Heidi & Spencer banned from The Hills after-party (And other celebrinanigans)

December 24th, 2008 // 37 Comments

- Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt were barred from The Hills wrap party at Butter after the taping of the season finale. When the fake fakers who fake your fake lives don’t want you around, you should probably do something genuinely real – like get cancer in the face. Just a thought. [Page Six]

- Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson are a couple of brawlers. Neighbors heard the two breaking glass and flipping the lesbian fuck out on each other right before Sam went into the hospital this weekend. I’m not pointing any fingers, but methinks the problem is someone refusing to eat at the Y. That said, who wants to be the one to tell Sam it’s really not on fire? [TMZ]

- DJ AM is done remember he cheated death and wants in on the suing. He’s filed his own lawsuit that also claims the pilots’ negligence caused the infamous fiery crash that left him and Travis Barker severely burnt. At least the pilots will have a chance to defend themselves. Oh wait… [E! Online]

- Heath Ledger’s death was your favorite. At least according to the list of top entertainment stories from the Associated Press. The actor’s tragic death beat out Britney Spear’s double meltdowns which were way down at #4. I’ve got a hunch 2009 will be Britney’s year once she realizes flamethrowers are the new braless. [AP]

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  1. gpro


  2. beep

    Do they share lipgloss?

  3. .

    Spencer’s facial hair is so awful, it has become its own separate identity. Sadly, it is also a douche.

  4. I’d let him pump my ass, folks!!

  5. waynow

    that guys face looks like a caricature. Id just love to punch it so much!!! I would give my entire lifes savings just for one good punch. it would just be so satisfying.

  6. Alien Fromunda

    Spencer has death rays eminating from the center of his eyes.

    I knew they were aliens!

  7. fearsarewishes

    LL and SR are brawlers? JFC, that’s a big surprise.

    What do two lesbians bring on a first date? Brass knuckles and a U-Haul, that’s what.

    Thank you.

  8. Charlie Caligula

    Redux on the Spencer facial hair.

  9. Thats it,,its more than a year im going off my hunger strike, I think its safe to say weve lost linsay to the L-factor…

  10. and she doesnt look as soft as she used to…

  11. Cartman

    Heidi is looking pretty nice in this pic. Douchebag still needs to shave or preferably die.

  12. Matthew

    ok MTV saw the light on those two douches why not superfish? again 2009 superfish should stop talking the superdouche couple of 2008!

  13. britney's weave

    since spencer has convinced heidi to have all that plastic surgery, i wonder why she doesn’t suggest he get his heinous underbite fixed. a sledgehammer to the jaw ought to start the process off nicely.

  14. fnsfnbgs

    I partly agree with #12, Matthew. It’s time for Fish to make another solemn promise to stop featuring Heidi and Spence . . . and then preferably break it a short time later . . . : )

  15. i like here but u must change a colors. Thanks…

  16. Omar

    wow… dont these photographers that cameras have the option of “red-eye removal”

    Im just saying…

  17. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster tosses Spencer Pratt’s salad

  18. woodhorse

    I hate Spencer. I used to really like Ewoks and now I can’t. GrizzleChubtard.

  19. ……………………THERE IS A GOD?

  20. This Poster

    Nevermind my post #17; I’m so jealous of Heidi because I’d love to go down on Spencer then let him ramrod my ass. Just saying.

  21. friendlyfires

    Now if Britney Spears bought a flamethrower and accidently pointed it at Heidi and douchebag with the safety of -KAZAAAMM!- FLAME BROILED RETARDS yippee, happy 2009, let’s go to Vegas and get married to showgirls and hookers – it’s okay, we’re not Mormons, we have immunity, we’re dumbass Irish drunkenshits, yippee!

  22. Sponge Blob

    Sad people, sad couple.

  23. thanxx cute girlll muckk

    bebemmm benim

  24. Alexa

    I was actually at Butter when they walked in and there wasn’t a problem. Heidi’s sister was having problems getting her friends in.

  25. Kitty Kat

    They left the red eye on purpose! He looks soooooo EVIL!!!

  26. Kitty Kat

    They left the red eye on purpose! He looks soooooo EVIL!!!

  27. Valentina

    I’d like to dress them up as Bin Laden and send them trick or treating to the White House

  28. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  29. Wow. What else can you say? Just wow.

  30. greedydj

    Wow. Happy holidays to the families that douche dj is suing. First their loved ones DIE in a fire carting around a bunch of overpaid douches, and now they might have to pay out for these classless Z-lister’s coke habits.

  31. Beau

    I want to fight Spencer

  32. SWEET! Check it out, http://www.lasvegasnightlifenetwork.com/events/new-years-eve-christian Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are hosting an event at Christian Audigier The Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  33. CAA

    Heidi and Spencer……send them BACK to Mexico and burn their passports…….

  34. amber


  35. Wow i did not know her racked looked so nice.

  36. Heidi is only relevant because Lauren made her relevant, so next to you want to launch hater nation on your little Twitter remember who made you and Heidi.

  37. That people face looks like a cartoon. Id just love punch! A good punch I just have to give my best to save lifes. It would be just so satisfying.

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