Heidi Montag’s mouth is a fountain o’ stupid

April 15th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Heidi Montag stopped by yesterday’s TRL and decided to show off her rhyming skills for Nelly (video after the jump). Heidi’s fake breasts came to the rescue by distracting Nelly enough that he didn’t beat her to death with his microphone. Had it been me, I would’ve closed my eyes and started swinging. I figure I’d at least connect with her chin if nothing else which, actually, wouldn’t even require lifting my arms.

NOTE: The video was obviously recorded via some dude aiming a camcorder at his TV which, ironically, makes it light-years beyond Heidi Montag’s music video.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. hereIambaby

    she is beautiful, no matter what she wears. every time i signed in ~~blackcentury.com~~ and there were always many her fans talking about her… you know it is a site where singles can find their servious interracial relationship. They love her so much.

  2. Chelle

    YOu have got to be shitting me….I am actually embarraased for her!

  3. Chelle

    YOu have got to be shitting me….I am actually embarraased for her!

  4. lolal

    Where’s Nelly’s stupid band aid?

    Was that Mr. Bill doing a voice over at the end?

  5. Zeuz

    Nelly fucked the bitch later on…

  6. Retrosexual Man - One Sentence


    A retrosexual man can’t get laid by either sex and therefore can only try to seek enjoyment by writing long, dull, predictable paragraphs on gossip sites usually favored by women.

  7. Anal Fistula

    who else is suddenly jealous of the deaf? they are protected from such strident idiocy

  8. The dude

    Her feet are HUGE!!! Holy shit, if her and Paris Hilton would have a rabbit race; hands down for Heidi!

  9. corab

    Damn, are chin implants the hottest thing in Hollyweird now?

    Bewteen this chick (whoever the fuck she is), Rob Lowe and Hulk Hogan’s daughter/clone, they make Jay Leno look,well, normal.

  10. cora

    Heidi Montag’s mad rapping skills aside, who the hell video taped that, and why? And why would you ever wish to release it to Youtube? What was wrong with his/her/it’s voice? Something was so very wrong with what I just watched.

  11. shimmy

    #52, 62- Will you just SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Back to post- Heidi Montag is not only a disgrace to the whites, shes a disgrace to the human race. Our buddy aliens aint holding us high anymore.

    Alien A: Hey dude, whats the hot gossip today?
    Alien B: Oh, Mars got blown up, Mercury froze over, and on Earth, Heidi Mont-
    Alien A: Whatever. Now what was that about Mercury?

  12. katii

    god, i hate her. haha

  13. Dan

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  14. TheFishThatWalksOn Land

    That was cool, I have never seen a horse rap before..

    Someone give her sugarcube

  15. FCS

    Wow Nelly Furtado is looking a bit off these days…

  16. So what exactly is Nelly doing lately?

  17. ph7

    Her plastic surgeon is a true artist! That is a great boob job – perfect size!

  18. tim barnes

    tranny she looks like a manny

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