Heidi Montag wants to make these bigger

February 18th, 2010 // 215 Comments

I don’t really have a quote or news item to go along with these pictures of Heidi in a tank top yesterday. Just the conventional wisdom that she won’t stop enlarging her breasts until they dwarf our yellow sun. Some might say this represents an insecure woman underneath that waxy veneer. While others, like myself, believe this is an obvious attempt to leave Spencer no choice but to finally touch her chest. Because it’s Earth now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Josh

    I would break her in half.

  2. Jade

    She needs to get her money back………..just sayin!

  3. oh lawd

    she’s gonna die.

  4. Cam

    Great shoes

  5. Max Planck

    Has she considered making her brain bigger?

  6. She looks like the offspring of a Down Syndrome father and a mother with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A retard, if I may be so bold. EPIC FAIL!

    “Eat a bowl of fuck!” – John Belushi

  7. jenn

    Wow, it looks like she has an epicanthal fold to her eyes–making her look a little Asian, especially in pic 5. Hmm, im sure that wasnt intentional. oops

  8. Daphne

    eww her boobs are way to big for her lil body

  9. Nique

    Hey retard, nice to see you 3 again

  10. oooaaahhh

    pics 3 and 8 – nice legs

  11. Truthsayer

    Very nice legs though. Hoping they’re all natural.

  12. Princess Pooface

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen her smile since the surgeries… I’m surprised she’s actually able to.

  13. Dildo Daggins

    This chick is definitely doin porn within the next 5 years. There is no doubt about it. She is the next Shauna Sands. I think that’s the plastic sacks name.

  14. jake

    in the first photo her face looks a little like Ashley Tisdale’s. Example A:


  15. Lipo

    @11 & 12—sure, they’re natural as long as you consider liposuction natural. It was one of her 10 surgeries, the lipo’d the legs too….Nothing is natural on that bitch except her lack of brain.

  16. colin

    Congrats to Heidi for the ability to use her face muscles again

  17. and

    …they’re bigger than Pam’s….

  18. d

    She can still get it, and i’d be happy to give it to her.

  19. Valerie

    WHoa, now she has hooded eyelids! Was that on purpose?

  20. chazz

    she is so fine.. I would love an afternoon with her

  21. Nameless

    What the fuck Did the surgeons forget to fix her Leno chin?

  22. Nameless

    I’d have to say even Jessica Simpson is cuter than her!

  23. I like her Louboutins and Berkin bag. It accentuates her gym shorts and wife beater. (sarcasm)

  24. PunkA

    We all know that her real problem is that she is married to a guy with a limp dick, that can only get it up with other dudes, like Zac Efron, are in the room. If Heidi was banged repeatedly by a real name, her esteem issues would shrink. Her closeted gay husband is ruining her.

  25. I call bullshit

    I understand the women and the gays hating on her, but any honest straight guys know they’d bone her silly and blow on her knobs. And if they got bigger, I’d do it again.

  26. Rough on ice

    Why not they look delicious to me, Ive yielded to non-painful to view implants anyway…

  27. mrs.t

    What the hell did her parents do to her as a child? She’s starting to break my heart a little bit. Nuff is ’nuff.

  28. Tim

    She is SO fuckable. She’s a perfect blowup doll, except she’s filled with silicone, not air.

  29. Hefe

    I’d love to blow a monstrous load on those plastic looking fun bags.

  30. nicole

    I think she looks really good.

  31. SO RIGHT

    Larger means looking fatter. Why do women do this? Gross. Just stay with the C’s dumbarses. Looks way better.

  32. Kangaroo

    Looks much better than the last pics. I’d like to get a better look at her asshole. I bet it dispenses vanilla frappuccino.

  33. Veronica

    do you think this new look is more likely to get Spencer to fulfill his marital duties, or less? Is it easier for a closeted gay man to fuck something that looks less human and more doll-like?

    ah, whom am I kidding, he’s rolling her over either way.

  34. Marko

    Yes, very nice legs, wow. I am starting to not hate her as much and starting to feel sorry for her.

  35. mer


  36. xxWPxx

    The best thing about all her new photos is Spencer is no where in sight. She looks so typical now. She should start porn soon while the climate is still right.

  37. Chris

    Screw Heidi Montag. Christina Hendricks’ has the world’s greatest rack: http://bit.ly/8ZW2Dh

    I’d vote for it for president.

  38. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Yes, it’s about time someone realizes she is a doll (in all senses) and that her only fault is that husband of hers. Stop bashing her, she openly admited she had plastic surgery, unlike some “natural”, “real women”. And she has never said something like Jlo about winning an Oscar. Yes, she likes to be pictured. Who doesn’t in early 20s and who is mature at that age? She has fantastic legs and in general everything else she had even before the marriage. I saw the youtube clip from the Hills someone here linked, she has really vivid eyes beautiful eyes. She shouldn’t have changed those though.

  39. Ego

    mmm .. I’d tear Hiedi 2.0 up!
    Also, when will she wake up and realize a career in porn is the only way to take care of that insecurity issue?
    *sigh* She makes me happy in my pants.

  40. Jeff

    I still think she’s amazing…

  41. Valentina

    What’s she waiting for? Heidi is the new Jenna Jameson, go film some porn, girl!

  42. juaquin ingles

    @39 Okay Randal.

  43. Rachell

    it’s amazing how much OLDER she looks now…I don’t know if the changes she got (sans boobs of course) would have happened anyhow, if she had just let nature take it’s course. I’m 30 and I look like I’m 18. I seriously couldn’t imagine wanting a surgery that would make me look 10 years older. All those delicate facial procedures she had might not have been necessary if she had but just waited a few years. Now she looks like she’s in her 40s already and she is only 23…what is she going to look like when she hits her 40s for real?? Ugh it’s sad.

  44. Heidi 2.0 > 1.0

    I read somewhere she said after she got them made DDD’s that she had wanted to get them bigger. said that she wanted “H’s for Heidi” O_o
    Then again, if she wants H-cups, I for one am not stopping her. Maybe i’m in the minority here, but I say bigger is better, whatev

  45. gotmilk?

    40, i think you mean Heidi 3.0. it’s not like this is the first time she’s had work done.

    anyone’s legs can look like that while try to walk around in 5″ heels. they’re really practical. she looks as ridiculous as the housewives of orange county.

  46. Bob Vila


    She may be infinitely fuckable, but she is NOT amazing. There are scores of more attractive, natural women in every city across the world. Not to mention, those naturally beautiful women are probably not vapid fame whores like ole’ Heidi.

    That being said, she does look good in a weird, artificial way. She’d probably freak me out in real life, but just in pictures she looks alright.

  47. Doc Schweinstrudel

    #43 jaque the fuckpiece. You know I wanna tear your tongue out and lick my pussy with it while you bleed. Do I sound Randal now?

  48. Mark

    The bigger the better. She should gor for the 44HHH. That would be awesome!

  49. Rome

    She looks like Renee Zellweger. But with tits.

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