Heidi Montag’s album sells less than 1,000 copies

Despite her huge plastic tits and sexually-charged lyrics, Heidi Montag’s new album Superficial couldn’t even sell 1,000 copies. And if that’s not hilarious enough, she dropped her entire life’s savings into it because she had her brain replaced with a tennis bracelet. Us Magazine reports:

In fact, industry sources tell UsMagazine.com that the album has sold only 658 downloads to date.
This is likely upsetting news for the reality star, who told Entertainment Weekly last week that she went broke making Superficial but thought that “within the first week, we will definitely make our money back.”
She told EW, “I put every dollar I have into this. I’ve spent over $1 million, almost $2 million, on this album. It’s cost as much or more than a Britney Spears album because I wanted it to be that quality… The songs will make an impact in pop history.”

On the bright side, once they take away her house because she can’t afford the payments on her schnozz, Heidi won’t have to worry about living outdoors. You know, because she’s waterproof and bears hate the taste of mannequins.

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