Heidi & Spencer honeymoon in Mexico. Yes, that Mexico.

Because Jesus prohibits the learning of natural selection, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are honeymooning in Mexico this week. Turns out there’s some sort of influenza going on down there. Maybe you guys have heard of it – everywhere. Anyway, they had some free time to call in to Ryan Seacrest this morning which is exactly what I’d be doing with my fake-breasted bride on my honeymoon. If a stingray ate my penis. People reports:

On a “pre-honeymoon” in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the pair are “wearing face masks everywhere we go. We’re in isolation, we’re in full hiding,” Pratt told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday morning.
The couple, who held a wedding Saturday in California, went to Mexico for Montag to shoot a music video.
With the outbreak of the flu, which has so far killed 149 people in Mexico, the couple is being extra cautious. “Every second we’re washing our hands,” Montag told Seacrest.
“Since it’s a recession,” said Pratt, “we just might go to Santa Monica Beach.”

Dear Mexico,

Mucho dinero. Muerte para los diablos blancos.

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