Heidi Montag’s piehole is a portal of dumb

Heidi Montag unveiled her new clothing line Heidiwood at Kitson over the weekend. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I posted about it a week ago and, it’s really stunning stuff. I’m talking the general elegance of a $5 hooker that you’d think about tipping, but will probably keep that dollar for a McMuffin instead. Anyway, Heidi spoke exclusively to Us Magazine about doing a spin-off show with Spencer:

I would love to eventually do a spin-off with Spencer and I,” she tells Usmagazine.com. “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and if we make it through this season, I’d love to look down the road to a spin-off.”

“If we make it through this season.” Are you fucking kidding me?! Look, I’m just a jackass who makes poorly-delivered jokes about blowing up Paris Hilton and claims laser beams come out of my cock (They do.). But even I know that The Hills is complete bullshit. The season was finished taping months ago and Heidi and Spencer are still together. In fact, here’s their dumb, stupid posed mugs in Central Park on Thursday. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that folks are out there watching The Hills and thinking “Golly, gee, I’m watching their life truly unfold on my TV.” Seriously, we need to get these people away from the boob-tube before they do something crazy – like vote for John McCain. WHOOOOAA! Didn’t see that coming!