Heidi Montag thinks she can sing

December 11th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Heidi Montag of MTV’s The Hills stepped out of Koi last night and decided to give the paparazzi an impromptu and obviously unsolicited performance from her upcoming album. Sadly afterwards, Santa Claus didn’t land his sled on top of her face signifying that, once again, I’m not getting a damn thing I want for Christmas.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. She HORSE FACE!

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  2. dee

    picture #6 gave me an idea to turn this whole thing into an animated gif

  3. titsonsnack

    Oh good, another blonde chick from a TV show that I don’t watch.

  4. LL

    Where is Britney driving recklessly at a high rate of speed when you need her? Or at least Lohan? C’mon! Either one of them could drive over an entire preschool class and, at most, spend half a day in jail. So for “accidentally” running over this waste of space, they’d probably get a public service award from the Governator. Start your engines, ladies!

  5. kharris

    Can you just please stop covering this idiot? No one wants to read about her, and you’re helping to create this celebrity frenzy around a worthless talentless OBNOXIOUS nobody.

  6. Assface


  7. Tool Hater

    #56. Please be kidding or kill yourself . One or the other.

  8. CrazyB

    @ 56. She plays the victim very well. That’s why she seems so “nice”.
    Why does she always have her mouth open?
    I’m guessing these pictures are a hint that her and Spencer aren’t breaking up for the Hills season 3? Hmm…but Spencer does have a nice body under that suit..

  9. extracheeseplease

    it ain’t over till the ugly girl sings…

  10. my comment

    What cumb dunt.

  11. malicious


  12. Spanky

    someone give the nice horsey some sugar cubes so it will shut the fuck up

  13. DeepFriedJesus

    She may be the single greatest musical artist of all time

  14. Christmas day is approach ! join us , let us enjoy funs

  15. aha

    She looks so tarded in the clip. Her and her pimp troll should seriously disappear already.

  16. she is doing sth that make her face dirty,she doesn’t realize it? pity…….find a person at http://pinkmingle.com to share your opinion.. gogogog..

  17. Girl with attitude

    D. Richards-

    Of all the people to run into on this site…. I have to be the one to run into the asshole.

  18. girl with attitude

    Who cares about this fucking moron! So she has a big mouth big whoop!

    Who gives a fuck!!!!

  19. I hate Heidi

    why wont she just go away and quit this singing crap. SHE SUCKS!!!!

  20. Abi

    I bet she has a huge set of nuts under that dress

  21. Dh

    I think you guys are assholes. You obviously hate people that have more money than you and you want to tear that ‘bitch” to shreds cause that’s what you think would fix her up. Like rape hu? You guys really need to think about what you are saying. People are fucked. Stop tearing these people apart.

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