Heidi Montag will do well in porn

May 12th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Above is Heidi Montag’s new music video for “Black Out,” and it’s entirely her writhing around in a bikini again. At least she’s consistent. That said, If you don’t watch this thing, preferably with the sound off, and see a bright future in porn for Heidi, congratulations, you’re Amish. Now get off the devil box before you doom the harvest. I have spoken!


  1. Vivid Entertainment Casting Manager

    Hopefully after reading all the positive reviews, Heidi will be compelled to give the adult entertainment a try.
    We think she could make a great scene in that very spot with LEX the Impaler.
    And we could actually use her music for the background! Actually no… our stock porno background tracks are surely better.

  2. Lucia

    DUMB.. DUMB.. DUMB… DUMB… DUMB.. DUMB.. DUMB… DUMB.. DUMB.. DUMB………………………………………….
    DUMB.. DUMB.. DUMB.. DUMB……………………… #%@&*(#^!#$

  3. val

    can someone kill her and her husband please? shes hot but dumb and doesnt sing, always posing for the pics…not one candid shot, they r bouth ridiculous

  4. jay

    SHE IS LIKE A HOT LOOKING TORI SPELLING AT THE MOST! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d just fuck her (with a bag over her head) and then I’d choke her while stabbing her repeatedly with a blunt object like a palm sized rock. yeh, thats what i wanna do to her….stupid bitch

  5. Lidiya

    That whole video made it look like she was having sex with that beach. What a strange premise for anything.

  6. nathalie

    okay … can she please make a music video that isn’t with her prancing around in a bikini for the entire video? like do something like i dunno … singing while driving a car or going to the mall to meet up with friends and seeing a cute guy there or something … literally this entire video is just her, a bikini and the pool.

  7. amantedelavida

    My brain hurts like the days following a week long drug binge. I’m shocked Spencer didn’t turn the camera around during the last frame.

  8. renee

    OMG-are you joking me-I guess when you have money you can do anything?
    That is a hot mess and you can tell she has done the home movies before. Those will probally leak next.
    She has one thing going for her-the dirty porn looking girl!!!!!

  9. J

    BlackOut? I keep waiting for Mandingo to get in that pool with her and bend her over.

  10. nik


  11. this is utter shit…

  12. Screaming Meat Nugget

    For those of us who had to endear that, i think that the least Heidi can do now is to make some hot porn. Maybe…MAYBE that will help us cope with the emotional damage we just had to endure.

    Trust me…Jesus will love you for it, Heidi.

  13. Willy

    Damn I HATE HER!!!!! I want to kidnapp her chop her head off and bake her body in my enlarged oven.After she is baked i will chop her up,put seasoning on her meat and feed it to the homeless and feed her bones to my dog!!! I will keep her head to kiss,eat ,and enjoy!!!!! YUM

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