Heidi & Spencer: Racist crackers of the apocalypse?

There. Hopefully that headline will make asshat lovers Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt think twice about participating in another one of their dipshit posed photo sessions. Then, even worse, they forced this poor Negro fellow to be party to their shenanigans. What’d he ever do to you? For shame. Anyway, I catch a lot of shit for posting pics of these two because apparently I’m just bolstering their celebrity. But, c’mon. Who’s seriously staring at them thinking “Goddamn, please drench me in the excruciating minutiae of their daily lives!” No one’s that stupid. And if they are, don’t worry. Chances are they’ve swallowed their mouse by now.

UPDATE: Criss Angel rushed to hospital. A stomach pump produced a wireless mouse, an albino sloth and enough rhinestones to Bedazzle China – twice.