Heidi Montag will reveal more in next Playboy shoot

After showing basically nothing in her recent Playboy shoot, Heidi Montag hints that she might be posing for them again and will maybe look like she actually belongs in the fucking magazine. Us Weekly reports:

“Always leave them asking for more,” she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. “Next time, I’ll have more to reveal.”
Asked if she has a two- or three-part Playboy deal, she coyly replied, “Maybe.”
Though many of the photos were racy, she said she didn’t feel she compromised her Christianity.
“For me personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful,” she said. “The way God created us was naked. So I am not ashamed of it. I’m proud of it… This was such a blessed experience.”

A blessed experience, huh? So was Jesus working the Photoshop afterward, or did he just stand in the background offering suggestions? “Yeesh, that chin. I don’t know what daddy was thinking. Can we get rid of at least half of it? I want to cry just looking at it. Nas-tee. Now who wants mochaccinos? I’m buying.”

And, yes, I did just make Jesus gay.

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Photo: Playboy