Heidi & Spencer love America and confirm Lauren Conrad made a sex tape

April 29th, 2008 // 151 Comments

When they’re not busy posing for horribly fake photo shoots (I call this one “America: Ain’t We Retarded?”), Heidi and Spencer love to expose their Hills co-star Lauren Conrad as just as fake as they are. This morning, the couple dropped a bomb on Tyra (video after the jump) and confirmed that Lauren did, in fact, make a sex tape. Tyra asked Spencer if he actually watched it and he said he’d rather throw up making it the first time I actually agree with the douchenozzle. I’d rather watch a video of my vacuum cleaner humping my couch. I wonder what that would look like… *hunts for camcorder*

UPDATE: Okay, is it legal to marry a household appliance? Because, guys, I think I’m in love.


  1. Dora

    …………ooooohhhh my gooood this 2 are the worlds most f**** couples…….. Who care if it is a sex tape or not….is not heidis or spencers bizzzniiiz. DONT U PEPOLE THINK THAT Heidi & Spencer may have a tape together… Heidi looks more like a sex-tape girl then Lauen…i meen just look at Heidi?

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