Heidi & Spencer love America and confirm Lauren Conrad made a sex tape

April 29th, 2008 // 151 Comments

When they’re not busy posing for horribly fake photo shoots (I call this one “America: Ain’t We Retarded?”), Heidi and Spencer love to expose their Hills co-star Lauren Conrad as just as fake as they are. This morning, the couple dropped a bomb on Tyra (video after the jump) and confirmed that Lauren did, in fact, make a sex tape. Tyra asked Spencer if he actually watched it and he said he’d rather throw up making it the first time I actually agree with the douchenozzle. I’d rather watch a video of my vacuum cleaner humping my couch. I wonder what that would look like… *hunts for camcorder*

UPDATE: Okay, is it legal to marry a household appliance? Because, guys, I think I’m in love.


  1. Cheese

    Why didn’t someone tell me, I live in DC and I could have taken them out …..

    from about 200 yds.

  2. Cheese

    She keeps her legs crossed because she doesn’t want anyone to see that Grand Canyon hole that she has from being ridden like a mule by me.

  3. callie

    to everyone saying she has great legs.. there are some pics of her in an earlier post, where she’s on the beach with the same guy… and her legs look really stubby and unproportional to the rest of her body in these pics. the heels make all the difference.

  4. argg

    Why do you even post this shit….hmmmmm if you type shit wrong it comes out as this…which means this can be misspelled as shit you drunken fool….if u don’t get it then WHO IS ON FIRST……u r making her popular when she has nothing…..absolutely nothing

  5. Spazz

    Whoa another gorgeous, unstaged, candid photo shoot from Americas first couple. Or not.

  6. Mia

    They are feeding harmless animals wonder bread. Nothing screams american like a good ol’ loaf of white sponge that will probably kill poor duckies.

  7. mytwocents

    Why are they always posing for like a frame…seriously can’t u see their corny pictures in the come with the picture frame??

  8. charmin

    What it all comes down to is that these two are nerds.

  9. slurpee

    Why can’t these two go down to San Diego and surf? Subsequently, they’d be devoured by a Great White.

  10. Erica.

    I’m going to go listen to Aesop Rock. Yeah, I listen to him. These douchebags are nothing compared to Aesop!

  11. ph7

    She’s such a paradox. Every aspect of her personality is completely revolting, yet I find her incredibly sexy and oh-so fuckable.

  12. They are so perfectly cute, white bread and butter, American trash with $$

  13. Shmeh

    I hope she trips on those hooker heels and take spencer down with her and they just happen to land eye-first onto those mini flags… only then will i really be proud to be an american. ah, patriotism

  14. lisabeller

    The only thing I know about her is that her hubby and her are the members of a millionaire club ” M I L L I O N A I R E L O V E R.C O M ” where the millionaire & celebrity gather!

  15. Hamper Lint

    I am heading to Mexico !

  16. Wee Hee Hee eats it...

    Could you please stop posting information about this useless c#nt.

  17. macs

    They’re the stupid gay fuckers.

  18. macs

    They’re the stupid gay fuckers.

  19. Poo eater

    can everyone just give these people a break? they just want to be famous and use their fame to destroy people they hate. i don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  20. Reno Bones

    Why do you even bother posting any crap about these two? You’re as pathetic as they are. Are they paying you to keep their faces on these pages?


  21. Reno Bones

    Why do you even bother posting any crap about these two? You’re as pathetic as they are. Are they paying you to keep their faces on these pages?


  22. QueenaDina

    I am soooo sick of seeing twit and twat – they make me cringe, they’re so fake….when are their 15 minutes up?

  23. QueenaDina

    I am soooo sick of seeing twit and twat – they make me cringe, they’re so fake….when are their 15 minutes up?

  24. Who are these people and why do they make me want to go all Muslim holy war Jihad on their asses? Who gives a fuck about them they ain’t shit.

    PS: But Da Man would bang the ho!

  25. kevin

    Fish u really have to stop posting picutres of these two vermins !!! they are sickening ! burkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. JOJO

    # 119 Shut the fuck up you poo eater ! your name explains every thing !

  27. Monty

    If this photo shoot is some lame government propaganda campaign to boost BRAND AMERICA, I’m about 180% sure it’s not gonna work.

    Furthermore, from now on whenever I see an American flag, I will promptly throw up.

  28. English Bob

    Your right they are douchebags, but i still think she’s fine looking. Hey, why don’t we do a swap for a bit? You can have Amy Crackhouse and i can have this little minx (Heidi not Pratt) I promise to send her back to you in 3 months with an inch worn off her pissflaps!..Think it over America…!

  29. Kevin

    Thank you English Bob thank you ! you will do us all a favour by taking this little shit off our hands !!!!


    God bless you and the states

    Sincerely yours


  30. @127

    Dear Monty,

    That flag has saved your nickers, more than you will ever know.

    You should really be speaking in German anyway….

  31. Mark

    Laured Conrad is super hot, that’s great news!

  32. Helen

    Have u noticed that Louis Vuitton purse in his pocket? what a fuckhead !
    why does he look so dump ass !
    I won’t comment on the girl cause this bitch is not even worth commenting

  33. Rump Her Steel Skin

    No brain + Fine body = Pornstar

    This chick was made for porn.

  34. lucyq

    what bitches the both of them. I mean do they really have nothing else better to do than talk shit about Lauren! They are SO highschool. I mean grow up!

  35. pubes

    who cares? really?

  36. LC SUCKS

    Lauren is a nasty mean bitch. She needs to lay of the diet pills. In every episode she shows her true colors more and more. She is a straight up bitch. Of course she would blame heidi and spencer for her perverted sex tape. Her douchbag ex tried selling it. Im not surprised, hes a dirtbag… and would do anything for some coke and fame.
    In every episode LC is either talking shit about Spencer, or being a cunt to Audrina with her new sidekick pot head smoking friend LO. LC is jealous and pissed whenever one of her friends gets a boyfriend. Watch out Lo…….. I think she has lesbianic tendancies, and shes a slut who pouts whenever the world doesnt stop for her. Her game is so old… shes nothing more than a bitch ass diva who puts on a face for cameras.
    I used to be all for Team LC… but ugh, the girl is such a drama queen.

  37. No. 136…..Is that you Heidi ????

  38. J-Wizzle

    If you look at every single freakin picture Heidi takes…. her legs are crossed like that……….. why the eff does she do that???!! I’m surprised she can balance herself with those huge silicon jugs!

  39. sharpeidude

    Let’s see….

    Both these fucking shit stains are 1000% sure that a porn tape exists, but neither one has actually seen proof of it. Hmmm…..

    I truly wish that one night soon these two fucks exit the wrong offramp and find themselves lost in South Central L.A.! To read the next day that they fell victim to the Crips or Bloods would be an early Chistmas present!

  40. RICHIE

    I think superficial.com was right in saying earlier that Heidi and Spencer are racist morons… They stand in front of the WHITE house waving an american flag and if you look closely, SPENCER’S GOT A BAG OF WONDER BREAD in his hands… WHITE BREAD… He is just so proud to be a cracker that I wish I may get a reverse michael jackson operation and turn myself black… What a douchebag. I wonder if he’s as into the white supremicist movement as the Bush’s and Hugh Heffner is.

  41. BARF. these two need lives.


    please stop please please stop


    please stop please please stop

  44. aknarab

    this looks like a really bad JC Penny ad.

    i’m sick of seeing these two.

  45. olivia

    i HATE spencer & heidi. and can someone tell me how in the hell did they get to wherever it is they are right now… i see them on red carpets & on many talk shows now… WTH? who are they? and can they please stop claiming that the “sex tape” exists when they haven’t even seen it!?! i mean, heidi was stuttering like crazy & spencer………… is spencer! c’mon now..

    thank you.

  46. ladylindsay

    Please stop posting about Heidi and Spencer. If you hate them so much, stop giving them what they want.

  47. teamspencer

    I really think spencer should be dating lauren…they are so much alike….every time they show heidi and spencer on the hills they are never getting along???so what gives with these photos..I think they are fake it…but I do not think spencer is all that bad.I am for team spencer..his sister is pain in the (well say neck )to nice and he surround by all those women on show,someone has to be the bad guy or fall guy.stop taking life so seriously..i thouoght sex tape was kinda funny..show couldnt get any more boring..at this point who really care about a sex tape…lauren the one who wont let go. who would want to see it any way…i doubt she that good in bed,.jason look like geek…please we aren’t missing it…so shut up about alright…just make nice and be friends again…lauren is to judgmental of her friends lighten up…people make mistakes and say things they shouldn’t..let go already…get over…its not perfect world and people are not perfect lauren.

  48. heidiispairiswantabee

    all I can say is heidi try to be like pairis want abe..all of her poses are like pairis..there one were she is blowing a kiss and the way her legs are cross all the time….your not pairis ..but have one thing in common you cant sing…

  49. All I know is that Lauren Conrad – “LC” from MTV’s “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” is the quintessential American beauty and clearly one of the classiest and most beautiful women on the planet ! If you have any doubts, check out my gallery of HOT LC pics at:


    Cheers !

  50. Sarah

    Why do these cunts keep getting air time? The only thing they talk about is Lauren’s “sex tape”. It doesnt exist. And also NEWSFLASH: No one cares, they keep bringing it up so she will retaliate but Lauren has better things to do with her time than chat shit about these wasters. Seriously! Spencer’s and Heidi are publicity whores…you watch once Spencer can no longer ride Heidi’s coat tails he’ll dump her faster than a speeding bulllet. Watch this space.

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