Heidi & Spencer banned from The Hills after-party (And other celebrinanigans)

- Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt were barred from The Hills wrap party at Butter after the taping of the season finale. When the fake fakers who fake your fake lives don’t want you around, you should probably do something genuinely real – like get cancer in the face. Just a thought. [Page Six]

- Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson are a couple of brawlers. Neighbors heard the two breaking glass and flipping the lesbian fuck out on each other right before Sam went into the hospital this weekend. I’m not pointing any fingers, but methinks the problem is someone refusing to eat at the Y. That said, who wants to be the one to tell Sam it’s really not on fire? [TMZ]

- DJ AM is done remember he cheated death and wants in on the suing. He’s filed his own lawsuit that also claims the pilots’ negligence caused the infamous fiery crash that left him and Travis Barker severely burnt. At least the pilots will have a chance to defend themselves. Oh wait… [E! Online]

- Heath Ledger’s death was your favorite. At least according to the list of top entertainment stories from the Associated Press. The actor’s tragic death beat out Britney Spear’s double meltdowns which were way down at #4. I’ve got a hunch 2009 will be Britney’s year once she realizes flamethrowers are the new braless. [AP]

Photos: WENN