Heidi & Spencer getting their own show… whoops

April 18th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will probably have their own show on MTV. I now feel really bad about posting pictures of them. In fact, I’m just compounding that right now with this post. So stupid! But then I heard Spencer’s pitch for the show and immediately felt like a goddamn neuroscientist. Anyone got a human brain I can borrow for a sec? Page Six reports:

“Spencer was saying, ‘I want the world to see the real Heidi and Spencer,’ and was emphasizing that the show would be just about them. No Lauren Conrad,” we’re told.
According to our source, Pratt was “suggesting the show go through the whole lead-up to the wedding . . . finding a wedding planner, hunting for a dress designer, and all the drama that would be part of their wedding plans.”

While, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these two are going away anytime soon, (Trust me, I’ve been crossing my fingers since November that a spy satellite would fall in Heidi’s mouth.) I do, however, have some awesome news. We have heard your cries and are doing our best to battle the dreaded Comment Spammers. Unfortunately, they are some slippery fuckers. So bear with us and hopefully soon you won’t have to find the love true sexy of millionaires many happy at douchesingles.com.

Photos: Splash News

  1. riz

    the worst part about speidi is that we’re SUPPOSED to be annoyed by spencer, right? he stole heidi from lauren, blah blah blah…
    …. but relaly spencer never does anything in these pictuers. you KNOW it’s all heidi’s idea. and she is the most irritating person in these pics. nobody’s mouth hangs open that fucking wide 24 hours a day in real life. skank.

  2. mildly concerned

    beeelieve it or not…she’s walking on air. evidence in pic #4 where there is nothing but air where her foot should be. kinda like there’s nothing but air where her brain should be.

    haven’t these asshats seen what has happened to other couples that put on “reality” shows?

  3. Dave Coulier

    “unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these two are going away anytime soon”

    I’m thinking they’d go away a lot faster if sites like this didn’t have at least 2 posts a day featuring the posed shots they send out to sucker blogs. But good job on being so self aware, Superfish!

  4. BoboTed

    MTV should just do humanity a favor and take itself off the air. Seriously, how many different ways can you re-brand the same shit over and over again?

    “Stupid, superficial, lazy, materialistic, white trust fund babies pissing and moaning about useless crap, tonight at 9/8 central!!”

  5. the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed!

    um. karen walker – commentator #9. please do shut the fuck up. the current superficial writer is funny as hell and i would make him my husband in a hot minute (or my best friend if hes ugly) :) so ah, you just stop with your whole adgenda, its not working……….

  6. the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed!

    um. karen walker – commentator #9. please do shut the fuck up. the current superficial writer is funny as hell and i would make him my husband in a hot minute (or my best friend if hes ugly) :) so ah, you just stop with your whole adgenda, its not working……….

  7. That was a Karen Walker troll you idiot. How do I know???


  8. Anonymous —->> u didnt answer my question……


    Fuck SUPERFICIAL, you really didn’t see this coming?? You fucking made this you douchebag! You create celebrity interest like how Perez is on the dole from Paris… big surprise you fucking queer. fuck this site altogether.

  10. Ted from LA

    If posting about these two assholes two or three times a day is your way of making them go away, I’d hate to see how you break up with a woman. Take her to Paris and Italy perhaps?

  11. Excellent….. someone has finally lopped off her feet.

  12. #60 – I’ve tried kicking my weed habit by smoking 4-5 times as much….. I’m think I’m lickin’ it, but now I’m talking with a Jamaican accent. Hey mon! A rainbow ya bloodclot…..

  13. Miserable Bastard

    He has the jowls of a young Ted Kennedy. Spencer should borrow an Oldsmobile and take Heidi for a nighttime drive around Chappaquiddick.

  14. Ozymandias

    I think she is always so happy to see photogs because she actually thinks they like her. She thinks they are her friends. And, they might be the closest thing she has to friends. Her face is always, “Aw, you guys…you shouldn’t have.”

    As pathetic as her existence is, it remains one rung above the guy who dedicated at least a day of his life to taking her picture.


  15. surlywench

    I bet she can detach her jaw like a snake to eat her pray, thing’s so freakin’ huge.

  16. office peon

    why does she have such a man chin? gross.

  17. Ted from LA

    I think she should break up with this pussy and start dating OJ. I think they’d make a cute couple.

  18. I bet she’s a virgin.

  19. dogfart

    GUYS!!! Stop putting stories off these dumbasses on your site. It really ruins all your other garbage! Just take pictures of a rock or something and make shit up about that.

  20. Back in my day we didn’t sit around watching shows about spoiled rich girls and their candy assed boyfriends!!!

  21. Maloney

    at least we know the of them “scoring” a reality show, is that they will break up in the very near future.

    reality tv DOES have a purpose…

  22. Jules

    Pleasse , please stop posting…who are they really anyway! So bored with their faces and fake photos…..

  23. InternetToughGuy


  24. Janine

    Please stop posting pics of these retards, I hate seeing their fake ugly faces!

  25. Grace

    I saw them on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m”,too.Maybe they want make more new friends.You can contact them on that site.

  26. ubee0173

    his shoes… theyre soo…white. im pretty sure heidi used to be a man,back in the day.

  27. Roche

    Everything they do seems fake and posed anyway, genuinely artificial…

  28. Andie

    So I went into Anchor Blue to check out that heidiwood stuff (ew, BTW) and my fiance couldn’t quit laughing at the picture of Heidi on the flyer the salesguy handed us. I’m so serious. I never thought Heidi was THAT bad, but I swear to god in between gasps of choking, snorting laughter, all I heard was “HORSE!” hahahahaha. Just thought I’d share because I’ve never seen him react so, NEGATIVELY to someone’s appearance betore… :)

  29. Joey

    I’m sorry but….WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PLASTIC DOLLS?!! Why are they important? And when is MTV gonna stop sucking?

  30. shimmy

    That is one fugly couple.

  31. Veroonica

    Doesn’t that dumb bitch ever close her mouth? Seriously, Heidi. Invisible cocksucking is not sexy! Swalow already and shut that horse mouth.

  32. alyssa

    I hate both Heidi & Lauren but after going to Anchor Blue (#78 I agree, everything was DISGUISTING when it came to her line) and then going to see Lauren Conrad’s fashion line debut, I seem to not hate Lauren as much. Obviously underneath it all she has some fashion sense and all the items of clothing were fabulous, unlike Heidi’s line which was dung, and not even dung at it’s best……

  33. Al

    Gawd damn I want to shove my fist down that gaping maw of a mouth!!! Apparently she is unable to close it…?

  34. sharpeidude

    You can learn more about these two smegmas at http://www.weareacoupleofflamingfuctards.com

  35. sharpeidude

    #35 – nut-bustings……….LOL!

  36. Rump Her Steel Skin

    Looks like they traded pants before they left the house…..

  37. smileyface432221

    plz like u good get ur own show u hardly even do well on the hills and wat would u name your show slutz r us ?

  38. B-rand

    “Spendi” makes me gag. Could 2 people be more into each other?

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