Heidi & Spencer are full of shit

June 8th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Heidi and Spencer’s claims that they were “tortured” on the set of I‘m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! are being shot down by sources on the production team and producers themselves. Apparently the two have been nothing but a pain in the ass and have spent most of the past week at a nearby hotel resort while the other contestants camped in tents. Extra reports:

The source insists the Lost Chamber posed no harm to the “Hills” duo. “The environment in the “Lost Chamber” was not in any way harmful or dangerous; no critters, just a few ordinary bugs. They were indoors — never in any danger or facing life-threatening situations. Absolutely no one is or was being held against their will.”
ITV Studios, the producers of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” have released a statement regarding the rumors Speidi was injured while filming the show. It reads: “Press reports at this time are untrue. ITV has been producing this format around the world for many years and the health of the celeb participants are of the utmost importance. A medic and a doctor are present at the location at all times for all participants. All allegations of the celebrities being deprived of food and water are completely untrue.”

Which makes absolutely perfect sense. Except tell that to Spencer’s sister Stephanie who told RadarOnline they were treated like war criminals. Jesus. So in case anybody was wondering, Heidi and Spencer will latch onto a serious international debate and milk it for publicity. I’m sure their only regret is not being famous during 9/11 so they could say NBC crashed planes into their heads. The press release practically writes itself.

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  1. friendlyfires

    Abortion doctors get murdered in cold blood, yet Heidi and Spence prance around in broad daylight, tra-la-la-la-la.

    There really is NO God, so all you right to lifers can go back to church and demand your tithes back and turn the building into a homeless shelter that turns ‘em into lampshades and soap (there’s irony) or a halfway house for teenage runaway girls to sell into slavery

    Sorry Jesus, but you’re just a myth invented by Saul of Tarsus, which means Mohammed and Islam is a lie, too , oops there goes the Mormon Church, too , and let’s just call a spade a spade throw Scientology onto the bonfire, too.

    See? Heidi and Spence still alive … no God or Allah or (sniff) Sam Butera … no justice in life, either.

  2. friendlyfires

    no god no islam no scientology

  3. friendlyfires

    none of above because douchebags walk the earth while doctors get murdered in cold blood

  4. Handjob Pepe

    Best. Legs. Ever.

  5. Handjob Pepe

    Best. Legs. Ever.

  6. H_Chick

    Aaaaawwww Friendlyfires!! Why’d Ya go and burst my bubble about baby Jesus??!! I loved the bible story about Baby Jesus getting all anxsty at the Jonas Brothers and taking away their DS time….. No Hold on – that was posted here last week on thesuperficial.com :(

  7. Brobama

    Can we just but these two, plus Jon and Kate (minus the 8) on a plane and fly it into the side of a fucking mountain already???!!! Who’s with me???!!!

  8. friendlyfires

    Side of a mountain – no brains at all, is that what you have – they might live – no napalm and lemon juice and a match for the lot, then we can proceed our plan to extinguish Western and East Civilisation and welcome our new Antares masters, what, they changed their minds? OH FUCK

  9. tigerbaby

    These two will never die. At the apocolypse, it will just be Speidi and some cockroaches.

  10. tigerbaby

    These two will never die. After the apocolypse, it will just be Speidi and some cockroaches.

  11. Tyler

    There were no planes on 9/11, it’s called television fakery. Watch more youtube than cable and you’ll be on the right track.

  12. even FAGGOTS have whores.
    ……MAKE YOUR CHOICE, please!!

  13. erw

    why are these two even alive. why haven’t they been gunned down ages ago…

  14. Cobra Commander

    Can’t we just ship both of these self important never famous pieces of shit off to a third world country and make them fucking work for a living.
    I fucking hate them and am goddamn disgusted by their lack of even the most basic of humanity.

  15. friendlyfires

    Conan O’Brien has publicly called for both their heads on wooden pikes, the bounty is a Klondike bar, how can anyone resist such an offer? Are you with me? I’m leaving the compound tonight, Jewel and her hubby are comin’ along ,too, they also like Klondikes, let’s do this thing!

  16. Darth

    Why are they still getting posted here? They’re wasting our time and bandwidth.

  17. ghengis khunt

    Until I see a libel suit from NBC and/or ITV against both the Pratts and the involved Montag I call bullshit.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely pray that NBC isn’t in on it for the publicity because a legal battle with the TV giant would ruin the Pratts financially, and if they had any true interest in biting the hands that feed them and suing the network it would certainly detour any other networks from including them in any future reality shows…

    But yeah, that’s just wishful thinking.

  18. Dude

    First of all, if I EVER see this son of a bitch, I’m going to kick his ass! He’s always talking like he’s a tough guy, well, I’m going to find out for sure!

    As for his skanky wifr, the fucking dog that she is, all she needs is some real dick in her. Not tha little pinky from her gay boyfriend/ bitch/ husband, business parnter/ teammate.

    I hat these two pieces of shit like nothing on earth! I don’t undertsand the fuss made over these two asswipes, please, shoot me in the fucking head!!!!!!!

  19. Can they put them in an porta-potty and flip it upside down like on Jackass? Or dunk them in a sewage treatment facility? I’d watch that for sure.

    Actually just GET HEIDI NAKED. It’s that fucking simple.

  20. Rabbit

    She is so F**king HOT!
    I would seriously wreck that chick!

  21. Steve Germ

    Put them in Guantanamo they are certainly a threat to the US national security.

  22. Sazar

    You know, I don’t understand how they even got “famous.”

    I think at this point, I’ve seen that chode-sucking fuck so many times that nothing would give me more pleasure in life than to but a bullet between his eyes.

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