Heidi Montag’s new video is here already (Oh, boy!)

August 26th, 2008 // 145 Comments

In what will initially be considered a surprisingly fast turnaround until you see the final product, Heidi Montag’s video for “Overdosin’” has been released and JESUS H. CORNELIUS CHRIST! I’m not gonna lie; I turned the audio off about ten seconds in which, in hindsight, was a bad move. I ended up running outside and paying the neighbor kid’s to throw broken glass in my eyes. Fortunately, one of them agreed to finish typing this post for me while I dictate poop burgers I’m a Transformer and smell my own butt.


  1. Vince Lombardi

    First! But why?

  2. Kevin

    With the sound off it plays like a bad episode of Twin Peaks.

  3. bar room hero

    lantern-jawed dumbass…

  4. michele20

    Really now, what does 80′s workout video have to do with overdosin on love???? I don’t get in…

  5. Turd Ferguson

    That made me want to poop.
    Is that weird?

  6. John Stamos

    I’d tit fuck the hell out of her.

    Have mercy…

  7. bas

    I don’t even know what to say. A wet sock could produce better video caliber using crayons and a pad of post-its. This is really horrifying. And why does the random and painful video footage go on for an extra 6 minutes after the audio stops?

  8. norton

    The lengths this broad will go to in order to make a complete ass of herself is amazing.

    The really sad part is that she thinks this is cute and funny.

  9. yeah baybee

    That type of jaw was designed to be on the receiving end of a crushing uppercut

  10. rough daddy

    id like to see a full spread of this chick, has hugh hefner made her an offer?

  11. combustion8

    looks like dre’s kid took this song to heart.

  12. I love her tits, and daydream about stuffing my dick in her mouth when I see her pictures… sorry, why is her mouth always open if not for me to insert something into it?

  13. heidi's hooters

    Um, wtf is in her tights in that photo? It kinda looks like a MAXI PAD! Nast.

  14. combustion8

    I bet shes a dead fuck.

  15. el

    i know this should be the least of my worries, but why is she continually in slow motion?

  16. Phfaa

    Directed by Spencer Cohen and a Six Foot Turkey Production.

    Spencer Cohen?

    Turkey is right.

  17. HolyHell

    wtf? She’s going to look like Joan Rivers by the time she’s 30…. She must ingest a lot of airborne critters with her mouth gaping open like that…. Large mouth bass?

  18. lf

    That’s fake….I mean, that’s gotta be fake, right? Even two fuck-tards like Speidi wouldn’t produce something that rediculous……right?

  19. Yea - blah blah

    ok so 50 seconds into it i wanted to hang myself – there goes 10 minutes of my life that i will never get back…

    Seriously, she needs to stop everything being in public, thinking she can sing, even thinking she can act. She just needs to be what GOD invented her to be……a stripper.

  20. ella

    it looks like something Borat would watch back home – maybe the winner of Kazakh Idol ???

  21. Back in the day, I used to dry hump my pillow dreaming of Olivia Newton John. Come to think of it, I still do

  22. Cartman

    I think the video needs to be longer. 10 minutes and 9 seconds is just too fuckin short for all this talent.

    It could use some midgets on tricycles too.

  23. dude

    By far the best part, and I’m begging you guys: Fast forward to 5:07 and check out the freak.

    that’s not too far from the look of the average male as he watches this crapfest.

  24. Chenush

    So…. They thoght we will make something funny so that they wont make any parodies on us…
    But they screwd up cause this is not funny.
    Its just sad… :(

  25. DT

    I don’t get it.

  26. Not a Fan

    This video is the embodiment of all that is wrong with mankind

  27. J.

    Can some one explain to me why every picture whether it is “Candid” or not she keeps her mouth open like a idiot or something. I speculate that she is letting the air pressure out before she burst….I am serious look at the past pictures of her on this site you will notice a couple pics in each spot with her damn mouth open!!!!

  28. sharpeidude

    The sick thing here is that off-camera; some assbag publicist is actually giving her the “thumb’s up” sign.

  29. Ed Castillo


  30. Ed Castillo


  31. Ugh!

    She is obviously too lame to even lip sync. The “director” must have figured that out early. They just have her randomly flapping her mouth and shaking her ass. Tasks she can perform with a mimimum of direction.


  32. Ed Castillo


  33. Ed Castillo


  34. Ed Castillo


  35. Ed Castillo


  36. DrNecropolis

    @ 9 Ha! good one

    @11 That’s just wrong, but goddam its pretty funny!

  37. Ed Castillo


  38. Ed Castillo


  39. Randal

    A catchy tune that brings out that summer feeling, driving with the top down and the breeze ruffling your hair. Add a finger point and a wink to the ladies next to you and you’re solid gold!

    Heidi, you continue to push the envelope and your sense of humor is above all! Love ya!



  40. Anonymous

    Could someone please kill Randal?

  41. alex

    why is this 10 minutes long?

    This is gross.

  42. Meg

    Oh please The Superficial Writer, please call her an asshat again in your next post! I swear she is the dumbest, fakest piece of crap this world has ever seen…

  43. Slappy Sanchez


  44. me

    I got 41 sec into the video, but then wanted to kill myself for going the 40 sec. longer than my common sense told me to.

    Read the comments, do NOT (under any circumstances) watch that video clip.

    Please heed my advice.

  45. James

    lol, I was about to report that I made it 42 seconds. Not sure if I should be proud or not.

  46. isitin

    Why did I press that play button, why why why.

  47. Missy

    That has got to be her worst yet! WTF is she thinking???

    It was driving me crazy that her singing didn’t match with what her HUGE open mouth was doing.

    I only through 2 minutes of this crap…

  48. jzz

    Her Chin is HUUUUUUUUGE!!!!!

  49. wndsng

    This isn’t the official video. Someone put her video (or a version of it) into slow motion and added a track over it.

  50. wndsng

    This isn’t the official video. Someone put her video (or a version of it) into slow motion and added a voice track over it.

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