Heidi & Spencer ruin baseball for all future generations

May 21st, 2008 // 137 Comments

Jesus! I thought these two only came out on holidays. Great, now it looks like Heidi and Spencer will mug like retarded sea-monkeys at any event. Even more disturbing is that it appears to be Bat Day and yet somehow they walked out with all their hair, teeth and limbs attached. I gotta ask: Dodger fans, why do you hate America so much?

Thanks to Tina who saw these two and swung for the fences. And by fences I mean Heidi’s chin.


  1. Dilawar from Bangalore

    Am I first? It is an honur!

  2. jenn


  3. jenn


  4. Dilawar from Bangalore

    Oh, pardon me, I forget my comment to add. I do love the blonde, but I am not fan of the man. Is he a movie star? I don’t know that one. The girl doesn’t play the americn ball game, no?

  5. netstarman

    Is it me or is she enjoying that Popsicle too much. Must be a good way she practices. But damn are they so fake just seeing them makes jesus cry alot. Or taking a cheese grater to my testicles .

  6. Scott

    Good Lord!!! Please tell me someone is watching the clock, surely their 15 minutes is up…….the world needs a Gong!

  7. Fedthefuckup

    FUCK THESE GUYS! c’mon man, stop posting about them. They are awful. But not even in an amusing way. just awful. i prefer weird amy winehous posts to these guys.

  8. Jude Quinn

    for a site that supposedly despises them, you sure post about them a lot. if all the websites and dishrag mags stopped posting things about this annoying, plastic, boring couple they would not be famous anymore.

  9. will

    1-4: You are fucking retards. Especially 1, who cannot spell honor.

  10. veggi

    Dilwar, you cracka me up..
    And I will help you with this, no?

    The blonde want you to find her. To take her to basement. And to her you keep there. yes? you see? Go now, Dilwar from Bangalore. Your mission of most important, yes.

  11. Scott

    I hate you MTV….

  12. jack

    @5-learn some proper english. Dumbfuck.

  13. JAck of Speed

    You really have stop posting those two. Its enough. Its because of these types of websites that allows these people to survive.

  14. Concerned Reader

    Dear Superficial Writer,
    Please, for the love of God, stop posting pictures of these 2 douchebags.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    Fucking fuckity fuck!! Goddamn I hate these shitbags. I bet these mediawhores never once turned toward the field to watch the game. More likely, these uberweiss cunts probably left right after their pictures were taken.

  16. havoc

    The Hitler Youth strike again…….


  17. Scott

    when’s the sex tape coming out? You know it’s only a matter of time….and by time I mean prolonging our eternal suffering for even caring enough to comment on these two no talent ass clowns.

  18. Dilawar from Bangalore

    10- pardon me, english not my first language. sorry for the offense, yes?
    11- I am happy to give you many joy. I am not known what is a basement? I really do like the blonde, very pretty yes? (happy face)

  19. Chupacabra

    I dare them to come to Fenway Park.

  20. sam

    seriously, i hate these two……

  21. sophia

    i was at the game and when they showed them on the megatron they were booed by everyone there! hahaha

  22. Chupacabra

    @22 – Sophia – YES. That’ll teach ‘em to show up at baseball parks.
    god damned butt fuckers.

  23. Jumpin_J

    These two are such geniuses, when the Dodgers came to bat, they both yelled “GO KOBE”!!!

    As someone previously appropriately, fuck fuckity fuck. God, I hate them.

  24. Jswole

    that spencer guy is soo fucking ugly!!! if he was in texas they would beat his ass up!!! he looks like a tool! and wtf is that shit hes growing on his face!

    not gonna lie hedi is a good looking girl.

  25. Peter

    What the hell is up with her shorts? They look like some grandma jeans that got cut too short.

  26. Randal

    Hi everyone, hope it’s a great week for you.

    These two look sooo super cute, especially Heidi, as she always does. It seems like it just comes natural to her, wearing what she wears and putting on that sparkling smile.

    She looks great in anything tight, so hopefully we’ll see more of her as summer looms ever so closer.


  27. Joe

    Stop post pictures of these retards. They are really depressing. I think about humanity’s impeding doom every time i see them.

  28. Lynn

    OMG! WTF! This is so upsetting! I mean I love baseball! But now… Well, now I can never look at it the same way. And speaking of looking… Why are they not looking at the field in any of the pictures?

  29. Joe

    That was supposed to be impending not impeding. But I’m sure they impede things as well, like hope for the future.

  30. Nathan Sprinkle

    seriously… can we just stop posting about them. I hate that were even having to comment to get you to stop posting any stories about the two cunts. I mean the pictures are all set up fake fun time pics so just dont even bother posting anything with them on it. Unless there is a fake set where one of them has explosive shits. Or both of the, that I would just like to see them make all the fake happy pictures still.

  31. Alicat

    I’m torn here.
    Part of me wants to resist commenting, because I don’t want to do anything to encourage this douchebaggery.
    But the rest wants to plea to Fish to stop posting pictures of fucking clown boots Heidi and ass hat Spencer.

  32. JRA

    Who are these people and why are there always news posts about them?

  33. 10 inch Johnson

    Damn, that bitch can suck a popsicle.

  34. honestly… we should be made to think of the impending doom. It’s just so… near… the end is nigh.

    that being said…
    Let’s pump it up.


  35. Mr. Krinkle

    I agree with the consensus, stop posting about these fake ass non-celebs. Their faked photo-ops sicken me.

  36. Jennyjenjen

    @11 Veggi.. brilliant.

  37. Ted Mosby

    I think she has the balls.

  38. Ned Divine

    That blonde beard looks like he glued barber hair to his face. What a fucking ridiculous dildo that guy is.

  39. KC

    I always knew Spencer had a tiny bat.

  40. T-BONE


  41. ugly retards

    Fuck, stop posting about these two, they are the most retarded people on Earth and just by looking at their retarded faces you just get a little more retarded yourself, they’re poisonus for human intelect.
    They both are UGLY. And they both try really hard to be pretty, but are ugly as sin. The dude looks as gay as possible, the chick has an incredibly retarded ugly horse face and you can tell she really wants to be pretty. RETARDED as hell, UGLY as hell. STOP POSTING ABOUT THESE TWO SUPERFISH, and probably they’ll die and disappear from our life’s, do society a favor and quit posting about these two ugly morons.

  42. Eaten Heidi Day and Night

    Just an observation all you numb nuts! Any guy, and perhaps some females, who say that you wouldn’t tap that or eat that or just love to see that naked is either lying or queer! What do you got?

  43. Jennyjenjen

    I shudder to think what sex between this two is like.. Heidi on top with her mouth in a state of perpetual openness.. Spencer with a creepy look on his face directing her movements.. God help us all if they breed.

  44. Cash


  45. Prof

    I really wish these two tools would just sit down and stop cheesing it for the cameras every damn time! What a pair of asses… oh well enjoy the fame while it lasts.

  46. nipolian

    Don’t get me wrong……..I hate these fuckwads……..but I have to be honest…….the combination of that popsicle in her mouth and her “fuck me eyes” in that pic gave me a masive boner.

  47. ph7

    OK, we hate them.

    But MAAANNNNN, I would fuck the shit outta her.

  48. IHateThem

    At least when she has the popsicle in her mouth she’s not smiling vacuously! That has got to be the stupidest looking whore in the universe, and she’s WORSE!

    Seriously, LA, wtf? You had the opportunity, you had the means, god knows you should have had the motivation. I think you would get the medal of honor if you beat those two a$$hats to death with those tiny bats.

    Do NOT make that mistake again! The world is depending on you!

  49. ph7

    The are not looking at the game in ANY of the pictures.

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