Heidi Montag wants to make these bigger

February 18th, 2010 // 215 Comments

I don’t really have a quote or news item to go along with these pictures of Heidi in a tank top yesterday. Just the conventional wisdom that she won’t stop enlarging her breasts until they dwarf our yellow sun. Some might say this represents an insecure woman underneath that waxy veneer. While others, like myself, believe this is an obvious attempt to leave Spencer no choice but to finally touch her chest. Because it’s Earth now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sherlock

    Reminds me of a young Cindy Margolis. she will not age well…

  2. Hauteness

    It’s really cool because if you go a few posts down . . you will see Heidi Montag about 15 years from now. Growing up. Neat.

  3. kramer

    You know what I want? I want her to have a complication during her next surgery and fucking die, getting the planet rid of an absolutely worthless piece of shit.

  4. WOW


  5. zooey

    love the shoes & purse… the rest is a hot fucking mess. ironically, her most appealing body part (post surgery) are her legs…which i’m assuming was the only part untouched by a scalpel.

    way to go brainiac, pay someone to mutilate you. i hope she keeps going and have no doubt she will. she’s either trying to be the next Pamela, or Cat Lady… idk which. some warped, glamazon view of perfection that most of us know does not exist but she’s saddled with such severe body dysmorphia that she can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality. it’s sad that those closest to her, presumably Spencer and her mother, do not try harder to get her to a psychiatrist, instead of a surgeon. she’s clearly lost her everloving mind.

    Sorry to say, i see her dead in 5 years from suicide. It’s really sad. I can understand the nose job she had, even the FIRST boob job, but the rest is a mystery to me. she went from a very pretty girl to an absolute freak.

  6. um

    I am so terrified of those things. and @33…hilarious.

  7. Dread not


  8. Alberto

    Amazing guzongas.
    Is that correctly spelled?

  9. terry

    don’t do it heidi…your boobs are just right now! dump spencer and seek me out!

  10. Yeah

    I would bang the crap out of her

  11. Vamp

    She looks good in these pics! Her nose is a little bit over done, but she looks much better now.
    She should leave her boobs the way they are, though. They’re already over sized.

  12. tard

    These things are gross and pretty unreal looking. Yeah implants draw attention but pretty much in the same way a burn victim does.

  13. Tom

    She looks better than she did a couple of weeks back, and the Botox will go away shortly too.

    But, did you notice the tits? They’re huge! Check it out! I can’t understand how you missed them. Look again. On the front of her ribcage- right there. See what I mean?

  14. dub

    She’s damn near perfect now. I’d hop over my momma to get to her!!

  15. SATAN

    we need peter north to get at this chick and break in her “acting skills” once and for all.

    she’s fuckin destined for porn

  16. plywood

    They’re already sagging. Great idea.

  17. chelsea

    hahaha their bigger than her brain..and head….
    and yes ‘SATAN’ she is destined to do porn.

  18. Disco Dave

    Too bad these pictures aren’t from the set of Final Destination: 15, where she crosses the street and gets hit by an impromptu fleet of buses.

  19. gen


    Wait, is the person who told me that I was a “blow up doll” for enjoying sex defending Heidi Montag???

  20. Anon

    Looks good for a romp. Love how when she thinks the cameras are no longer on her (Pics 4 & 8) that she stops faking a smile and goes back to bitch mode.

  21. jlylec

    her legs are easily her best asset. she’s not even that hot really. but i’d still hit it. i mean…fuck it.

  22. medi0169

    Cant anyone stop this fucking retard? Who funds all this surgery? I cant believe that she has or makes all this money to afford this nonsense. For God’s sake please stop…HEIDI YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

  23. v-tard

    Where is that husband of hers anyway?

    He completely disappeared. Most of my hate is reserved for him.

  24. Yourallstupid

    # 53 I completely agree. This country is full of idiot women who fill themselves full with this plastic shit and then call themselves natural or say they did it for their own purposes. The only reason why these stupid women are insecure is because of TV and/or because of dumbass guys, NOT MEN, who think its pretty. Wow…this country is fucking pathetic.

    By the way, I am a guy.. and silicone is fucking hideous…

  25. The Real Deal

    That is a perfect body, she may not have gotten it natural, but it looks amazing. Her legs would look so good wrapped around my head, with my hands reaching up to grab them huge boobs!!

  26. If this appeals to you, you are trash

    75 – are you a blue collar slob, from the projects, or a nerd who lives in his grandma’s basement? Young attractive men with class and a good education don’t take shit like this home to mom or even out to dinner.

  27. FameBang

    I’d hit it. I just wouldn’t look at her horse face.

  28. White Chocolate

    When she goes bigger, she will have to live on a cruise ship with other P cup women, and the asian men with 2 inch cocks that love them. She will not be fit for normal society.

  29. Sherrif McLawDogg

    Time for the Sex Tape…………… No Spencer

  30. lololololol

    she looks hotter now. getting 10 operations in 1 day is sort of extreme but i remember dirty blonde haired horse faced & flat chested heidi & this is a big improvement.

  31. Dr.

    Heidi, this is a good size. You look hot. Don’t go bigger. But if you do, I’ll understand. I love the new pictures.

  32. uuh

    80 – heidi, the only way you will be hotter is have no brains, why don’t you blow them out of your head with a gun.

  33. Boxy

    #26, your name isn’t the only thing full of shit. Despite what your “i’ll fuck anything that walks” mentality, some men do have standards. Maybe if bitch was cute and worth having a conversation w/, you could call our comments hate. But guess what… she’s not therefore our comments stand! She looks a hot damn mess w/ her faux barbie ass and there aren’t enough proceeders in the world to make this bitch look appealing to me. Sorry but dumb insecure ditzy broads do not equal sexy. Try again! So if you want to fuck her, feel free but I prefer to fuck chicks w/ class. Sorry that’s just me.

  34. Boxy

    Her shoes are cute tho….

  35. F*ckRandal

    fake tits? check
    fake face? check
    fake everything? check

    will your boyfriend/husband find her hotter than you? check

    Pic #8 says it all. and a nice little slutty foot tat as well.

  36. Michael

    You know, I said this once a million times. Bash the shit out of Megan Fox (after all the dumb celebrity moves, she’s been getting less hits), but at least she didn’t fuck up her body like Heidi Montag has. I mean, DDD going on H? You’d have to go full retard to realize that. Man, this girl loves attention, doesn’t she? Why not, it’s making Us Weekly and Life & Style lots of $$$.

  37. i feel like this is a desperate cry for help or a sign not to get anymore plastic surgery

  38. googlerr

    This cunt is mental.

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  40. christine

    What’s with the hooded eyes? She does all this surgery and she misses that? i don’t get it.

  41. Those TITS and LEGS

  42. Mr. Nice Guy

    She is infinitely fuckable abd she is amazingly Hott. Who cares if its natural or not, its REAL – REAL NICE! women in every city across the world.
    A women who is an attention whores like Heidi will not let herself get FAT.

  43. pretty

    Her face looks really pretty :) But if she wants to have a BEAUTIFUL body, C cups or at most Ds are the most aesthetic. If she wants to look like a trashy blow up doll, then obviously the bigger the better. But seriously, why would she rather look trashy than beautiful?? I don’t get it

  44. KELLY


    I think she looks AMAZING. I dont care what anyone says, I’d do anything to look like this…. Seriously, I think her breasts, face, hair….everything….looks amazing!!

    Wow, such a change and a GREAT one too.

  45. sdfsdfds

    You can tell she went to the same person as Tori Spelling.

  46. mer



  47. speak for yourself.

    85, i think you have confused my husband with a low life undercover fag who hates women – like yourself

  48. Brasky

    This annoying bitch and her frankenchin driver me crazy, but…

    SHOW ME YOUR TITS!!! Dammit I want to see those plastic cans!

  49. get real


    Get real. Your husband would break his dick off in her ass in a heartbeat.

  50. Jack Butt

    The epitome of California blonde and why that whole southern area needs to fall into the ocean and cleanse the earth once and for all!

    I lived in Hollywood when I was younger and a struggling musician. When I was playing with a world famous band, but I was not really in the band yet, I had every one of these type of superficial bimbos hitting on me left and right like I was prime rib. I am proud to say I didn’t touch any of them. Give me a plane Jane Brunette any day of the week !

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