Heidi Montag is ready to show her nipples now

February 10th, 2010 // 73 Comments

Heidi Montag is negotiating a second spread for Playboy and this time around she’s willing to make it less Jesus-friendly because, goddamn, fake tits cost are expensive. Via The Scoop:

“She is currently speaking with (Playboy photographer) Matthew Rolston (about) a steamy, soapy, shower concept showing her boobs through the shower door,” said the source. “The figure being discussed for the exclusive is in the seven figures.”
“She could use the money, and she’s finally ready to pose topless, so she is negotiating with the magazine,” according to one of Montag’s friends, who spoke to In Touch Weekly.

I wonder if the first time it was less about her Christian values, which she’s since bailed on for yoga gurus, and more about Heidi legitimately being afraid to show her old body naked. Then again, she pranced around in a bikini every other day, how frightening could her nipples have been? It’s not like they were surgically altered to look like Spencer’s face. — I immediately regret solving that mystery. Who wants to hit me in the frontal lobe with a mallet until I’m color blind? Anyone?


  1. Hamburgler


  2. OTP

    Seven figures for some boobs?!?! Nobody cares.

    She’s not work 3 figures.

  3. havoc

    Seven figures my ass……


  4. Cal

    I bet she lets that dog sniff her pussy.

  5. Nome King

    Her album isn’t selling, so she needs the cash.

  6. Cal

    I bet she lets that dog sniff her pussy.

  7. Richard McBeef

    grasping for relevancy.

    14 minutes and 59 seconds

  8. Betty

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  9. Fati87

    She is totally fake, plastic and stupid, but my god they made her gorgeous!

  10. Agnes

    I imagine her bewbs are pretty scarred up after two surgeries. I wish photo shop had never been invented.

  11. mijulsei

    But her blog can be found on blackbbwcupid.com which is for plus-size people dating. Seems she feels lonely now and wrote many blog for this. What happened? Or she wants to look for a big handsome man?

  12. Suz

    Damn, when she isn’t looking at the camera she just looks blank. Can you get surgery to remove whatever was left of the tiny brain you had before? And why isn’t playboy outta business yet? Surely everyone knows there is free porn on this thing… I think it’s called, the internet!!!!

    I wish some lazy blogger would make a photoshop time lapse for heidi to predict how messed up she is going to look when she’s 33, 43, 53, 63 yrs old – shudder! Joan Rivers anyone?

  13. misterfister

    I would only be interested in looking at these if she lets Hef fist her up to his wrist………….

  14. Lolocaust

    God I can’t wait until this bitch is spit out the bottom of the weird object insertion porn industry.

  15. Ego

    hmm.. I’m ok with this. She maybe plastic but it’s plastic molded in all the right ways. I’d hit it! Oh but I won’t buy the mag,

  16. Consider yourself bonked on the head Fish, She is creamy and dreamy regardless…nomnomnomnomnomnomnom…

    “Eat a bowl of fuck!” – John Belushi

  17. AteIsEnough

    Screw the tits, she should do Hustler. I see tits daily, but a sweet trimmed twat and a great ass never gets old. Thank goodness her Christanity thing was only temporary!! Ha-ha, what dumb f’ing thing can she spew out next?? I think I’ll save the $5 bucks, or whatever PB costs now.

  18. Rougher than rocco

    Nope, not buying it! Why would a Jesus person show her intimate part for a sinner like me to achieve a raging hard-on. Your post make much ‘sense’ as if I had 20/20 vision…

  19. Jesus Juice


    It’s alive!!

  20. Ralphie

    I don’t care what any body says, she looks good. It’s her body and if doing that to it makes her feel better in a self consious world, more power to her.
    Yes she looks fake, and yes nothing comes close to natural beauty, and yes she is kind of an abomination as well as an afront to God, and yes she embodies all that is wrong with our false idol driven world, and yes she creeps the hell out of me, and yes her face is going to fall apart like Michaels, and…….wait……where was I going with this?
    Oh, yeah, and YES I would sooooo hit that.

  21. Mr. Nice Guy

    I will PAY to buy Playboy to see her. I do not normally buy Playboy, to boring. My guess not a one of you haters would pay for Playboy anytime. That is why she is worth 1,000,000+.

  22. ingleberry

    7 fingers in your ass @3?

  23. Max Planck

    Absurd fake boobs glued onto a zombie.

    Perfect for Playboy.

  24. AmericanWhiteTrash

    And Playboy wonders why their fucking company is going bankrupt….

  25. rien

    @23: haha, my thoughts exactly.

  26. Particle)Man

    Whatever, I’d buy that issue.

  27. boxerdude

    jesus christ i hate that useless c**t. i hope her and her retarded husband die in a housefire.

  28. burungi

    Here’s the truth about what this girl looks like now (Heidi are you listening?): She looks beautiful but in a completely unnatural way. Whenever people get plastic surgery, the idea is to look NATURAL and Heidi looks completely unnatural. If she wasn’t famous and/or infamous and I saw her (or anyone saw her) walking down the street, one look at her face and we’d all know she’d had some serious work done. And I’m not talking about the boobs because, of course, due to their enormous size, it’s clear that they’re fake, I’m talking about her face. It looks like a mask…a pretty one, yes, but still a mask which, by the way, is how many 40+ women who’ve had a lot of work done, look so all the surgery has unintentionally aged her as well.

  29. AshleyStorm


    Fucking Heidi Montag or fucking a fifi, is there really a difference? ;)

  30. mitch

    It’s bc she dumped all her cash into that flopped album


  31. Nameless

    LOL When you lose two million producing and recording a crap album I guess you tend to lose the Christian values you claim to have had and cash out.

  32. G&T

    One step closer to signing with Digital Playground!

  33. Why is she so ready to show her private parts?

  34. Vinnie the Chin

    I think her tits will make Tara Reid’s look perfect.

  35. Jim Jones

    Just what Playboy needs, more scars to airbrush. Aren’t they going under? How can they afford to continue to pay their Photoshop experts to fake-ify their already fake women?

  36. Dr.

    How is she any different from Kendra W.? People seem to like her and she is a dumbass.

    Heidi is hot. Way hotter than she was before. I’m looking forward to seeing these pictures. I say let’s get more new Heidi pics on here. Waaa, she’s plastic.. How cares, I’d hit that every day of the week.

  37. Dr.

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of Heidi 2.0. She is hot.

  38. She needs the money? Oh boy. Today, topless Playboy photos. Tomorrow, a “someone stole a sex tape of Ray J peeing on me and sold it to Vivid.”

    Stick a fork in her. If the fork doesnt break.

  39. anon

    I’d love to hit you in the frontal lobe with a mallet until you’re color blind.

  40. JJ85

    No thank you.

    She has very dead eyes… sad

  41. JohnHQ

    7 figures to see a plastic mould of a breast! No, no, no.

  42. weirdo

    It’s only a matter of time before she’s taking a 12 inch black cock up the ass in Hustler!

  43. no thanks

    If I wanted to look at a naked plastic body, I’d look at a Barbie doll.

  44. Ari Ola

    Hope she spreads her legs – I like the colour pink

  45. I’m ready for her to disappear. She looks like a wax museum horror movie now.

  46. Zebra

    I wouldn’t give this plastic no talent bitch a pinch of pocket lint! Who the fuck cares about this cunt?!!!

  47. Doc

    It’s about time!!! Show ‘em!

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  50. Laura

    I think these are early photos…it takes about a year for the swelling to completely go down. She will look more natural within that time. I still think she went overboard….if she just stopped at the chin surgery she would have been fine. But its her body, and if she wants to keep fucking it up for the barbie doll ideal its her choice.

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