actually hurts less to know that these walking yeast infections are Dodgers fans.

  17. Captain Walleye

    Is it too much to ask to get a picture that shows her ass?

  18. bar room hero

    I HATE these @#$!@s, (and MTV which once offered great programming 20 years or so ago)…

    They better not show up at Wrigley…

  19. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Can’t SOMEONE shove those fucking baseball bats up their respective anuses so hard they exit the mouth????? God I hate these two more than I hate George Bush.

  20. justifiable

    Geez, I though Hitler Youth just played soccer and beat up on Jews.

  21. spicegrrl

    This is proof that you CAN be too white.

  22. Sparqi

    The only way these pics might interesting would be if the pink “bat” she’s holding contained batteries and was being plunged into her repeatedly by some lesbian porn starlet.

  23. caljenna66

    How pathetic they are…you can almost see the price tags and stickers on all their clothes. You can certainly see the display-made fold wrinkles.

  24. beaber

    How can Heidi think Spencer is cute at all? He looks like such a pedofile! Look at all that nasty blond facial hair!

  25. Hmm. I must have typed in the URL wrong. I was looking for thesuperficial.com, which is a site about celebrities.

  26. murderXmayhemXmadness

    These people are disgusting. And if you hate them so much, too, Superfish, then you wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of writing articles about them on a daily basis. You’re just giving them what they want.

  27. tp

    Blonde facial hair is disgusting

  28. Willie

    Unlike most of you negative loosers i actually was out at this game. Half the crowd booed and the other half don’t know who these people are.

  29. bosendorfer

    he always looks guilty and ashamed, like he knows what a sham he is in every way.

    she looks like she’d kill her parents and eat her children for fame and love every single second of it.

    someone’s making a lot of money off of these two. this is like milli-vanilli except with manufactured aryan dipshit “actors”.

  30. I hate you

    I saw Heidi on TV last night, her face had more make-up acne than Alicia Keys. If you’re going to insist on being a dumb cunt in the public eye, get on that Proactiv shit, otherwise stop clouding my vision with your fake-ass tits and your dumb partner-in-gay Spencer with his “look at me im a big boy with facial hair” goatee. PLEASE MAKE THESE COCKSHARERS GO AWAY!!!

  31. me

    Ok, I used to work at a really low-end roadhouse, and the bartender’s wardrobe was entirely from the ’80s. Tacky as hell. I swear, Heidi is dressed exactly like her.

    At least she did a bang-up job glueing her pubes onto that little boy’s face.

  32. restingonlaurels

    @79 – couldn’t have put it any better than that!

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  34. Cha cha cha

    I don’t get it. Why do these people get attention on this website – focus on real celebs. Not the c-list.

  35. MILF

    They are really brother and sister.

  36. Lyter

    Dilawar is their agent…it’s painfully obvious. But, do us a favor…

    For God’s sake, please…please Dilawar…take them back to Bangalore where they can prance and play among the monkeys whom raised them in the steamy jungles of yore.

  37. moobs

    Ladies, if we can judge your likely IQ by looking at you, you’re doing it wrong.

    This is assuming you don’t like being a “dumb blonde” but we all know thats hardly the case.


  38. Grunion

    These two again. what a surprise. Gotta pay the bills somehow I guess eh Fish? Fucking sad, this site used to rock.

  39. Pooberry Crunch

    Uh, hey retard…my junior high called, 1986 wants its shorts back.

  40. claytor the horrible

    Who thinks they’re actually Dodger fans???

  41. mike

    48…totally agree. I’d bang her so hard it’d stop time, But only if i could choke her afterwards and beat the ever living shit out of that douchebag faggot she’s dating.

  42. gay4girls

    Somebody needs to show both of them how to do sphincter contraction exercises with an open stapler.

  43. Mississippi

    WTF? Who is the loser that follows them around to take dumb ass posed pictures of them? Cause whoever he is, I hope he gets hit by a bus!

  44. Dear Neo of the Matrix,

    I have seen your movies. I know you possess mad skills.

    Please hurt Heidi Spencer.

    Please hurt her real bad.

    thanks in advance,


  45. weirdo

    I’d like to use that bat on her pussy while I fucked the hell out of her asshole! Or vice versa!

  46. Plobes


    “the world needs a Gong” is one of the funniest and truest things I has ever red

  47. Plobes


    “the world needs a Gong” is one of the funniest and truest things I has ever red

  48. bootlips


  49. Dilawar from Bangalore - a request sir

    May I shit on the dot on your glabella?

  50. bill

    she’ll be sticking that bat up Spencer’s butt later, no doubt.

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